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Apex Gear Covert Pro Power Dot Bow Sight Review (11 Brightness Settings)

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Apex Covert Pro Bow Sight
Image Credit - Apex Gear

Product Model: Covert Pro
Type: Dot sight
Dexterity: Left/Right
Number of Pins: 1-pin
Pin Size: Unknown
Construction: Aluminum

Best Uses: Target shooting, 3-D Archery, Hunting

Apex Gear Covert Pro Bow Sight

What is the Covert Pro?

It looks like a bow sight, but it has an illuminated, center dot cross-hair sight and even a turret on top that all resembles that of a rifle scope.

However, it's a bow sight.

The feature the Covert Pro is known for is its LED single pin bow sight technology.  You have a wide and clear field of view with the advantages of a single pin to make all your shots with the long-range slide.

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The center "power dot" is the aiming point, and it has green illumination with up to 11 brightness settings.  However, each time you increase the brightness level, the aiming dot will grow in size.  The illumination knob is the turret on the top of the sight housing, and it's very tactile-like with "clicks."

The gear-drive elevation dial is ultra-smooth and adjustments can easily be made with one hand.  Simply loosen the locking knob in front of the yardage tape and then turn the dial.

To make things quiet in the field, the bracket has been dampened to eliminate noise when you reach your travel stop.  This means you won't hear clanging metal components, clicks, or chinks when you bottom out.  When your dial stops, it'll stop in the same position every time.

You also have vertical and horizontal sight housing tilt adjustments, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments, and a glow-in-the-dark shooter's ring.  For all the Covert Pro offers, you'd think it would be a heavy beast of a sight, but it's not.  It's machined aluminum, so it's ultra-strong and super lightweight.

Most buyers have been sold on the single illuminated center dot tech.  It's easy on the eyes, easy to use, and it has a huge field of view.  However, some legitimate complaints include cheap set screws that worries users, and some quality control issues.


  • Price
  • Illuminated center dot
  • 11 brightness levels
  • One hand dial adjustments
  • 2nd/3rd adjustable axis


  • Cheap hardware
  • Quality control issues

Apex Gear Covert Pro Q&A

Can you see the reticle if the battery dies?

Yes.  The reticle is built into the sight, so the cross hairs will still be highly visible if you choose to use it without illumination or if the battery dies.

Does the Brightness Settings change with Rotations or by Depressing the Dial?

The Covert Pro has recently been upgraded.  Older models required depressing the dial to change the brightness level.  Now, the newer Covert Pro requires only a simple click/turn of the knob adjust brightness.

Are Yardage Tapes included with the Apex Gear Sight?

Over 120 pre-marked yardage tapes are included with the Covert Pro bow sight.  They do come in various yardage increments to suit your preferences for sighting-in.  However, some buyers have said their bow sight came without yardage tapes.

A quick call to the company explaining this and they had yardage tapes in the mail within days.

Is the Tape on the Side or the Back?

Apex says the tape is rear-facing, but it's more in a side-facing direction.  It's not difficult to see, but it may be something to think about.

Is there a Max Yardage Stop?

Yes, and the adjustable max yardage stop must be installed.  This component stops the aperture from being in a low-profile position that obstructs the arrow from its flight path.  Install the yardage stop with the aperture in its lowest position that doesn't obstruct the arrow.

What battery does the Apex Gear Covert Pro Bow Sight Take?

The bow sight requires one CR2032 battery to work.  Unscrew the illumination knob and insert the battery with the positive side facing out.  Replace the knob and screw in again.

How long does the Battery last?

One battery has an approximate life of 700 hours.  The bow sight will also shut itself down after four hours if the illumination is on but hasn't been adjusted within that time period.

Does the Covert Pro have Magnification?

The bow sight does not have a magnified lens.  However, the sight is threaded to accept a 2x magnifying lens kit.

How do you Protect the Lens?

The Covert Pro comes with a neoprene lens cover for protection during storage or when you're not using it while in the field.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Illuminated center-dot technology with 11 brightness settings
  • Tactile rotating click knob for brightness control
  • 2nd/3rd axis adjustments for dead-on shots no matter the angle and distance
  • Ambidextrous bow sight for both left and right-hand shooters
  • Over 120 yardage tapes included

Our Verdict on the Apex Gear Covert Pro

Narrowing things down, the Apex Gear Covert Pro is a dot-sight done well.  It's simple in function and has been executed well.  You will have to work a little harder to understand the instructions and be patient to make all the adjustments with tools.

But, if you're a fan of the single pin with improvements in field of view and visibility with an ultra-smooth slide, you'll be a fan of the Covert Pro.

Apex Covert Pro Bow Sight
Image Credit - Apex Gear

A very comparable bow sight is the TRUGLO Range Rover Pro.  It almost has the exact same features as the Covert Pro, and a very similar price tag.  However, it lacks 3rd axis adjustments, but it does have tool-less windage and yardage locks - check out our review of the Range Rover Pro here.

These two bow sights are eerily similar, but one of them is priced slightly less.  Are you out to save some money or splurge a little?

Staying within the Apex Gear family, you'll come across their Covert 1-pin bow sight.  It's a single adjustable pin, but there's a catch.  You can switch out your .019 pin for a .010 pin for when you're in the mood to take those extra-long distance shots.

Curious about Versa Pin technology?  Check out our full review on the Apex Covert here.

After this full examination, we've determined the Covert Pro is a bow sight that has some rifle scope features.  It's not a bad mix, since both devices aim to get you dead-on with every shot.  To have some advanced features for less than $200, Apex Gear fits the bill.

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2 thoughts on “Apex Gear Covert Pro Power Dot Bow Sight Review (11 Brightness Settings)”

  1. I have an Apex Gear Covert Pro mounted on my Mathews Z7 Extreme and it worked fine for the 1st year or so. Now, the illumination adjustment won't light up until its dialed up to 6 or above, despite replacing the battery with a new one. The 5 setting will flicker and then go out so I can't use the 1-5 settings, which are the most critical in low light situations. I've checked and cleaned all the battery contacts to no avail and there is no evidence of any corrosion. I'd like to know if Apex can replace the dot-sight portion of the unit, as everything is is working as it should. Otherwise, I'm going to have to junk the entire sight, since I can't use it during the most critical times of the hunt - just at the break of daylight and just at last shooting light. Real frustrating.

    • Hi Henry, sorry to hear about your troubles with the Covert Pro. I would reach out to Apex directly and ask them what can be done.


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