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Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Bow Sight Review (2-Pin & Tool-Less Adjustments)

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Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Bow Sight
Image Credit - Spot Hogg

Product Model: Fast Eddie XL
Type: Sight pin
Dexterity: Right
Number of Pins: 2-pin
Pin Size: .019
Construction: Aluminum

Best Uses: Target shooting, 3-D Archery, Hunting

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Bow Sight

The Fast Eddie Series is not your cut and dry line of sights.  While there may be two product lines for the Fast Eddie Series, each line then has five pin options to choose between.

So, how in the world do you decide which one is for you?

You find the middle ground.  You might not be a multi-pin shooter, but then you may be feeling adventurous and want to throw in another pin without changing things up too much.  This particular Fast Eddie XL model has the single pin bow sight design with two fiber optic pins built in.

Fast Eddie XL Bow Sight Side On
Image Credit - Spot Hogg

The yardage dial wheel has been redesigned also.  It has larger grips, and it sits with more forgiving relief from the pointer to the sight tape.  Of course, an easy to use yardage wheel lock keeps it in place, but when loosened, it allows for smooth adjustments without any noise.

Because this model has the double pin system, it has a double pin pointer.  The top pointer aligns with the top pin in the sight housing, and the second pointer aligns with the bottom pin.

The double pin design has both green and yellow aiming points.  New for 2018, it also has a Rack Stop that allows you to return to your zero without looking and without noise.

The XL is also available with MRT (Multi-Ring Technology) so you'll always have the best centered sight when peeking through your peep.

But the key feature that sets the XL apart from the original Fast Eddie is the 6" dovetail bar and bow mount.  The bar was redesigned to improve strength-to-weight ratio, and the mount allows for easily detaching the bow sight if you take it off a lot.

For an already popular bow sight to see some upgraded features, you can bet the XL is a successful product.  It has loads of potential, and buyers are well pleased with their buy.  The thing they like the best is the quality of the build.


  • Double pin
  • MRT tech
  • Dovetail mount
  • Tool less adjustments
  • 2nd/3rd axis adjustable


  • Price

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Q&A

What is a Dovetail Mount for?

The dovetail mount is mounted directly to your riser instead of the conventional standard bar being mounted to the riser.  The 6" dovetail bar then slides into the mount and is screwed in place.

This allows for fast and easy removal of the sight by unscrewing the knob on top of the dovetail mount that will stay attached to the riser for when you want to reinsert the sight.

What is MRT Technology?

Looking through a peep during various times of the day or in different places while shooting will produce a different sight picture through the peep.  Sometimes, there's more "space" around the sight housing, and other times it seems even smaller.

To avoid these issues, the Fast Eddie XL comes with a multi-colored shooter's ring that can be removed or replaced.  With its multi layers, you'll be aligned with the bright, inner ring during bright conditions, and during low light, you'll be aligned with the bright, outer ring.

No more empty spaces or fuzzy sight picture.

YouTube video

What is the Double Pin on the Spot Hogg?

Spot Hogg caught onto Double Pin technology a few years ago, and they've fully embraced it.  The scope has a single pin design, but it has another built-in fiber optic pin not quite half-way down the post.

Is the Second Pin on the Fast Eddie XL adjustable?

No.  The first pin is the only adjustable pin.  However, the distance of the second pin will change as you make distance adjustments for your first pin.  Depending on your setup, this number could vary from shooter to shooter.

But, for an example, you could set your pin for 20 yards and then know according to when you sighted in and your sight tape that your second pin is set at 35 yards.  You can then make adjustments as needed or gap the shot.

What model year is this Fast Eddie Bow Sight?

This is the upgraded 2018 Fast Eddie XL bow sight.  New features include the Rack Stop, MRT technology, and 6" dovetail bar and bow mount.

Noteworthy Features:

  • MRT rings to clearly see through the peep any time of day
  • Double pin system for the advantages of two pins in one
  • Dovetail bar and mount for quick release removal
  • Rack Stop feature to confidently return to your zero
  • Tool less course adjustments

Our Verdict on the Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL

Narrowing things down, the Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL has a lot of new features that could really excite both the hunter and 3D shooter.  MRT technology should be an appreciated feature on this bow sight along with the double pin-in-one system.

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Bow Sight
Image Credit - Spot Hogg

It has some great potential, and when coupled with reliable and durable build quality, it's a sight worth buying and keeping.

Another Spot Hogg bow sight that's caught our eye is the Grinder.  It's the lightest and shortest Spot Hogg sight to date.  It's a no-fuss and simple scope that's easy to use in the hunt, because it was made for the hunt.

No frills, no nonsense, just straight-up quality.  Guess what?  It has the MRT tech too!

Since this is a unique bow sight, it's only fair we throw in a unique competitor.  While Spot Hogg is tough to beat when it comes to durability and build construction, IQ Bowsights is known for their Retina Lock Technology.

The Pro Hunter sight has this tech, but it's also a 3-pin scope that includes a floater pin.  Not sure what a floater pin is?  Check out the Pro Hunter to see how adjustable and fixed pins work together!

Spot Hogg is a favorite bow sight brand and considered a top manufacturer for many bow shooters, in fact, it made our list of the best sights for archery.  It's not hard to see why when their scopes are considered bullet-proof and the best in the industry.  There are many who are willing to pay a little bit extra to own a Hogg.  Are you?

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