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Trophy Ridge Fix Series Bow Sight Review (3-Pin, 5-Pin & 7-Pin)

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Trophy Ridge Fix Series 3 Pin Bow Sight
Image Credit - Trophy Ridge

Product Model: Fix 3-Pin, Fix 5-Pin, Fix 7-Pin
Type: Sight pin
Dexterity: Right
Number of Pins: 3-pin, 5-pin, 7-pin
Pin Size: .019
Construction: Aluminum

Best Uses: Target shooting, 3-D Archery, Hunting

Trophy Ridge Fix Series Bow Sight

An entire series shares identical features and specs save for the number of pins in each sight.  What a way to keep things simple, easy, and affordable!

What's so special about that?

Trophy Ridge Bow Sight Information Sheet
Image Credit - Trophy Ridge

It eliminates the need for buyers to remove or add pins to a sight they like but isn't available with the number of pins they want.

The Trophy Ridge Fix Series is aimed towards shooters who want micro adjustable pins with precision they can depend on.  The tool to adjust the pins is stored right on the bow sight itself, so it's there for when you need it in an instant.

You can also make elevation and windage adjustments without tools - yeah, it's a tool-less bow sight for under 100 bucks.  Don't accidentally knock those adjustments out of place.  You'll have peace of mind with the windage and elevation locking nuts.

Increase accuracy over longer distances with 2nd axis adjustments.  See your .019" pins with more brightness than you'd expect.  The cables are entwined in a fiber optic ring to absorb as much ambient light as is available.  The shooter's ring also has a highly visible green hood.

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How many pins does the Fix bow sight come with?  You can get this model with a 3-pin, 5-pin, or 7-pin setup.   A pre-charged rheostat light is also included in the buy.

The bracket allows for up to 4 mounting positions, and buyers are impressed with the build quality.  Although this is on the cheaper end for a bow sight, it has an incredible, solid rating online with the masses.  They say it's easy to sight in, the tool-less micro adjustments are excellent, and it's built like a tank - without the weight.


  • Price
  • Micro adjustable pins
  • Tool less adjustments
  • 4 mounting positions
  • Build quality


  • Not universally ambidextrous

Trophy Ridge Fix Series Q&A

Does the Fix Series Bow Sight come in Left-hand?

Unfortunately, the Fix Series is only available in right hand models.

What are the Differences between each of the Fix Series models?

There are no differences between the 3-pin, 5-pin, and 7-pin bow sights except for the number of pins.  Even the pin sizes remain the same between all three models.

Are there Other Pin Sizes Available in the Fix Series Bow Sights?

The only pin size available is .019".

What are the Finish Options for the Trophy Ridge Bow Sights?

The Fix Series is only available in the Shadow finish.

Does the Fix bow sight have 3rd axis adjustments?

Unfortunately, it doesn't.  The Fix bow sights only offer 2nd axis adjustments.

What is the Onboard Adjustment Tool?

This is the tool that you need to use sight in, modify individual pins, set your 2nd axis, and lock your windage and elevation locking nuts.  The tool sits right on top of the sight which is why it's called an onboard tool.

Is a Rheostat Legal to use for Bow Hunting?

Each state in the United States has its own rules and regulations regarding use of any battery-powered and electronic devices in bow hunting.  You'll have to check with your state regulations and policies regarding legal use of the rheostat light.

What batteries does the Rheostat light require?

The included light requires 3 x LR41 batteries.  Batteries are included.  You must remove the electrical blocking paper from the battery compartment before turning it on.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Tool-less micro adjustments for quick horizontal and windage adjustments
  • Micro adjustments for precision alignments
  • Durable and rugged build quality for all bow hunting activities
  • Adjustment tool included as a mounted component on board the sight for quick and available access
  • Rheostat included with Fix Series bow sight

Our Verdict on the Trophy Ridge Fix Series

Narrowing things down, the Trophy Ridge Fix Series bow sights do exactly what they say they do.  They're durable, tool-less bow sights that allow for quick use and adjustments when needed.

They're right within the affordable price range, and the quality impresses buyers all the time.  They're cheap scopes that outperform every other cheap scope available.

Trophy Ridge Fix Series 3 Pin Bow Sight
Image Credit - Trophy Ridge

However, if you're on an even stricter budget, there's still a Trophy Ridge to consider.  The Joker bow sight may sound like a joke, but it's a no-joke bow scope that comes in at a ridiculous low price that you might not believe it.  As a starter sight, it's priced at starter costs. Check out our extensive review of the Joker right here.

A very comparable bow sight to the Fix models is the TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Micro.  It's in and around the same price range, has micro pin adjustments, and tool less adjustments, check out our extensive review on it here.

It also features 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments, an extra-long bracket, and it's reversible, so left-hand shooters can use it too.  Sounds pretty good, right?  Check out the Hybrid Micro now.

The Fix series bow sights are cheap creatures with solid value.  Trophy Ridge has done what several bow hunters want to see within a bow sight line: maintain identical features but on a bow sight with the number of pins they want.

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