Best Single Pin Bow Sight for Precise & Efficient Bow Shooting In 2024

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Best Single Pin Bow Sight With a Moveable Pin

Are you single pin?  If not, why aren't you single pin yet?

We get how that sounds, but what we're really interested in is getting you onto the single pin band wagon.

They're not the slow, clumsy, and chunky sights of yore.  Nowadays, they're lightweight, highly-accurate, and super-efficient for any bow shooting application where you need precision.

It's singles night up in here with our list of the top movable bow sights.  Let's speed date through the options so you can strut away with your winning match of the best single pin bow sight.

Best Single Pin Bow Sights Comparison

tt-table__imageCBE Tactic Hybrid
  • Pin Size: 0.019
  • Construction: Plastic
  • Dexterity: Left/Right
tt-table__imageApex Gear Covert 1-Pin
  • Pin Size: 0.019, 0.010
  • Construction: Aluminium
  • Dexterity: Left/Right
tt-table__imageSpot Hogg Fast Eddie XL
  • Pin Size: 0.019
  • Construction: Aluminium
  • Dexterity: Right
tt-table__imageTrophy Ridge Pursuit
  • Pin Size: 0.019
  • Construction: Aluminium
  • Dexterity: Left/Right
tt-table__imageAR 19 GWS Pro Hunter
  • Pin Size: 0.019
  • Construction: Aluminium
  • Dexterity: Right
tt-table__imageBlack Gold Ascent Verdict
  • Pin Size: 0.019
  • Construction: Aluminium
  • Dexterity: Right

Why Trust Us?

After hundreds of hours of hand-testing bow sights in the field and at the range, and thousands more hours researching and writing about them, we feel we earn the title of experts when it comes to optics!

We purchase as many of the optics for our tests as possible, and run them through their paces to make sure they will perform at the range and in the field.

Our combined decades of experience from precise & efficient bow shooting, to big game hunting and competitions has been integral in putting together this round-up of the best single pin bow sight.

Get the inside scoop on how we test optics here.

Single pin bow sights, movable bow sights - same thing.  They've been excellent scopes for various bow shooting applications, and they're quickly gaining quite the rep in the hunting field.

The ability to dial in to an exact distance, stretch the tape for extreme long shot practice, and to have an uncluttered field of view are the primary benefits of a movable pin.  We even think they're a good option for beginners since there's no need for gap shooting.

It's not uncommon to find long-time multi-pin shooters come over to the single pin side and vow they will never go back.  The tighter groupings and precision that comes with matching the distance on your rangefinder with your sight tape is worth the extra step to dial it in.

Newer models feature interchangeable pin technology, an interchangeable sight tape wheel, and a 2-in-1 pin feature.  Sounds mysterious?  Let's remove scepticism and turn it into devotion with our list of the best 1-pin sights in the market!

Our 6 Top Single Pin Bow Sights in 2024

1. CBE Tactic Hybrid 1-Pin – Best for Target Shooting

Tactic Hybrid, 1 Pin, 0.019" Fibers
  • Ability to set a floating pin with a rapid stop
  • Smart mount multi-positioning mounting holes
  • Elevation gang adjustment with visual laser engraved markings

The Tactic Hybrid is a refreshingly new bow sight to the market. Just as it’s advertised to be, it’s an affordable option for bow shooters who want more for less in a single-pin sight.


  • .019” pin
  • RapidStop
  • Smart Mount
  • HybridDrive elevation
  • Rheostat light


  • No 3rd axis adjustment

Mountain hunting at crazy angles beyond 40 yards will require the precision that can be achieved with third-axis adjustment. For most that are sitting in a treestand and shots are inside 35 yards, no big deal as the Tactic Hybrid does not have an adjustable third-axis.

Although it lacks this feature, it has plenty more to make up for it. One of its exciting, new features is the RapidStop. Similar to the Zero Stop on a rifle scope, the RapidStop allows you to dial back down to a set distance (likely 20 yards) with a hard stop. A major benefit here is that you never have to leave your sight picture for a fast dial down.

To adjust the elevation of the housing, the Tactic Hybrid has HybridDrive elevation made easy with an ergonomic knob. Unlock the elevation lock lever to adjust the hybrid drive knob then lock it down again. The Smart Mount allows for multiple mounting positions to find the one best suited to your preferences and alignment on your bow.

