59 of the Best Hunting Websites & Blogs You Should Check Out Today

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Our Top 59 Hunting Websites You Should Check Out Today We get it! You would rather be out hunting.

But every now and then (when the weather or time is against you) you have to resort to the next best thing – losing yourself in the glory of a fellow hunter’s stories!

With that in mind we have tracked down 59 of the best hunting websites and blogs packed with videos, pics, stories and podcasts to take your mind where your body can’t be – into the wilderness on a hunt.

Here is our list of hunting bloggers and they are in alphabetical order and whether you are a deer hunter, trophy hunter, beginner or expert, there is something for everyone.


The 59 Best Hunting Websites

Addicted to the Outdoors

Addicted to the Outdoors

Jon and Gina star on the Outdoor Channel and their website has a huge gallery, blog posts and show episodes. They also have regular competitions with some great prizes to be won.

Website Link: https://www.addictedtotheoutdoors.com


Apex Predator

Apex Predator

Remi stars in The Apex Predator on the Outdoor Channel and his website is primarily based around his popular show. He is also a co host on Solo Hunters. You can find out a bit about Remi and his show or you can buy his episodes.

Website Link: http://www.apexpredator.tv


Bone Collector

Bone Collector

Bone Collector has a lot of great content on its blog and the guys have their own show at Bone Collector TV. They even have a live deer cam which is pretty awesome.

Website Link: https://www.bonecollector.com




Not too hard to work out what is on this website, its another hunting network site and has a lot of great info on all things bows and hunting. There is a blog, videos, resources and more. Also a very solid social presence on Facebook and twitter.

Website Link: https://www.bowhunting.com


Bow Hunting Mag

Bow Hunting MagA very popular bow hunting website that has tactics, reviews, how to’s and much more. This website is part of the outdoor sportsman group.

Website Link: https://www.bowhuntingmag.com


Buck Commander

Buck CommanderWith a tv show on the Outdoor Channel these guys have a large following. The website has videos, photos, hunting gear, outfitters, safety and more.

Website Link: https://www.buckcommander.com


Buck Masters

Buck MastersAnother very popular hunting website and magazine, these guys have plenty of great resources on all things hunting and have contests as well.

Website Link: http://buckmasters.com


Deer and Deer Hunting

Deer and Deer HuntingAnother popular website that has plenty of videos, posts and much more on hunting. There is also recipes, news and much more.

Website Link: https://www.deeranddeerhunting.com


Deer Hunter

Deer HunterDeer Hunter is a hunting site with a lot of content, it is part of the huntingnetwork.com network of websites. Plenty of good information available here including tips, gear, videos and more.

Website Link: deerhunter.com


Deer Hunting Big Bucks

Deer Hunting Big BucksA good amount of information on deer hunting and bow hunting. Some photos and videos also. This website is definitely worth a look, particularly if big bucks are your preferred prey.

Website Link: https://www.deerhuntingbigbucks.com


Dialed in Hunter

Dialed in HunterThis website has stacks of posts full of helpful information. Josh also has an extensive list of the gear he uses which could be useful for beginners.

Website Link: http://dialedinhunter.com


Driven Hunter

Driven HunterDriven Hunter is the husband and wife duo Pat & Nicole, these guys have a great blog, lots of great photos and a handy list of outfitters. Do they look a little familiar? You have probably seen these guys on the Outdoor Channel.

Website Link: https://drivenhunter.com


Dr Nordberg on Deer Hunting

Dr Nordberg on Deer HuntingHaving written over 10 books and more articles than most in a lifetime, Ken’s blog has good content on deer hunting and beer hunting. He also has plenty of DVD’s and books to keep you busy.

Website Link: http://www.drnordbergondeerhunting.com



DucksNot too difficult to work out what this website is about, probably the Internets biggest resource on hunting ducks and also the conservation of them. They are also incredibly popular on their social channels.

Website Link: https://www.ducks.org


Field and Stream

Field and StreamA hugely popular hunting, fishing and survival magazine and website with a large social following.  A plethora of information for the outdoor enthusiast. If you are serious about your hunting, subscribe to this website!

