4 Best Bow Sights Under $100 in 2024 - Cheap Optics for the Beginner Bowhunter & Shooter

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The Best Bow Sight Under $100

As hunters, bow shooters in our spare time, and aspiring master archers, we're all shopping with one thing in common: a budget.

Some budgets are tighter than others, but we’re all after the best deal possible without compromising on quality.  But, is that realistic?

Are there quality bow sights under 100 bucks?

If you're trying to avoid the junk and speed walk your way to the best cheap bow sights that will make a difference in the field, you've hit the jack pot.  This is the lineup you need to know!

QUICK LIST: Best Bow Sight Under $100 in 2024

  1. Trophy Ridge Fix Series
  2. TOPoint Archery 3-Pin
  3. CBE Tactic Hybrid
  4. Trophy Ridge Joker

Best Bow Sights Under $100 Comparison

tt-table__imageTrophy Ridge Fix Series
  • No. Pins: 3-pin, 5-pin, 7-pin
  • Construction: Aluminium
  • Dexterity: Right
tt-table__imageTOPoint Archery 3-Pin
  • No. Pins: 3-pin
  • Construction: Aluminium
  • Dexterity: Left/Right
tt-table__imageCBE Tactic Hybrid
  • No. Pins: 1-pin
  • Construction: Plastic
  • Dexterity: Left/Right
tt-table__imageTrophy Ridge Joker
  • No. Pins: 3-pin, 4-pin
  • Construction: Plastic
  • Dexterity: Left/Right

Why Trust Us?

After hundreds of hours of bow sights scopes in the field and at the range, and thousands more hours researching and writing about them, we feel we earn the title of experts when it comes to optics!

We purchase as many of the optics for our tests as possible, and run them through their paces to make sure they will perform at the range and in the field.

Our combined decades of experience from aiming accuracy and consistency, to big game hunting and competitions has been integral in putting together this round-up of the best bow sights under $100.

Get the inside scoop on how we test optics here.

The beginner bow hunter that's just starting out has a lot to think about between the bow, arrows, targets, and bow sight.  Hearing the ka-ching ka-chings of what it's going to cost you for the many things you need can be deafening.  Not to mention, the cost of camo, tree stands mounts, additional optics, and all the time you'll need to invest in practicing and improving your skills will all require money, honey.

Fortunately, there's a few places you can save a few bucks on including your choice of a bow sight under 100.  We sifted through enough dime-a-dozen bow sights that don't deserve a mention and have provided the ones that serve as a great deal when you consider the quality to cost ratio.

It's not practical for everyone to spend maximum dollars on a professional bow sight.  Not every hunter is trudging through brush or stretching the tape for a long-range shot.  But, every hunter wants decent build quality, bright pins, dependable accuracy, and acceptable ease of use.

Expect beginner, entry-level quality and standard features in this price range.  But, it wouldn't be the best bow sight lineup if we didn't throw out a couple models with some of the latest features while staying under budget.

Remember, there's a difference between cheap bow sights and bow sights you can get for cheap.  We opt for the latter while maintaining our standards.  We don't have to resort to "cheap quality" to get nocked in today.  Here's how you do it right with a hundred bucks in your pocket!

Our 4 Top Cheap Bow Sights Under $100

1. Trophy Ridge Fix Series - Best Overall

Trophy Ridge Fix Archery Bow Sight, Right Hand, 5-Pin 0.019
1,161 Reviews
Trophy Ridge Fix Archery Bow Sight, Right Hand, 5-Pin 0.019
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Dependable precision with micro-adjustable pins
  • INCREASED ACCURACY: Heightened accuracy over longer distances with second-axis adjustment

The Fix bow sights is a series of identical models save for the number of pins in the sight housing.  You can choose between a 3, 5, or 7-pin model and expect the same great features that is consistent along the series.

What are the great features that puts the Fix at the top of the lineup of the best archery sights under $100?  You can make tool-free gang adjustments and lock 'em in place with the locking nuts.  Micro adjustments with the onboard tool couldn't be easier since you'll never misplace it because it's stored on the sight.

4 mounting positions, an included sight light, and better than average build quality are features that caught our attention.  Its popularity rate also helped this affordable bow sight swing to the top of the charts.  It's been approved by the masses and us!

2. TOPoint Archery 3-Pin – Best Cheap Bow Sight

TOPOINT ARCHERY 3 Pin Bow Sight - Fiber, Brass Pin, Aluminum Machined - Right...
  • Material:6061-T6 aluminum
  • Fiber optic diameter:0.029" color:red,green

Overall, the best bow sights for a first-time purchase for beginners is one that’s affordable. Learning the ins-and-outs of how a bow sight works is made easy with the high-rated, budget TOPoint Archery 3-pin bow sight.


  • .029” pins
  • Aluminum build
  • Gang adjustments
  • Adjustment markings
  • Left & right mounting


  • Quality control concerns

As is obvious, there will be a few things you’ll need to improve yourself when you get the entry-level bow sight. Glue the bubble level in, Loctite screws, and go easy on handling. Given that the sight ring is made of plastic, it won’t like drops to the ground from the treestand or in your backyard target range.

