Night Optics D-760 Gen 3 6x Night Vision Rifle Scope (Long Range Detection & Quick Release Mount)

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Night Optics D 760 Gen 3 Night Vision Rifle ScopeGeneration: Gen 3
Magnification:  6x
Objective Diameter: 165 mm
Resolution:  64-72 lp/mm
Field of View: 420 ft/1000 yards
Eye Relief:  Unknown
Water-resistant: Yes
Length/Weight: 13 x 3.6 x 4 in/46 oz
Illuminated Reticle:  Yes/Red, Amber
Power Supply:  2x AA
Battery Life:  60 hours
IR Illuminator:  No/Optional

Best Uses:  NV Hunting, Total Darkness Hunting, Target Shooting, Tactical Use, Competitive Shooting, Long-range Surveillance, Security

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

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Night Optics Gladius D-760 6X Review

Night Optics D-760 Gen 3 NV ScopeIf you’re a “big is better” type of hunter, then you may as well go big with the Gladius 760.  It’s big in price, but the high costs are justified.  After all, it’s a Gen 3 NV rifle scope!

However, going big doesn’t just mean it’s going to cost you more than a pretty penny (because it will) – it means this optic is made to handle big boy calibers including .50 BMG calibers.  Will it hold a zero?  You bet!  So, yes you can mount it to your AR, 308, or whatever your favorite hunting rifle is.

What makes Gen 3 so good?  If you must ask this question, you haven’t yet had the pleasure to look through one.  We don’t blame you since Gen 3 tech probably costs more than your first car.  To give you newbies an idea, resolution is as on-point as it can be for NV technology.  It has best-in-class 64-72 lp/mm resolution, a high signal to noise ratio, and a thin ion barrier film.

Its recognition and detection range are unbelievable for a NV scope without the use of an IR illuminator.  It’s fast and easy to remove with the quick-detach, throw-lever mount.  It features a dual color mil-dot reticle of red-on-green or amber-on green.

With a manual gain knob, automatic brightness control, and bright source protection, your Gladius will be able to handle any lighting condition you come across during the night.  It has a gated system, so you have that extra assurance of tube protection and consistent uploading of image quality.

It’s going to be extra tough to find a lot of buzz about this scope since it’s such a pricey investment.  You’re dealing with Gen 3 tubes with high-quality features that affordable Gen 1 tech can’t even imagine coming close to.  However, this isn’t as expensive as “Gen 4” with filmless tubes, pinnacle technology, and WPT (White Phosphor Technology) quality to add to the mix.

 In that sense, the Night Optics D-760 is your luxury buy with some cost savings thrown in there too!

  • Gen 3
  • Autogated
  • Manual gain
  • Quick release mount
  • Long range detection/recognition

  • Price


Night Optics Gladius D-760 6X Gen 3 Q&A:

Is the Gladius D760 rifle scope Heavy?

For such a “big” scope with a 165 mm aperture, 6x magnification, and all the bells and whistles this optic sports, it’s surprisingly not as heavy as you would think.  Weighing in at only 46 oz (2.8 lbs), it’s quite lightweight.  Made with space-age materials to shed the pounds, it won’t be over-burdensome to wield on your favorite rifle.


Being so lightweight, will the Gladius D760 hold its zero?

While its aerospace-grade aluminum housing allows for a lightweight frame, it’s been durably built with a rugged, military design that allows it to withstand the rigors and abuse of both hunting and combat in the battlefield.  With that in mind, the construction is guaranteed to improve recoil resistance allowing the Gladius to hold its zero making it a reliable NV optic.

With use of the quick release mount, the scope will return to its zero on medium caliber rifles when remounted.


Is the Night Optics D 760 Rated up to .308 or .50 calibers?

With 6x magnification, this scope is outfitted for heavier out-loads for high-caliber handling including 50 BMG, .375 H&H, and .416 Rigby.  The D-740 4x scope is rated up to a .308.


Night Vision Long Range VS Daytime Long Range?

Nighttime NV long range is much different to daytime long-range distances.  At night, standard distances are considered anywhere between 50-150 yards.  Mid distances can be considered between 150-300 yards.  However, 400 yards and beyond is definitely long range.  Taking shots at that distance in the dark and getting dead-on is a feat to be acknowledged.


What is Gated Technology?

Autogated or gated technology is found on upper Gen 3 NV gear.  It protects the tube from over-exposure of bright light.  The device rapidly turns on and shuts off to deal with the exposure of artificial light from sources like street lights, vehicle headlights, etc.  This also in turn improves image quality and clarity as you are less likely to experience blooming and flashing.


What is the Detection Range of the D760 Gladius?

The detection range of the NV rifle scope is 1558 feet or 520 yards (475 meters).  At these distances, your scope will be able to positively detect objects from the background such as people, animals, trees, buildings, etc.

The recognition range of the scope is 1312 feet or 437 yards (400 meters).  At these distances, you should be able to positively recognize species of the animal, gender of the person, etc.

It should be noted that a variable in achieving these distances is how much light is available.  More ambient light or the use of an IR illuminator can reach and even extend past these manufacturer-given distances.


What comes with the Night Optics D760 Gladius Night Vision Scope?

For such a bucket-load of money to spend on a scope, what can you expect to get back?  Well, you’re getting a very advanced NV scope for one, a hard case, manual, and lens cleaning cloth.  You’ll also receive the quick release mount, 2x AA batteries, rubber eyecup, lens cap, and IR mount.


Noteworthy Features:

  • Gen 3 tube with gated power supply and manual gain
  • 6x magnification with over 400 yards of detection and recognition ranges
  • Rated for heavy, high-caliber loads – guaranteed zero retention
  • User-configured dual reticle color options – red/amber
  • Maximum light-transmittance with 165 mm objective lens


Our Verdict on the Night Optics D-760 Gen 3 NV Scope

Night Optics D-760 Gen 3 NV ScopeTo light your trail through the dark, the Night Optics Gladius 760 6x Gen 3 scope is more than up to the job!  There’s no way you’ll be displeased with this high-performing scope that can mount to any of your favorite hunting rifles.  It’s literally going to be one of the best buys you’ll ever make, like buying a Porsche.

 But, if you want to go the whole way for the complete package with leather seats, power windows, and the convertible model, you might want to check out what “Gen 4” has to offer.

The Bering Optics D-790 6.0x Gen 3+ scope is everything that the latest advances in NV technology has to offer.  With WPT, your image display is easier to see and discern with the black and white picture quality.  Perfected unfilmed tech adds more robustness and durability to the tube will also offering improvements in ultimate light transmittance for a brighter, clearer picture.  You’re spending top dollar here, so think twice before you read on.

However, if the Gladius was out of your price range to begin with, it might be time to quit the daydream while you’re ahead.  Instead, Gen 2 tech might be able to tempt you their way.  They’re closer to Gen 3 tubes than they are Gen 1.  The Armasight Nemesis 6x Gen 2+SD has 6x magnification, a huge 160 mm objective lens, and its track record is proven with positive ratings from actual buyers and users.  You can’t go wrong when the Nemesis is on your side!

But, if you’ve got a taste for the good stuff in life and this is where your budget caps out, the Gladius is your right kind of buy.  Kind of eerie how fitting it fits your needs, right?  It must be sign – it was meant to be.

Bering Optics D-790UW 6x83 B&W Gen 3+ Elite Night Vision Sight, Black
Excellent range and detection performance; Superior for medium and long range shooting; Ergonomically designed controls


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