Website Link: https://www.fieldandstream.com


Game and Fish Mag

Game and FishA great site with information on fishing and game hunting including ducks, coyotes, deer and more, this site is also part of the outdoor sportsman group of sites.

Website Link: www.gameandfishmag.com


Go Hunt

Go HuntLots of great stories and articles on all forms of hunting to keep you busy for a long time, they also have an outfitter directory. Plenty of great giveaways each year too which is great.

Website Link: https://www.gohunt.com


Got Hunts

Got HuntsIf you are wanting to go hunting and don’t know where to go then this is the website to go to. They have a huge hunting directory and can organize your next hunting trip for you. They also have reviews, tips and a podcast.

Website Link: https://gothunts.com


Hunting Life

Hunting LIfeA quality website on hunting in general with lots of news and reviews. Kevin is active on on his social media channels so make sure you connect with him via the links on his website.

Website Link: https://huntinglife.com


Hunting Net

Hunting NetHunting Net has a classifieds and an active forum which is great, there is also a list of outfitters for your convenience. They also have plenty of articles, tips and recipes.

Website Link: https://www.huntingnet.com



HuntographyThese guys film authentic hunts of whitetail deer and elks. These hunts are carried out with bow hunting equipment. Not for the feint-hearted!

Website Link: http://www.huntography.com


Ikes Outdoors

Ikes OutdoorsA top website on bow hunting that has hunting optic reviews, how to videos,and much more. There are even some great recipes on here for all the avid hunting chefs.

Website Link: http://www.ikesoutdoors.com


Jim Shockey

Jim ShockeyPossibly one of the most well known hunters and hunting bloggers around with his TV show “Uncharted” on the Outdoor Channel Jim Shockey has done it all. Just reading the about page on his website is enough to make most men feel a little envious.

Website Link: http://www.jimshockey.com


Julie Golob

Julie GolobJulie is a shooter and hunter and has been featured on the Outdoor Channel. You will find images, videos and even a podcast on her website, and she has even a few books under her belt.

Website Link: https://juliegolob.com


Lowell Strauss

Lowell StraussLowell is not only an avid hunter but a great photographer as well. His website has some great posts on it with amazing images and he also has some great recipes to check out.

Website Link: https://lowellstrauss.com


Melissa Bachman

Melissa BachmanMelissa has a show on Sportsmans Channel and Wild Tv. There are plenty of hunting pictures and fishing pictures you can check out, and you can see full episodes on her website. The also has quite a few posts on hunting.

Website Link: https://melissabachman.com


MH Outdoors

MH OutdoorsMichelles website has some articles on different types of hunting, some reviews and some delicious recipes. Her motto is ‘Hunt, Fish, Repeat’. Need I say more?

Website Link: https://mhoutdoors.com


Mike Hanback

Mike HanbackChock full of hunting tactics, reviews and news, a great website. Mike also stars in the TV show Big Deer TV, has the blog bigdeerblog.com and is active on social media.

Website Link: https://bigdeerblog.com/


Military Hunting and Fishing

Military Hunting and FishingDedicated to active duty military and veteran members, this website has a thorough listing of state regulations for fishing and hunting. They also cover hunting news, reviews and some giveaways.

Website Link: http://militaryhuntingandfishing.com


Outdoor Hub

Outdoor HubA huge resource of stories and news related to hunting and the outdoors. There is plenty to read about on fishing, shooting and survival and even a bit in there on power sports.

Website Link: https://www.outdoorhub.com


Outdoor Life

Outdoor LifeHugely popular outdoor website that has info on hunting, fishing, weather, survival and more. These guys also put out a magazine.

Website Link: https://outdoorlife.com


Randy Newberg

Randy NewbergRandy is the host of Fresh Tracks TV and founder of Hunt Talk the podcast. No blog that I could find but you can purchase plenty of DVD sets of his TV series which might make a great present for the hunter in your life.

Website Link: https://randynewberg.com



RealtreeRealtree is a huge online hunting resource that covers deer hunting, turkey hunting, bow hunting, game hunting and much more. They have a huge online store to purchase all manner of hunting products. They also boast one of the largest online hunting followings out there. It is well worth reading the company history page here to see how this business came to be.

