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Truglo Carbon Hybrid Review - Micro 5 Pin Bow Sight

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Camo colored Truglo Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight
Image Credit - Truglo

Product Model: Carbon Hybrid Micro
Type: Sight pin
Dexterity: Left/Right
Number of Pins: 5-pin
Pin Size: .019
Construction: Carbon Composite & Aluminum

Best Uses: Target shooting, 3-D Archery, Hunting

TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Micro Bow Sight

To find micro adjust knobs and other great features in a bow sight under $100 is difficult.  But, there seems to be some confusion between the Standard and Micro Adjust models.  Let's clear up the air and get you on the right track today.

Truglo Carbon Micro Bow Sight
Image Credit - Truglo

There are two models within the Carbon Hybrid Series.  The Standard model lacks tool-less micro adjustments.  It's simple in design and features, but it still has all the other great features the Micro has.

However, the Micro is the feature product of this review.  It's priced well below what it should be selling for online, and as mentioned, it has tool-less micro adjustments.  Once you've had this feature, it's hard to go back to using Allen wrenches all the time.

Other than that, one of the key features of the Hybrid is its carbon and aluminum build.  This is a construction combination that TRUGLO has used on some of their best bow sights to date.  It makes for an incredibly tough sight that's extremely light weight.  It only weighs 6 oz!

A blue LED push button light is included with the Micro to light up the Pro-Brite .019" pins for when you need extra visibility come low light.  But, don't fret if you find you don't need it - it's removable.

The bracket is extra-long to increase your sight radius and your vertical adjustment range.  Its design also makes for a super quiet experience since it transfers less vibrations, and true to the TRUGLO brand, it can be flipped to be used by left-hand shooters.


  • Price
  • Tool-less micro adjustments
  • 2nd/3rd adjustable axes
  • Extra-long bracket
  • Reversible bracket


  • Push button light doesn't always work
  • Standard & Micro model confusion

TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Micro Q&A:

What are the Differences Between the Standard and Micro Hybrids?

The main difference is the Standard model lacks tool-less micro adjustments.  It's also the only model within the Carbon Hybrid Series that is available only in Black.  Despite these two differences, it's akin to the Micro model in every other way.

Does the Micro Push Button Light on the TRUGLO sight work?

There seems to be quite a few complaints that the LED push button light doesn't work from box-opening or it won't stay on.  However, there are a few things you can check before giving up on the light.

Step 1: Ensure there is no barrier preventing electrical flow from the batteries to the LED light when you first open your package.  If so, remove this barrier and ensure batteries are installed per instructions.

Step 2: Batteries may be dead.  Sometimes when no battery barrier is placed within the LED light tube, batteries can run dead before it reaches the buyer.  Replace included batteries with new ones ensuring positive sides are faced down.

Step 3: Ensure you haven't over-tightened the battery compartment.  Ensure it is also securely tightened.

What batteries does the Carbon Hybrid take?

Three SR60 watch batteries are included with the bow sight.  Equivalent battery replacements include 364 and SR621.

What are the Finish Options with the TRUGLO Hybrid?

The Micro adjustable model can be ordered in Black, Lost Camo, and RealTree Xtra.

How can you Use a TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight for Left-hand Shooters?

You'll need to remove the tool-less knob that sits on top of the sight bracket.  Then flip the sight upside down and remove the visible screw and spacer with an Allen wrench.  Next, insert the screw and spacer into the position where the tool-less knob was removed.

Now, reinsert the tool-less knob where you had removed the screw.

Next, you need to use a small Allen wrench reverse the bubble level.  Unscrew it from the housing and pop out the small nut.  Place and secure it into the top position of the housing.  Your sight is now ready to be mounted to your bow in the left-hand position.

Does Truglo's Carbon Hybrid Glow in the dark?

The shooter's ring does glow in the dark for extra sight visibility in low-light conditions.

Do the Micro Adjustments move Individual pins?

The micro adjustments move the sight housing.  You'll still need to use an Allen wrench to adjust individual pins.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Hybrid construction for ultimate strength-to-weight ratio
  • Tru-Touch coating for extra stealth in the field
  • Multiple finishes available
  • For use by both right and left-hand shooters
  • Micro model has tool-less micro adjustments

Our Verdict on the TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Micro

Narrowing things down, the TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Micro is a great sight that's been rated by the masses.  Buyers have said the pins are more than suitably bright even without the push button light.

Being able to have tool-less micro adjustments is a feature that's highly sought after and is now more affordable than ever.

Camo colored Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight
Image Credit - Truglo

But, if you're willing to spend twice the price, you could try something new.  The TRUGLO Range Rover Pro bow sight takes things to a whole new level by going pinless.  It's a dot sight with an illuminated green dot as the aiming point.

Yep - it's encased in glass, has 11 brightness settings, and it comes with a Zero-In Adjustment Dial. We think it is well worth taking a look at the Range Rover Pro.

However, if you'd like to consider a competitive alternative, the Trophy Ridge 5-pin Fix Series Sight is about as close to the Carbon Hybrid Micro as you'll get.  It features tool-less micro adjustments, ultra-bright .019 fiber optic pins, and a rheostat light.

What about price?  It's comparable. Check out the Trophy Ridge Fix Series here.

But if you are fixed on a 5-pin and want to check out all of the best options before you make your decision, check out our line-up of the best 5-pin sights here.

TRUGLO knows how to jam-pack quality features into a low-priced optic.  The Micro isn't just a great sight for the money, it's just a great sight.

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