However, it does get better since the rest of the bow sight is made from aluminum. Even though it’s super low-priced, the manufacturer still managed to outfit it with quality metal. The mounting bracket is also reversible for lefties.

Given that the pins are 0.029” in size, they’re ideal for beginner target practice. Those who are accustomed to hunting longer ranges might find them too big. The pins are great for daytime archery, but the fiber optics are on the short side, so they’re not going to be great for any sort of lowlight use.

Tools are not included in the box, and you will need a multi-size wrench. Beginners will find the gang adjustments convenient, and the reference markings for the adjustments further simplifies the process.

For such an economical bow sight under $20, there is little doubt that it comes with a factory warranty, although vendor protection plans can be purchased separately at minimal cost. Since the TOPoint Archery sight doesn’t come with a user manual, you’ll need to check out how to sight in your bow sight instructions and videos online. Its low price point is worth the compromise for self-research.

3. CBE Tactic Hybrid – Best Single Pin for Under $100

Tactic Hybrid, 1 Pin, 0.019" Fibers
  • Ability to set a floating pin with a rapid stop
  • Smart mount multi-positioning mounting holes

Generally, many are moving to moveable, single-pin sights for multiple types of bow shooting applications. Those who want to do so while staying under budget should consider the CBE Tactic Hybrid. It’s an affordable option that has multiple features that offers more bang for your buck.


  • .019” pin
  • RapidStop
  • Smart Mount
  • HybridDrive elevation
  • Rheostat light


  • No 3rd axis adjustment

Regardless of skill level, if you’re looking for precision accuracy, sick of unintentionally using the wrong pin, or if you’re tired of pin-gapping, the single-pin bow sight is what you need. Multi vs single pin bowsights is an on-going debate, but the Tactic Hybrid can help declutter and reduce anxiety.

It has RapidStop to rapidly take you back to a predetermined setting (likely 20 yards) so that you never have to leave your sight or double-check while in the dark. HybridDrive allows you to adjust the elevation made easy with a lock and knob. With the Smart Mount, you have multiple mounting positions, and yes, it can be switched for left-handed shooters.

The overall construction of the bow sight is polymer, but it does have quality metal parts. Unfortunately, you can’t attach a lens or adjust for the third axis. Unless you’re drawing for beyond 40 yards on cliffsides, it’s less of a consequence.

The CBE moveable pin is best suited to long-range, hunting, and target archery use. With a multi-purpose .019” pin, laser-marked hashmarks, and sight tape included, sighting-in and getting out there is easily and quickly done.

4. Trophy Ridge Joker - Best Bow Sight Under $50

Trophy Ridge Joker Archery Bow Sight, Ambidextrous, 4-Pin 0.019
1,031 Reviews
Trophy Ridge Joker Archery Bow Sight, Ambidextrous, 4-Pin 0.019
  • Four ultra-bright .019” medium horizontal fiber optic pins for ultimate visibility
  • Reversible mount design for use with left- and right-hand bows

We threw this bow sight in just for laughs - just joking!  Despite its ironic name, this bow sight is no joke of a buy.  It's comes with the lowest price tag of them all and well under $100.

It's a simple and entry-level sight, but it gets the job done, and all for a steal of a price.  An aluminum bracket provides strength and durability, and a highly-visible accent ring glows in the dark to draw your eye to the sight picture.

But, this economical bow sight is for fun or beginners learning their groove.  If you want something cheap to start off with to test the waters, the Joker will put a smile on your face.

What to Look for in a Bow Sight Under $100

Spreading the cost of the scope over several features when you have a tight budget can be risky.  The quality of seemingly expensive features may be questionable, or compromises may have been made elsewhere.  Instead, stick with the basics and look for the signs and components that shows it’s a quality sight.

Expectations aren't going to be super high for a scope under $100, but it doesn't mean you just pick the first ninny you come across.  Pick a couple fundamental features you really want to see done well in your bow sight and you'll have a winner.

  • Build Quality: Budget sights won't always have the best build quality but look for aluminum brackets and sight housing to ensure durability.
  • Adjustments: The majority of sights will have manual adjustments, and this is okay. Once adjustments are made, you won't have to do it again.  A combo of tool-less adjustments (primarily movement of the sight housing) and manual individual adjustments is a feature to take advantage of in this price range.
  • Activity-Specific: Sights in this price range are suitable for beginners, recreational shooters, or those who don't demand a huge amount of durability for harsh terrain in the hunt.
  • Legality: Many budget bow sights should be legal in your state since they typically lack the fancy features that would be considered illegal for use. However, check to see what your local and state's regulations are for integrated sight lights, electronics, or lasers before buying.
  • Warranty: Warranties between models and brands will vary. Typically, at least a 1-year warranty from date of purchase is offered.  You should inspect your bow sight upon box opening to take advantage of a return policy in case quality control is poor.

Making the Most of Archery Sights Under $100

To avoid the pitfalls of buying a dud, you must know what qualities you want and how to look for it.  Buying up the cheapest bow sight with high expectations in mind or the one with multiple features that seems too good to be true may leave you disappointed.

It's all about knowing what you want to do with your below $100 bow sight and using it within its limitations.  When you're ready to take things to the next level in skill and features, you can always spend more!

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