Useful Resources for Hunters, Anglers & Outdoorsman

There are many things you need to educate yourself on to be a safe and mindful hunter, firearm owner, angler and/or outdoorsman. Below you will find some resources that will help you get the information you need. From laws and regulations, to gear guides and simply other people sharing their experiences, there is something here for everyone.


Regulations & Laws

hunting laws and regulations


Hunting & Fishing Regulations by State – Find out state specific regulations that relate to hunting and fishing in your area. You can also download information about the regulations, seasons, license and permit information and application forms.


National Wildlife Refuges – Discover information about various National Wildlife Refuges, what type of hunting is allowed and the permits that are needed.


State & Federal Gun Laws – Find out what you can and can’t do in your state regarding firearm ownership and transportation and keep up-to-date with legislations that affect hunters. You can also get more information about state hunting laws, hunting education training and hotline numbers to report poaching here.


Hunting Bloggers

Whitetail Deer Hunting


Hunting Forums List – Over 55 hunting forums listed by state and hunting activity including; duck, deer, elk, varmint, geese and bow hunting forums.


Hunting Websites List – A list of 59 of the best hunting websites and blogs. These range from the websites of well-known celebrity hunters to the adventures of lesser-known hunters.