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TRUGLO Hyper-Strike Ultra-Light Long Range Bow Sight Review (5-Pin)

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Truglo Hyperstrike bow sight
Image Credit - Truglo

Product Model: Hyper Strike
Type: Sight pin
Dexterity: Left/Right
Number of Pins: 5-pin
Pin Size: .019 & .010
Construction: Carbon composite & Aluminum

Best Uses: Target shooting, 3-D Archery, Hunting

TRUGLO Hyper-Strike Bow Sight

TRUGLO brings out new products every single year, and one of the latest to join the ranks is the Hyper-Strike.  It's designed to allow you to make close and long range shots without the disadvantages that come with single-sized pins across the board.

The Hyper-Strike is outfitted with a Decreasing Diameter Pin system.  What's that?  It's a pin system that has smaller-sized pins than others in the sight to allow for greater accuracy at longer distances.  This is the 5-pin model with three .019" pins to take your 20-40 yard shots with.

Truglo 5 pin bow sight
Image Credit - Truglo

Then, you have the bottom two .010" pins to extend your shooting range just that little bit further.

As expected for a new product, it has a shooter's favorite features that makes using a bow sight quick and easy.  To start with, you can achieve precision accuracy with 2nd and 3rd adjustable axis.  It has a wide field of view with its 1.9" diameter housing.  It also has a glow-in-the-dark shooters ring to boot.

To get pins even more visible during conflicting light conditions, the pins have PRO-BRITE pin design technology for extra strength, durability, and brightness.  The bow sight also includes a TRU-LITE PRO rotary light to provide illumination up to 3 positions with an off setting.

Tool-less micro windage and elevation adjustments can be done in a jiffy, however, you'll still need an Allen wrench to adjust individual pins.

To keep weight to a minimum, the Hyper-Strike has been made with both carbon composite and aluminum.  TRUGLO went a step further and added their Tru-Touch Soft-Feel technical coating.

Are you left-handed?  You don't have to worry about looking for a left-hand specific model.  The Hyper-Strike can be flipped and fixed in place to be used as a left-hand sight.

As a brand-new bow sight with all the fixings, it's doing pretty good for itself.  More will be said as the Maxamount bracket that allows multiple mounting positions catches wind with shooters who want more mounting flexibility.


  • Price
  • 1.9" diameter
  • Tool-less adjustments
  • Decreasing Diameter Pin system
  • Maxamount bracket


  • No Sightline technology

TRUGLO Hyper-Strike Q&A:

Does this Hyper-Strike Sight have Sight Line Technology?

This model does not have Sight Line technology.  While it's being marketed that Sightline tech is available to purchase with the Hyper-Strike, the Hyper-Strike SL, we have been unable to confirm its availability and continued production.

Is the Hyper-Strike available in other finishes?

Yes!  This bow sight is available in black (model DDP BLK), Lost Camo XD (model DDP LXD), and RealTree Xtra (model DDP XTR).

Is there a 7-pin TRUGLO Bow Sight?

There is a 7-pin Hyper-Strike available, however, the only finish available at time of writing with the 7-pin is the Black finish.

What is the Shooter's Ring?

There is a highly-sensitive ring on the outside of the sight housing that glows in the dark during low-light conditions.  It does not require batteries to work.

What is the TRU-LITE Pro?

The TRU-LITE Pro is a 3-position sight light that can be inserted into the bow sight to provide pin illumination.  It takes a CR927 3V battery that is included with the TRU-LITE Pro when purchasing the Hyper-Strike bow sight.

What is TRUGLO Pro-Brite?

Pro-Brite is TRUGLO's technology to provide extra-long pins that will last longer and stay dependable even after thousands of shots and harsh hunts.  TRUGLO also claims their aiming points are the brightest and most visible than any others in the industry.

What is the Warranty on the Hyper Strike?

The warranty information will come as stated with your bow sight.  If no warranty information is sent, you're directed to check with the retailer you purchased the bow sight from.  You can also assume that it is guaranteed to be free from defects in parts and craftsmanship for up to 90 days from purchase date.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Maxamount bracket for more mounting options
  • TRU-LITE Pro is included for illuminated pins
  • Glow-in-the-dark shooters ring to aid low-light shooting
  • DDP system for greater accuracy with more sight picture clearance for long range shooting
  • 2nd/3rd adjustable axis

Our Verdict on the TRUGLO Hyper Strike Bow Sight

Narrowing things down, the TRUGLO Hyper-Strike bow sight is a simple and easy-to-use sight that's made with the latest features.  It's priced affordably so you can spend more time in the hunt or buying arrows for target shooting.

You'll need the practice since the DDP system allows you to challenge your skills out to those long-range yardages.

5 Pin hyperstrike bow sight in camo
Image Credit - Truglo

However, the Hyper-Strike isn't the only new sight to the market from the brand.  The Range Rover Pro is far from conventional with its dot sight technology.

If you're wondering what it's like to make the move to a pinless bow sight, TRUGLO will satisfy that curiosity - read about it here.

Since we're on topic about the latest tech advances in bow sights, you might want to swing by the IQ Sights IQ Define.  It's a range finder and 5-pin bow sight in one and well worth a look.

With .019" pins, 2/3rd adjustable axis, and an integrated sight light for greater pin visibility, there shouldn't be anything you can't hit.

The Hyper-Strike adds versatility, functionality, and long range into one bow sight without cluttering up the sight picture or adding unnecessary complication.  Even though it has advanced features, it's not far off the comfortable block of familiarity.

If you like accuracy and flexibility made easy, you'll love the Hyper-Strike.

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