Other things you should know is that the Tactic Hybrid sight is not threaded to accept a lens, the mount can be switched for lefties, and while it has metal parts, the housing is some form of plastic. For target shooting and hunting, the CBE bow sight has good value with performance for long-range use when you’re on a budget.

2. Apex Gear Covert 1-Pin - Best Adjustable Single Pin Bow Sight

Apex Gear Covert 1-Pin Sight .019" / .010" Black
  • Aperture housing also includes vertical and horizontal tilt adjustments
  • Micro adjustable windage and elevation

Wouldn't it be convenient to change out pin sizes as your situation calls for it?   Long range practice sessions will demand a pin that's small, and what pin is more appropriate than a .010"?  But, when you're in the hunt and taking shots less than 40 yards, the new standard size of .019" will more than get the job done.

The Covert Single Pin bow sight offers the flexibility of having both size pins in your arsenal, and no, it's not a 2-pin sight.  This unique sight has Versa Pin technology where you can easily and conveniently switch out a .019" and .010" pin as you need.  Guess what?  You can even change the pin color when you switch out the pin.

The Covert 1-Pin sight won't break the bank, so make sure you look over other necessary features you might need to consider before buying out the store!

3. Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL - Best for Hunting


It's not uncommon for us to bend the rules here and there when we come across an exceptional optic that warrants front page recognition.  We've done it again with the Fast Eddie XL because it's spreading its infectious tendrils of bow shooter satisfaction at the speed of light since its release date.

So, how have we bent the rules?  The Fast Eddie XL can be considered a 2-pin bow sight.  Technically, it has a single pin design, but it features a second built-in pin for an additional point of reference.  This can be extremely useful for single pin hunters that often hold over for shots past their set distance.

Besides the double pin design, there are more quality features that only Spot Hogg can deliver with perfect execution that we brag about in the full review.  Check it out now!

4. Trophy Ridge Pursuit - Best for the Money

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Single Pin Archery Bow Sight, Left Hand, 0.019 Pin
  • ENHANCED VISIBILITY: High-performance vertical pin allows for sight's ultra-precise adjustments
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: Delrin bushings create smooth, quiet movement with no metal-to-metal contact

The Pursuit is an excellent, entry-level bow sight for both beginners and intermediates on a budget. With a clear sight, dependable build quality, and no-noise, no metal-to-metal contact, it’s a bow sight well-suited for both hunting and range work.


  • Aluminum construction
  • 2nd and 3rd axis
  • Left and right-hand models
  • Rheostat light
  • Multi-use sight


  • No included tape system

This Trophy Ridge bow sight comes in under $100 and is a great single-pin sight for the archer on a budget. It has exactly what you need with additional features that make it a must-have. You don’t have to worry about build quality as it’s made with aluminum – lightweight and durable.

It comes in both left and right-hand models, so both types of archers can get the sight best-suited for their individual needs. It also has a rheostat light, so you can light up your sights when the sun goes down. If regulations prevent you from using light for hunting, you’ll be pleased to know it has a screw-in assembly, so quick removal is a breeze to get legal.

If you’re bow hunting, you know how important it is to reduce noise as much as possible. The Pursuit is constructed with Delrin bushings that provide noise-free, smooth movement. With 3rd axis adjustments, you can cater to angled shots from a tree stand.

However, there are no micro-adjustments, or a yardage tape system included with the Pursuit. While you can make your own marks with a sharpie, you can always buy a tape system from another manufacturer. Be sure to consider this in the final cost.

5. AR 19 GWS Pro Hunter - Best Budget Single Pin Bow Sight

AR 19 Series GWS Pro Hunter Bow Sight w/.019" Pin
  • GWS AR 19 Series Sight Bow Sight w/1 .019 Pin Sights
  • 1/ .019" Pin Sights

It’s a no-fuss and easy-to-use single-pin bow sight for an incredibly low price. Made for hunters, made for ease, and made in the USA. What more can you ask for?


  • Price
  • .019” pin
  • 40” fiber optic
  • Micro windage adjustments
  • Aluminum construction


  • No included sight light

The AR 19 Series GWS Pro Hunter bow sight is made in the USA and offered with incredible value for the money. But, beyond its affordability, is it reliable?

