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TRUGLO Range Rover PRO Bow Sight Review (Illuminated Green Dot)

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Truglo Range Rover Pro 1 Dot bow sight
Image Credit - Truglo

Product Model: TRUGLO Range Rover Pro
Type: Dot sight
Dexterity: Left/Right
Number of Pins: 0
Pin Size: N/A
Construction: Unknown

Best Uses: Target shooting, 3-D Archery, Hunting

TRUGLO Range Rover PRO

The Range Rover Pro may send archers over the edge with its new dot sight design.  Everyone knows bow shooters stay with what they know best, and when a sight comes along that tests everything they've ever known, it makes for one uncomfortable experience.

However, the Range Rover Pro aims to make the experience a convenient and easy one.  Eliminating conventional sight pins, the sight aperture incorporates an illuminated LED dot as the aiming point.

Range Rover Pro with 1 Dot
Image Credit - Truglo

There are two different models in the Range Rover Pro Series: a green-only dot, and a green and red dot on the dual Range Rover Pro Duo bow sight.

The green dot is centered and fixed in the middle of the lens.  On the Duo model, the green dot is still centered in the middle, but the red dot will be centered lower on the aperture for extended long range shooting.

The dot has 11 brightness settings to help in low light conditions.  You can also purchase a magnified scope lens separately to get a little more detail on your target.

The bow sight also comes with a Zero-In adjustment dial that allows for dialing in for multiple yardages.  It has good tension with without being too stiff to move.  It also features a locking knob so that you don't accidentally bump the dial out of place. Not bad for a bow sight priced under 200 dollars.

An adjustable dot, pinless sight might just change the way you hunt from here on out.  So far, it's done just that for the masses that have taken the risk on trying out something new.

However, some quality control issues remain a setback for a few, and weighing in at barely over 1 lb makes for a heavy sight for some.


  • Illuminated green dot
  • 11 brightness settings
  • Glow-in-the-dark ring
  • Zero-In Adjustment Dial
  • Ambidextrous design


  • Quality control issues

TRUGLO Range Rover Pro Q&A:

Does the Illuminated Dot move when adjusting?

The dot is fixed within the sight housing and does not move.  When you make an adjustment, the entire sight housing will move up and down according to your adjustments.

Does the Sight Housing on the Range Rover Pro have glass?

Yes.  The glass contains the dot reticle that is used for the aiming point.

How do you Protect the Glass on the Range Rover Pro Bow Sight?

The TRUGLO Pro sight comes with a lens cover for protection when the bow is not in use or for when trudging through rough terrain to your destination.

YouTube video

Does the TRUGLO Range Rover Pro come with tapes?

The Range Rover Pro comes with over 80 pre-made yardage tapes that includes some blank ones if you have to make your own.

Can the Illuminated Dot be turned off on Truglo's Range Rover Pro?

Yes.  The illuminated dot includes an off setting.  Because the sight requires a battery for the illuminated reticle to work, you'll have to check with your state regulations regarding the legality of using an electronic sight.

What is the size of the Dot on the Range Rover Pro?

The specific size is not listed by the manufacturer.  However, many reports indicate the dot is either smaller or the same size as a standard pin.  The illuminated dot will appear to grow in size as brightness intensity is dialed up.

Can a Magnifying Lens be attached to the sight?

Yes.  The Range Rover Pro will accept a 1.87" scope lens - sold separately.

Can the Range Rover Pro be used for left-hand shooters?

Yes.  You need to remove the windage slider screw to move the sight 180 degrees to the opposite side, and then insert and tighten the screw on the other side.  You'll also have to move the adjustable yardage stop.

Where do you install the battery for the LED dot?

The knob that sits on top of the sight housing is where the battery sits and by rotating it, you can control the brightness intensity.  A CR2032 battery needs to be inserted into the knob (cap removed) with positive side up.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Illuminated Power-dot Center-dot bow sight for fast and easy target acquisition
  • Zero-In Adjustment Dial for fast adjustments in the field
  • Comes with over 80 pre-marked yardage tapes
  • Adjustable for use with both left and right hand shooters
  • Adjustable quiver mount is included

Our Verdict on the TRUGLO Range Rover Pro

Narrowing things down, the TRUGLO Range Rover Pro is an easy-to-use sight with a big and clear field of view.  It works like a single adjustable pin, but without a pin!

Go pinless with an illuminated LED green dot to clear up the sight picture and still get dead on for any yardage.

Truglo Range Rover Pro 1 Dot
Image Credit - Truglo

But, if pinless is a too far-fetched of a design for you to wrap your head around, the TRUGLO Hyper-Strike Ultra-Light Long Range Bow Sight has the comfortable, conventional design.

It's a multi-pin bow sight with a 1.9" diameter sight housing, and 2nd/3rd adjustable axes.  It has the glow-in-the-dark shooters ring that’s also featured on the Range Rover Pro - check out the Hyper Strike here!

However, there's a bow sight that offers both conventional and new tech in one optic.  The IQ Bow Sights Pro Hunter has 3 pins that includes one floater.  What's a floater?  You'll have to read more on the Pro Hunter Sights to see what it will mean for you!

The Range Rover Pro brings illumination into the game to see your aiming point better when deer are on the move.  You can still adjust for many different yardages, and you have a larger field of view without the clutter of multiple pins.  What's left to lose?  Nothing!

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