Website Link: https://www.realtree.com


Scott Haugen

Scott HaugenAn author of multiple books and writer of many hundreds of articles Scott Haugen is a man on a mission. His  website has a great blog on it and you can pick up his DVD’s, fishing and hunting books from his online store.

Website Link: https://www.scotthaugen.com


Shooting Time

Shooting TimeShooting Time has a lot of great in-depth information on bow hunting, there are plenty of reviews of different products and even a forum.

Website Link: https://shootingtime.com


Skull Bound TV

Skull Bound TVJana stars on The Sportsman Channel with her hunting, fishing and adventure show. Her website has news, merchandise and episodes of her show.

Website Link: https://www.skullboundtv.com


SoCal Bow Hunter

SoCal BowHunterAl’s website contains a lot of posts of his personal experiences hunting or testing equipment such as hunting optics. The reviews all seem thorough and genuine which is great and there are a lot of resources on the site.

Website Link: https://socalbowhunter.com


Sole Adventure

Sole AdventureMark has a passion for the outdoors and bow hunting in particular, he has a huge amount of information on his website on gear to use,  hunting tips and so much more.

Website Link: http://soleadventure.com


Suburban Bushwacker

Suburban BushwackerOne mans journey from ‘Fat Boy to Elk Hunter’. This is a great blog that has well written hunting stories, recipes, book reviews and much more.

Website Link: http://suburbanbushwacker.blogspot.com


The Meat Eater

Meat EaterA popular website that has a mixture of posts & podcasts on all things hunting. With a name like ‘The Meat Eater’ it comes as no surprise that you can find some great, meaty recipes here too. Steven Rinella also hosts http://episodes.themeateater.com/ and is active on social media.

Website Link: https://themeateater.com


The Will to Hunt

The Will to HuntWill’s blog is about his hunting experiences and learning from others to become a better hunter. You will also find some reviews and Guest Posts on this website.

Website Link: http://www.thewilltohunt.com


Through a Hunters Eyes

Through a Hunters EyesMichael’s blog is all about his hunting experiences which include fishing, rabbits, deer and more. There are a stack of great articles here!

Website Link: https://throughahunterseyes.com


White Knuckle Productions

White Knuckle ProductionsTodd’s hunting website is mostly product for sale, there are plenty of DVD’s you can buy. There is also a link to the White Knuckle Web Show and that has a heap of great videos that you can watch free here – https://vimeo.com/whiteknuckleproductions

Website Link: https://www.whiteknuckleproductions.com/


Wide Open Spaces

Wide Open SpacesIt does not matter if you are a dove hunter, fisherman or deer and big game hunter, this website has you covered. Lots of videos, posts and great information on all things to do with hunting and the wilderness. They have a very solid following on Facebook and Twitter also.

Website Link: https://wideopenspaces.com


Wired to Hunt

Wired to HuntGreat hunting website on predominantly deer hunting that also has a popular podcast.  A top quality site for deer hunting strategies and gear. These guys have a great following on Facebook and Twitter also so be sure to follow them.

Website Link: http://wiredtohunt.com


Womens Outdoor News

Womens Outdoor NewsWomens Outdoor News is chock full of great tips and adventures on hunting, fishing and adventure in general. These ladies don’t hold back and there is plenty of great information in here for all.

Website Link: https://www.womensoutdoornews.com


World Slam Adventures

World Slam AdventuresIf you want to go turkey hunting then look no further, these guys specialize in it and have the hunts listed on their hunting website.

Website Link: http://www.worldslamadventures.com


Zen Hunting

Zen HuntingNeils website is a big blog about his hunting trips, he has been writing for years and years about his experiences which cover most forms of hunting but predominately duck hunting.

Website Link: https://zenhunting.com


So there they are, my top 59 hunting websites!

Do you have a favorite that hasn’t made my list? Please let me know in the comments below, I would love to check it out!

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Simon is an avid outdoor enthusiast who is passionate about bringing you the most up to date, accurate & understandable information on hunting, optics, and the outdoors.

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