Target Tamers is the combined efforts of a small team of outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, survivalists & optics mad tech-heads from around the globe.

Primarily based in the United States & Australia we bring together years of experience to get you the most up to date information and guides that will take your outdoor experiences to the next level by using the best sports optics for your needs.

Maven CS.1 at Range

Our team doesn’t settle for average, we want to provide you with the highest quality information based on our experience and research about sports optics of all kinds, from rifle scopes to rangefinders and everything in between.

We hope you get as much enjoyment out of reading and learning from our content as we got field testing, researching and writing it.

Meet the Team

Target Tamers – Hit the Target First Time, Every Time

Here at Target Tamers we are committed to researching the cutting edge sports optics that can help maximize your potential in any situation where reliability is a must.

On our website you will find a variety of information from reviews to guides and everything in between.

Our goal is not only to help you make an informed decision about the particular sports optic you are interested in, but also to provide you with the information and motivation you need to get the most out of that optics once the decision is made.

Maven RS.5 mounted on rifle

After reading our product reviews you will know:

  • Background about the particular brand
  • Features of the specific model
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about the model
  • What actual paying customers think about the product
  • How it compares to similar models in the range

After reading our informational guides we hope you will:

  • Better know how to make the most out of your sports optics
  • Have an understanding of the terminology used by different companies
  • Understand the mechanics of how different sports optics work
  • Learn how to care for your optics
  • Understand the various acronyms used within the optics industry

We have compiled this information using our combined and considerable knowledge in conjunction with thorough research to assess each individual product.

This has involved reviewing the company website and other authoritative websites as well as considering customer feedback and reviews. We have also phoned the companies when necessary to get the inside information and even checked out the products in person in stores.

Carson binoculars with ice in eye cups after being frozen

You will also see Field Tests of various products published on our website. These are most often conducted by our own team but we do invite our readers (You!) to send in their own field tests. If you are interested in submitting a Field Test we recommend getting in touch first since we have some guidelines that need to be followed in order for your Field Test to be published.

Occasionally companies send us their products to Field Test. We do not receive financial compensation from the company, nor do we promise them a positive review. This means that when you see that a product has been supplied by a manufacturer for testing, you can trust that our team will always do a fair and honest overview of their product.

Target Tamers Field Testing with Tina
Tina Fa'apoi - Taking a look at the Holosun 510C

We have done our best to provide factual up to date information but it should be noted that all information presented here are our own opinions only. We are simply trying to give you the information you need to make the best decision for your circumstance.

If you would like to get in touch with our team, you can contact us here.

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