Best 5 Pin Bow Sights for Archery & Bow Hunting - Our Top 5

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The Best 5 Pin Bow Sights of the Year

Why stop at 3 pins when you can have 5?

Why would you need 5 pins and what bow sights make it worth it?

Extend your shooting range and improve your short-range groupings with a 5-pin sight.

We answer your questions here and have ranked the top 5-pin bow sights Target Tamers style.

QUICK LIST: Best 5-Pin Bow Sights 2024

  1. Black Gold Rush - Best Overall
  2. Trophy Ridge React V5 - Best Vertical 5-Pin Sight
  3. Trophy Ridge Fix Series - Top Rated
  4. Spot Hogg Grinder MRT Micro - Best Micro
  5. Trophy Ridge Volt - Best Budget 5-Pin Sight

Top 5-Pin Bow Sights

tt-table__imageBlack Gold Rush
  • Pin Size: 0.019
  • Construction: Aluminium
  • Dexterity: Left/Right
tt-table__imageTrophy Ridge React V5
  • Pin Size: 0.019
  • Construction: Copolymer
  • Dexterity: Right
tt-table__imageTrophy Ridge Fix Series
  • Pin Size: 0.019
  • Construction: Aluminium
  • Dexterity: Right
tt-table__imageSpot Hogg Grinder MRT Micro
  • Pin Size: 0.019
  • Construction: Aluminium
  • Dexterity: Left/Right
tt-table__imageTrophy Ridge Volt
  • Pin Size: 0.019
  • Construction: Aluminium/Polymer
  • Dexterity: Left/Right

Why Trust Us?

After hundreds of hours of hand-testing bow sights in the field and at the range, and thousands more hours researching and writing about them, we feel we earn the title of experts when it comes to optics!

We purchase as many of the optics for our tests as possible, and run them through their paces to make sure they will perform at the range and in the field.

Our combined decades of experience from archery & bow hunting, to big game hunting and competitions has been integral in putting together this round-up of the best 5 pin bow sights.

Get the inside scoop on how we test optics here.

5-pin bow sights still reign as one of the most popular pin setups for hunters and bow shooters alike.  It may come as a surprise to some since we all know more pins equals more clutter and possibly more mistakes.  But, it's not always the case with experienced shooters and those who designate certain duties to each pin in the sight housing.  Allow us to explain.

Many hunters realistically use only the top 3-pins of their multi-pin setup in the field.  This often has hunters buying up 3-pin sights since you shouldn't really have more pins than you need.  But, having an extra two pins allows for versatility in the hunt.

Heading out West?  A 5-pin sight offers longer shot opportunities.  The bottom pins can also play a big role in practice shooting for those long-range distances, and a hunter also has a chance to follow up with a shot if they've spooked their prey.

Beginners may find it easier to focus on the upper pins while they improve their shooting skills in practice with the bottom pins.  Long-time shooters vouch that practicing at longer distances will help to improve groupings and accuracy with the short-range pins.

But, a common complaint is choosing the wrong pin when you've got a whole mess of 'em in your sight picture.  Just as there are certain things you must focus and adjust for on a single pin sight, you should always ensure you take the time to choose the right pin on a 5-pin sight.  Just because a multi-pin sight allows for faster use, it doesn't mean you can rush your shot.

With all that said, we present our lineup of the best 5-pin sights that stand out and make a statement in the current market!

Best 5 Pin Bow Sights (Fixed Pin)

1. Black Gold Rush – Best Overall

Black Gold Rush
Image Credit - Black Gold Sights

The Montana brand, Black Gold, has a reputation among league archers, and if you want a Black Gold bow sight at an affordable price, the Rush 5-pin model fits the bill.


  • SkyCoil
  • Gang adjustments
  • X-Frame base
  • PhotoChromatic shell
  • Lens kit adaptable


  • Left/Right hand confusion

While many Rush bow sight pics online show that of the left-hand model, it’s the right-hand bow sight and stock pictures are the default pic for display. However, there is a left-hand Rush bow sight available for lefties. Pay extra close attention to the description.

The Rush 5-pin bow sight has innovative features that makes it a performer at the range, competition, or in the hunt. With a price point around $100, it’s tough to find better. The Rush has gang horizontal and vertical adjustments to move the pins in sync.

At first, the SkyCoil technology seems like many wrapped, coiled fiber sights. However, the exclusive housing allows for the gathering and transferring of maximum light with the PhotoChromatic shell. It tempers pin brightness in bright daylight. Black Gold states that their pins are 20% brighter than the competition.

Like good quality bow sights, the Rush has a machined aluminum guard and new X-Frame aluminum base that is both lightweight and strong. It weighs 5.3oz at its max weight and when mounted is around 4” in length.

The unconditional warranty is stronger than most as Black Gold bow sights are covered to be repaired or replaced for any reason at no charge. However, it seems to be limited to the original owner.

One of the best things about Black Gold bow sights is that they’re 100% made in America. If there’s a brand that you want to pledge your loyalty to, why not make it a Made in USA brand?

2. Trophy Ridge React V5 - Best Vertical 5-Pin Sight

Trophy Ridge React V5
Image Credit: Trophy Ridge

The React V5 is appropriately named with its React technology and 5-pin setup.  Sight in your first two pins and you're set to go.  The React tech calculates the gap distance you need for the remaining pins.  Go ahead, test it out if you're skeptical - it won't set you back in cost if that's what you're worried about.

This Trophy Ridge bow sight isn't your ordinary horizontal pin scope either.  Yes, there are multiple pins, but they're aligned vertically to open your field of view and reduce the cluttered look.  You also have tool-free adjustments and Trophy Ridge's Ballistix CoPolymer System for durability without compromising on weight.

