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IQ Pro Hunter Bow Sight Review

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IQ Pro Hunter Bow Sight
Image Credit - Feradyne

Product Model: Pro Hunter 3 Pin RH
Type: Sight pin
Dexterity: Right hand only
Number of Pins: 3-pin
Pin Size: .019
Construction: Aluminum

Best Uses: Target shooting, 3-D Archery, Hunting

Update: Feradyne discontinued the original line of IQ sights, including the Pro Hunter and bought them back with "50% thinner, improved bladed pin construction". Check out the updated model of the IQ Pro Hunter at Amazon and Optics Planet.

IQ Pro Hunter Bow Sight

The Pro Hunter is one of the latest gadgets from IQ Bow Sights under the FeraDyne umbrella.  As expected, the Pro Hunter sports the unique and iconic Retina Lock technology that keeps you hitting dead-on with every release.

The Retina Lock technology isn't new to 2018, but it's still taking the archery world by storm.  Move the green Retina Lock to align and center with the black dot, and you'll have confidence with every shot.  You can correct for torque and assume a correct anchor point thanks to the Retina Lock feature.

But, it's not the only feature that makes the Pro Hunter an awesome bow sight.  It also has two fixed pins for close range shots and a floater pin that can be adjusted for on-the-fly opportunities.

When that buck frustratingly leaps off another 30 yards away from you, you can use your floater pin to stretch the tape for that specific yardage.

You can make windage and elevation adjustments on the fly without any tools involved - no need to carry Allen keys with you anymore.  Even better, you can lock in your adjustments without fear of accidentally clicking them out of place, and again, all without any tools involved.

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The Pro Hunter allows for true 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments so you know your shots will always hit where intended whether you're out in the flat plains or 25 yards up in a tree stand on the edge of a ridge.

With fully captured .019 fiber optic pins, you'll be able to have both clarity and accuracy on your side for the next shoot.

This is a new product that's reasonably priced for its features.  Only recently hitting the shelves, we can't wait to see more buzz on the Pro Hunter as it helps to fill tags this deer hunting season.


  • Price
  • Aluminum
  • 3-pin (1 floater)
  • Retina Lock
  • 2/3 adjustable axis


  • Extra step to sight in Retina Lock

IQ Pro Hunter Q&A:

Does the Retina Lock Require Batteries to Work?

No.  The Retina Lock technology works without batteries, and pins are highly visible by concentrated light captured by the steel tubing with extra-long fiber optic pins.

In terms of luminous chemicals, electronics, and the use of artificial light, the Pro Hunter sight is legal for use.  However, the Pro Hunter can offer even brighter pins with an optional IQ Rheostat Sight Light that offers adjustable brightness intensity and is sold separately.

You will have to check your state's regulations to see if an attachable sight light is permitted for legal use.

How to Set the Retina Lock?

The Retina Lock requires adjustment when sighting in your sight.  You must sight in the first pin before you can set the Retina Lock.  You must draw your bow with your natural form and anchor points in order to set the Retina Lock.

There are micro adjustments to set the Retina Lock left/right and up/down.  You will know when it's set when you draw your bow and the green light is directly centered around the black dot.

How to Use Retina Lock?

This may be an extra step you'll have to get used to.  When drawing your bow and aligning your pins with the target, you must also align the Retina Lock with the center black circle before you take your shot.

What are the Advantages of Retina Lock?

The idea is to reduce torque you didn't know you may have, correct for cant, and encourage proper form.  This allows for tighter and consistent groupings.  You also remove the risks of misaligned shots even though your pin says you're on target.

Does the IQ Bow Sight need a Peep Sight?

The Retina Lock technology allows an archer to go peep-less.  This might not be for everyone.  However, said advantages are: clearer sight during low-light hours, elimination of peep-sight issues, and learning to shoot without peep sight dependence.

What is the 2nd and 3rd Axis Adjustments for?

The second axis allows for precision and accuracy since the sight and pins should be parallel to the bow's riser.  The sight level should indicate the sight is not canted and pins are plumb.

Third axis adjustments are for extreme long shots and shooting on steep angles whether it's uphill or downhill.  The relationship between the sight and bow changes with these shots, and if you can adjust, you can compensate for unavoidable torque on the horizontal plane when making angled shots.

What is the IQ Bow Sights Warranty?

Unfortunately, FeraDyne doesn't provide any warranty period information.  You will have to keep the original receipt and go through the steps of registering your bow sight.

Additionally, you will be responsible for the costs incurred to ship the damaged/defective product to FeraDyne, but they will pay for it to be shipped back to you.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Retina Lock technology for tighter groupings
  • 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments for greater precision and accuracy
  • 6061 aluminum for lightweight, durable construction
  • 2 fixed pins with 1 floater for adjustable yardages
  • Connection for optional IQ sight light plug-in

Our Verdict on the IQ Pro Hunter Bow Sight

Narrowing things down, the IQ Bow Sights Pro Hunter sight is a worthy buy.  It's basically a loaded cannon with the latest features a sight can provide.  It may be on the more expensive end, but it has weight behind its price tag. We even rate it as one of the best bow sights with 3 pins!

IQ Pro Hunter Bow Sight
Image Credit - Feradyne

Things can get even more expensive like with the IQ Define Range Finding Sight that has 5 pins, and obviously a range finding feature.   Not only can it read ranges, it can read angled ranges, too.

It comes with a pressure trigger that's easy to push at full draw, a removable red-dot laser, and it's waterproof.  Talk about fancy! You better read our Iq Define review and check it out for yourself.

If you wanted to take your budget down quite significantly, the Trophy Ridge Fix Series sight may be the way to go.  It doesn't have all the fancy trappings the Pro Hunter has, but then again, it doesn't have the same fancy price tag to go with it. Read our review on the Fix Series to see what features it does have.

IQ made its way to fame with its Retina Lock technology.  It's a game-changer that you may very well be willing to pay extra for.  What do you say?  Are you ready for tighter groupings, improved form, and reduced shot errors?

Update: Feradyne discontinued the original line of IQ sights, including the Pro Hunter and bought them back with "50% thinner, improved bladed pin construction". Check out the updated model of the IQ Pro Hunter at Amazon and Optics Planet.

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