Barska Benchmark 8-24x58mm Spotting Scope (Waterproof)

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Barska Benchmark 8-24x58 Spotting ScopeViewing Configuration: Straight
Magnification: 8-24X
Power Variability: Variable
Adjustable Eyepieces: No
Eyepiece included: Yes
Objective Diameter: 58 mm
Close Focus Distance: 10.8 feet
Length: 7.8 inches
Weight: 24.64 ounces
Field of View: 225-19 feet/1000 yards
Eye Relief/Exit Pupil: 19-14.5 mm/ 5.6-1.8 mm
Optics Coatings: Fully-Coated
Glass: Not Listed
Focus System: DFS/Single Focus
Waterproof/Fog-proof: Yes/Yes
Digiscope adaptable: No

Best Uses: Hunting, Birdwatching, For the Range

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

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Barska Benchmark Spotting Scope Review

This Porro prism Benchmark WP spotting scope is lightweight, compact, and has the straight viewing design. It has fully coated optics, Blue Lens technology, and Barska’s Dynamic Focusing System.

For having a decent review base online, it does pretty well for itself with a pretty solid rating.

While I’m always looking for spotting scopes that are practical for hunters, this small and compact one grabbed my attention. And, I found that it’s worthy to mention our Barska line-up.

But, if you’re wondering what all the new technology is that’s apparently crammed into this small thing, take a look at our Q&A for all the answers.

  • Price
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Accu Grip included

  • Smaller objective lens
  • Focusing issues


Benchmark 8-24×58 WP Q&A:

What does WP stand for?

I don’t blame you for asking this question. With all the terms and acronyms floating around in the optics industry, it’s hard to remember them all or to distinguish one interpretation from another.

But, in this case, WP stands for waterproof.

All of the Barska spotting scopes we have reviewed are all fully weatherproof. That means you’re going to be able to stay out with the herd when the rain pours down and the temperature dramatically changes on you.


What are Blue Lens?

It’s no secret that Barska likes to throw out fancy terms without thoroughly informing us of what exactly it’s supposed to mean. So, for you hunters out there that are asking this question, I’ve got an answer for you.

The idea of blue lens technology is to apply a special coating to the lenses to help filter out blue from the color spectrum. This is supposed to heighten image contrast, and it often gives the image a yellowish tint.

But, with colored lenses, you’re not seeing the image in “true color” and this could be a detriment when you’re trying to discern between foliage and a sleeping doe covered in Autumn leaves.


Are there extra accessories that come with this 8-24×58 Benchmark scope?

With your $50 Barska purchase, you’ll receive a soft carry case, a tripod, and a lens cleaning cloth. But, the most notable accessory in the box will be the Accu Grip Handheld Tripod Mount.

Because the Benchmark scope has such low magnifications for a spotting scope, Barska also throws in the Accu Grip so that you can easily use the scope free-hand.

Just thread it into the tripod bushing on the underside of the scope and you have a comfortable hand-held device.


Where is its focusing knob on the Barska 8-24×58?

More often than not, you usually see a focus knob that protrudes from the front side of the scope, and it’s missing from this Benchmark scope. And no, they’re not playing hide-and-seek with it.

The focus knob is actually not a knob at all. Instead it’s an integrated Dynamic Focusing System that can be found at the front end of the scope on the objective bell. That whole, knurly ring is the focusing piece.

And, if you’re wondering if it’s going to be inconvenient to focus because scopes are typically long in length, you don’t need to worry. Looking through the scope and focusing at the same time is a breeze. Why? Read the next question for the answer.


How is this Benchmark 8-24×58 a compact spotting scope?

This is definitely a compact and small spotting scope that’s easy to use because of its small dimensions.

You can easily focus the scope using the objective bell piece because the entire length is a very short 7.8 inches! You won’t have to leave your sight to try to focus at all.

It’s also extremely lightweight at 1.54 pounds, or 24.64 ounces. These specs, including its low 8-24X power, are extremely comparable to a set of binoculars!


Noteworthy Features:

  • 8-24X magnification for ideal ranging for most hunting activities
  • Large 58 mm lens for optimal light gathering with 5.6 mm exit pupil
  • Fully-Coated optics, Porro Prism Design, Straight Viewing Design
  • Fully waterproof and fogproof for use in all types of weather
  • Comes with Soft Carry Case, Tripod, Accu Grip Tripod Hand-Held Mount
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Extremely lightweight at 24 ounces and 7.8 inches in length
  • Backed by Barska’s Limited Lifetime Warranty


Our Verdict on the 8-24×58 Benchmark Spotting Scope

The scoop on the scope is, the Barska Benchmark 8-24×58 is the throw-in-your-car kinda unit – it’s that small. However, the 58 mm objective lens isn’t quite as advertised. From actual handling, it seems the objective lens come in at around 50 mm instead – boo! But, if this doesn’t present too much of an issue for you, you’re good to go!

If you wanted something a little bigger that you’ll mostly have mounted to a tripod, the Colorado 20-60X60 WP scope will get the job done. Even better, it’ll still keep costs under 100 bucks.

For further comparison, the Celestron Landscout 10-30×50 is a best seller product that keeps the focus on the image and the budget. It’s compact in size and even lighter than the Benchmark!

But, Barska is the best when it comes to keeping costs down. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll be barking Barska come sun-up!

BARSKA Benchmark 8-24x58 Waterproof Straight Spotting Scope w/Tripod & Soft Case
40 Reviews
BARSKA Benchmark 8-24x58 Waterproof Straight Spotting Scope w/Tripod & Soft Case
  • Padlocks, Lockout/Tagout & Security Equipment
  • Country of manufacture: China



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