This is a 5-pin scope with value that deserves recognition - it's why it won a spot in our line-up.

3. Trophy Ridge Fix Series - Top Rated Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Fix Series
Image Credit: Trophy Ridge

Another Trophy Ridge earns a top spot in this line-up, and this time it's for its simplicity and value.  Sometimes, shooters are looking for something easy to use without spending a fortune.  For less than $100, the Fix bow sight fits the bill to a T.

Landing tool-less adjustments and an on-board tool for micro adjustments under 100 bucks is a feature not often seen in the market.  Multiple mounting positions offer flexibility, and the build quality is better than what you'd expect for the price.

Don't let the low cost deceive you - the Fix bow sight has been fixed to impress!

4. Spot Hogg Grinder MRT Micro - Best Micro

Spot Hogg Grinder MRT Micro
Image Credit: Spot Hogg

The Spot Hogg Grinder MRT Micro bow sight gets a well-deserved mention even if it's one of our most expensive 5-pin sights.

However, bow shooters across the board can agree that Spot Hogg pumps out some of the best, industry-leading sights in the market, and the Grinder is no exception to this rule.  With a lightweight and compact design, MRT technology, and having been made in America, it's a bow sight that should be on your radar and buying list!

5. Trophy Ridge Volt – Best Budget

Trophy Ridge Volt
Image Credit - Trophy Ridge

Overall, the price point makes it obvious why the Trophy Ridge Volt 5 is a popular bow sight. As an entry-level sight, it's not the best for serious archery or hunting, but it makes a good target practice, back-up, and first-time buy for a beginner on a seriously tight budget.


  • Price
  • Wrap-around fiber
  • Rheostat light included
  • Laser-etched adjustment references
  • Reversible bracket


  • Construction concerns

The Trophy Ridge Volt 5 runs at a cost around $50 – budget indeed. What helps to keep the cost down is its construction. The housing is plastic (copolymer) and helps to reduce noise, and the pins and bracket system are aluminum. While lightweight and strong, there are some downsides like cracking polymer and fast wear-and-tear in the adjustment areas.

There are some issues with screws stripping out. First off, the Volt doesn’t come with any tools for adjustments. You will need a 9/64 Allen wrench and go easy in tightening them down to prevent stripping. Another tip to be aware of is to remove the plastic strip in the rheostat light to allow connection of the battery. It’s usually user-error here instead of an actual defect.

The reversible mount for both righties and lefties has offset holes for customized mounting. The pins are 0.019” in size, and colors are kept simple with a red center pin and green for the remaining four.

Set-it and forget-it is the theme with adjustments as they must be manually made with a wrench. Fortunately, Trophy Ridge laser etched reference markings for convenient adjustments. They also included a large-size bubble, fiber that wraps around the housing, and a green accent ring.

Although the Volt is lacking in bells and whistles, it still has the basic, fundamental features that aren’t always seen at this price point. Best for casual hunting and target practice, the Volt 5-pin sight is one of the better ones that you can get on the cheap.

What to Look for in a Good 5 Pin Bow Sight

Multi-pin bow sights are all the rage, and consequently, they're a dime a dozen.  You must consider every factor to make the most of your buy and especially if you want to make a significant difference in your shooting abilities.

From budget to build quality and adjustment range, you'll want to be thorough about it all.  Here's the gist of what you need to know!


Practice and experience can help to maximize a multi-pin's full potential, but you can't push a sight past its limitations.  Spend as much as you are serious about your shooting application.

ProductPrice Range
Black Gold RushUnder $150
Trophy Ridge React V5Under $200
Trophy Ridge FixUnder $150
Spot Hogg Grinder MRT MicroUnder $250
Trophy Ridge VoltUnder $100
5-Pin Bow Sight Price Range Comparisons

Pin Size

Many 5-pin sights come with a one-size fits-all pin approach.  This may be good enough, but you may want to consider a sight that offers a smaller size for the bottom pins.  For example, the 20-40 yard pins may have .019" pins and the 50-60 yard pins may have .010" pins.

ProductNumber of PinsPin Size
Black Gold Rush5.019”
Trophy Ridge React V55.019”
Trophy Ridge FixMulti (3, 5, 7).019”
Spot Hogg Grinder MRT Micro5.019”
Trophy Ridge Volt5.019”
5-Pin Bow Sight Number of Pins & Pin Size Comparisons


Tool-free, locking, and micro adjustments may cost more. 2nd adjustable axis is becoming a standard feature while 3rd adjustable axis may cost more.  Long range and steep angle shooting applications demand the best adjustment features.

Black Gold Rush2nd axisGang adjustments
Trophy Ridge React V52nd axisTool-less
Trophy Ridge Fix2nd axisLocking windage & elevation
Spot Hogg Grinder MRT Micro2nd & 3rd axisTool-less
Trophy Ridge Volt2nd axisLaser-etched W & E adjustments
5-Pin Bow Sight Adjustments & Features Comparisons


Pin quality used to be a concern, but these days, most manufacturers are installing fully enclosed high-quality pins. Look for metal housing, brackets, and components over plastic.  Water-resistance and quality screws are additional factors to consider.

ProductConstruction Material
Black Gold RushAluminum
Trophy Ridge React V5Copolymer
Trophy Ridge FixAluminum
Spot Hogg Grinder MRT MicroAluminum
Trophy Ridge VoltCopolymer
5-Pin Bow Sight Construction Material Comparisons

Become a Multi-Pin Bow Sight Master!

5-pin sights allow for a lot of flexibility, but with the benefits of being able to shoot further and increase your distance range comes the need to practice and finesse your skills.

Gap shooting, perfecting form, and tuning your bow becomes extremely important when you're utilizing your bottom pins.  If you have what it takes to become a multi-pin master, don't settle for any sight that's less than our top best!

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