To answer that question, it’s made with aluminum construction which is a bonus at this price point. Ditch the plastic and stick with lightweight and durable metal. Teflon-filled bushings have been used to provide smooth and durable adjustments, and you’ll appreciate it since you can make tool-less micro windage adjustments.

With 40” of tough fiber optic, you’ll have plenty of juice to power that .019” pin for low light conditions. But, for extra light when you need it, it doesn’t come with a rheostat light. Not a big deal since many states don’t allow them for use with hunting, but you can mount one if you use it for other purposes.

While it doesn’t come with preset yardage tapes, it does come with blank ones to set your own markers. While it does have multiple mounting points, if you find you can’t adjust it high enough for your needs, Shim Plates by HHA are said to be compatible.

With a no-fuss, no-nonsense build, quality where you need it most, and an extremely low price, the AR Series GWS bow sight is worth trying out. Heck buy two!

6. Black Gold Ascent Verdict – Best Long Range Single Pin Bow Sight

No products found.

The Black Gold Ascent Verdict will take your practice game to the next level in extreme long-range shooting. Those 60-70-yard draws can now be instinctive and natural. With the Dial of Death as a feature, step outside your comfort zone and nock for the long shot.

  • Dial of Death
  • 45-degree faceplate
  • Level head sight ring
  • Zero-out
  • PhotoChromatic shell
  • Price

The Dial-of-Death wheel is big and made to be easily gripped even with gloves on or in wet conditions. For fast, effective, and long-distance dialing, the Dial-of-Death can do it while all the while coming to a hard zero-out stop for a predetermined distance without even looking at it. The DOD is the one feature that will get you far out of your comfort zone so that 60 yards is a cakewalk.

The 45-degree faceplate is readable at any angle and is one of those convenient features you don’t know you want. See it, dial in, and let ‘er fly. The level head sight ring is preinstalled but can be customized to be fitted to the top of the ring and stay unobtrusively out of the way. It’s supposed to be easy and secure for adjustments.

The PhotoChromatic shell shows plenty of fiber optic length to power the .019” pin. In daylight conditions, the shell turns purple to keep the pins appropriately dull but then turns clear in low light to power enough illumination for last legal light hunting.

More expensive than many high-end alternatives, you must evaluate your need for it. If it helps, Black Gold has it covered for repair/replacement at no charge to you for any reason. Now that’s a warranty you can get behind. The Ascent Verdict is a high-end bow sight for those who demand Made in USA sights with the best quality.

What to Look for in a Good Single Pin Bow Sight

It takes more than just looking for a clear sight picture and any old single pin to find the right movable sight for you.  Just like multi-pin bow sights, quality, price range, and multiple other factors will come into play.

Make the right decision the first time round by knowing what features you want and how much you want to spend.

  • Budget: It's all too easy to over-spend on a decked-out bow sight.  Keep in mind, practice and experience can help to maximize a sight's full potential, but you can't push a sight past its limitations.  For recreational use, spending as little as possible may get the job done.  For hunting, spend as much as you can.  For competition, set a high price range because it will cost you.
  • Pin size: It's your only pin.  Make sure pin size is appropriate for your application and you can adjust brightness levels to suit your conditions.  Short range shooting: .029", close to mid-range shooting: .019", and long-range shooting: .010".
  • Adjustments: Tool-free, locking, and micro adjustments may cost more. 2nd adjustable axis is becoming a standard feature while 3rd adjustable axis may cost more.  Long range and steep angle shooting applications demand the best adjustment features.
  • Durability: Pin quality used to be a concern, but these days, most manufacturers are installing fully enclosed high-quality pins. Look for metal housing, brackets, and components over plastic.  Water-resistance and quality screws are additional factors to consider.
  • Legality: Make sure your bow sight is legal for use in your state.  You may need to reconsider bow sight features such as built-in lasers, lights, and electronics.

Why Aren't You Single Pin Yet?

It's true, we may be somewhat partial to single pin bow sights.  There are few moments more satisfying than seeing your groupings get tighter and at longer distances too.

If you haven't given a single pin sight a go, now's your chance to dial in and swipe right.  Why aren't you single yet?  Your perfect movable pin is waiting to be matched with you!

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