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Trophy Ridge Joker 3 Pin & 4 Pin Bow Sight Review - Serious Bang For Buck!

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Trophy Ridge Joker 4-Pin Bow Sight
Image Credit - Trophy Ridge

Product Model: Joker
Type: Sight pin
Dexterity: Left/Right
Number of Pins: 3-pin, 4-pin
Pin Size: .019
Construction: Plastic

Best Uses: Target shooting, Hunting

Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight

This bow sight is no joke - it really is less than $50 year-round.

You're either going to like the Joker or you're going to think it's a joke of a scope.  So, let's see what business this bow sight has in the competitive market.

As a starter and entry-level bow sight, it has everything you need to get going - all the basics that is.  However, the downside is, the lack of advanced features may make it difficult for beginners to get used to using bow sights.

Joker 4-Pin Sight
Image Credit - Trophy Ridge

A cheap sight must be made well in order to do well for a shooter.

It does come with either 3-pin or a 4-pin setup with .019" fiber optic pins.  Standard individual pin adjustments for elevation only can be made.

A precision-installed bubble level will get you aligned with your target, and the shooter's ring is brightly highlighted in neon green for quick target acquisition.

You have the option of two mounting positions to the riser, and it can also be used by left-hand shooters on left-hand bows.

However, there's a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to buyer's feedback.  Again, you either love it or you hate it.  A lot of buyers are happy with what they expected for the price.  It works, it's simple, and it's fine for recreational shooting and learning.

However, if you expect more and are looking to do some 3D archery with it, you'll be sorely disappointed.

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  • Price
  • Simple design
  • 3 or 4-pin setup
  • 2 mounting positions
  • Reversible mount


  • Screw issues
  • Plastic construction

Trophy Ridge Joker Q&A

Is this Trophy Ridge Joker a Tool-less bow sight?

No.  This bow sight requires tools to make all the adjustments.

What are the Screw Issues that may happen with the Trophy Ridge Joker?

This particular model has had complaints with the bow sight turning up without the necessary screws required to complete mounting.  Another complaint is if you tighten screws too much, the fragile rail and plastic will bend.

Are the Pins Metal or Plastic on the Joker Bow Sight?

The pins are made of a plastic material.  Some complaints have reported cheap pins and they're noisy within the housing.

Can the Joker bow sight pins be removed

Yes, you can remove individual pins if you wish.

Can the Trophy Ridge Joker pins be moved left/right?

No.  Individual pins cannot be moved left and right, only up and down.  However, the entire sight housing can be moved left and right.

Is a Trophy Ridge Sight Light included?

A rheostat light is compatible with the Joker bow sight, however, it's not included with the purchase.  It will be sold separately.

Can the Bubble Level be Re-positioned for Left-hand shooters?

Unfortunately, the bubble level is glued onto the sight housing, so it cannot be removed.  Essentially, the bubble level will be positioned on top of the sight housing for when left-hand shooters reverse and mount the Joker bow sight.

Are the Trophy Ridge pins Micro Adjustable on the Joker?

No, the pins are not micro adjustable.  But, there are laser-etched markings on the windage to help adjustments go a little easier.

What is the Joker bow sight made of?

The bracket for the bow sight is made of aluminum.  The pins and sight housing are made of hard plastic.

Is the Joker By Trophy Ridge a good Hunting Bow Sight?

It can work well as a hunting bow sight.  Its simplicity is what may make it a welcome sight in the field.  However, it's only as accurate as you are.  It will not be a good sight for low light hunting even with the rheostat light as it will drown out the target sight picture.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Extremely low price and affordable
  • Starter and entry-level quality for a recreational bow shooter
  • Glow in the dark, highly-visible accent ring
  • Aluminum bracket with 2 mounting positions
  • Easy, simple to use, and basic

Our Verdict on the Trophy Ridge Joker

Narrowing things down, the Trophy Ridge Joker bow sight is a very cheap scope with no hidden traps or jokes.  You get what you see as it is what it is.

It's a basic, no-fuss, and no-frills bow sight that'll work as a first-time scope for shooting in the back yard.

Trophy Ridge Joker 4-Pin Bow Sight
Image Credit - Trophy Ridge

If you have a little bit more cash to upgrade your buy, the Fix Series presents a few more features, and these sights are under the Trophy Ridge umbrella.  These sights cost less than $100, have micro adjustments, and tool-less adjustments.  It might be worth the few bucks more - check out our review on the Fix Series to decide for yourself.

But, it's hard to find cheap scopes that are worth recommending to others, so we'll throw in an upgrade in terms of costs.  The TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Micro stays under the $100 price range.  It has a longer list of advanced features, and you could consider it a very nice first-time buy. What are the extra features? You will need to read our review on the hybrid to find out.

Trophy Ridge is a known brand to many bow shooters.  While many of their bow sights are priced around and well above $100, the Joker comes in to fill the gap for those who just want to pay for simplicity and effectiveness without the bells and whistles that drive up cost.

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