Halo Optics X Ray Z6X 600 Rangefinder (Wildgame Innovations)

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wildgame innovations Halo Optics X Ray Z6X 600 RangefinderYard Range: 5-600 yards
Magnification: 6X 23mm objective lens
Display Type: LCD/Black
Dimensions: 4.1″ x 3.0″ x 1.6″
Waterproof/Fog-proof: No/Water-resistant
Angle Compensation: Yes
Measuring System: Yards/Meters
Measuring Distance: Line of sight/Slope
Use: Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Target Shooting

Our Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Update - 2019.11.24The Halo X Ray Z6X has been discontinued and replaced with the Halo Z6X2-7. It is the same popular unit with a few minor upgrades and is still available for under $100! Check it out here.


Halo X Ray Z6X 600 Rangefinder Review

The Halo X Ray Z6X 600 has it all from 600 yard distance ranging, 6X magnification, and Scan Mode to AI Technology for angle compensation values and accuracy to -/+ 1 yard. Its full size dimensions encase a unit that’s water-resistant and is packed with features for a low budget price.

This Wildgame Innovations laser rangefinder is actually a pretty popular unit. It’s affordable, has great optics, and most of all, it has the AI technology which you can’t usually find for the price you’re getting this unit for. With a solid number of reviews online it consistently scores well.

The sporty design of the Halo X Ray certainly gives it an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but as we all know, it’s not just what’s on the outside that matters, it’s how it performs on the inside that counts too.

So how does it perform? Read our Q&A below to find out!

  • Price
  • AI technology
  • Auto shut-off
  • Silicone Armor
  • 1-yr warranty

  • Battery not included


Halo X Ray Z6X 600 Q&A:

Does the Halo X Ray make unnecessary noise when being handled while hunting?

The rangefinder is made with a very comfortable rubberized silicone grip that prevents any sort of noise during use. On this specific unit, the silicone armor covers most of the rangefinder, so when you go to release that arrow, it’s not going to disrupt your concentration or spook your target.


What shape is the reticle on the Halo X Ray rangefinder?

This Halo laser rangefinder sports a small, black square reticle for easy targeting and identification. A lot of people like the cross hair design, but the square allows for your eyes to quickly pick it up on screen.


How is the X Ray Z6X rangefinder powered?

The Wildgame Innovations Halo rangefinder is powered by a CR2 lithium ion battery. That’s pretty standard for nearly all modern rangefinders today. You can find that at all convenience stores and gas stations nowadays. The only downside is if you’re out in the boondocks and you need a back up battery, you’re less likely to find one in a rural gas station or corner store.

So, if you’re heading out to the woods for the day, keep some spares with you just in case.


Can the laser rangefinder calculate for angle compensation?

Yes! The Halo X Ray rangefinder does have the AI (Angle Intelligence) technology that makes it a great option to have on for angle compensation calculations for both archers and rifle hunters. It’s actually a great bonus to have since most rangefinders in this price range don’t typically include it.

The Halo rangefinder also has the option of allowing you to turn off the AI in the settings. Just in case you’re lucky enough to have your target in a perfect line in the flattest field you could dream of.


How is the AI technology displayed on the screen?

The nice thing about X Ray Z6X 600 laser range finder is that it has a very simple display. There’s really nothing to it. It displays the angle or the slope in degrees at the very top of the screen. If it’s an incline angle, it’ll display as a whole number. If it’s a decline angle, it’ll display with a minus (-) sign before the number.


What’s the minimum yards the unit will range?

It’s uncommon to find a rangefinding device that will range less than 11 yards. However, this Halo can range as close as five yards. Although you wouldn’t need a rangefinder for that distance, since it’s eyeball and shoot, it’s still a neat perk for that just-in-case moment a rabbit wants to conveniently hop right into the bulls-eye range.


Can the Halo rangefinder be mounted to a tripod?

This rangefinder has no threading or mounting hole to be mounted to a tripod. Although the Halo has a great maximum distance of 600 yards, it works excellently for quick handheld acquisition of your target where you wouldn’t need a tripod unless you wanted a steady image for long periods of time beyond 600 yards. Say for, extreme rifle hunting.

If that sounds like your type of game, then you might want to consider the Bushnell G-Force DX that is tripod mountable and can spot your target as far out as 1,300 yards. But then again, you are paying triple the price for it too… when it’s on sale that is.


How does the rangefinder stand up during low light conditions?

The 6X magnification optics are pretty decent for zooming in to get a close-up on your target. You’re getting more magnification for the same price that you would get for a 4X rangefinder. But if you’re wondering about the visibility of the display during those dusk or dawn hunts, then you might be a little disappointed.

The black reticle shows up well during the day because of the light collection. However, during low light hours, it’s going to be difficult to see on the display since there’s no self-illuminating light to differentiate the reticle from the shaded scene.


Is the rangefinder waterproof?

This rangefinder is what you would call ‘water resistant’. It doesn’t have waterproof or fog-proof capabilities, but it will hold up decent enough if you still want to go hunting on a less-than-sunny day. You might not want to risk submersion or the accidental “I left it outside” incidents if you still want a working rangefinder for your next hunt.


Noteworthy Features:

  • Clear and Sharp 6X Magnification
  • 600 Maximum yard range
  • AI (Angle Intelligence Technology)
  • Scan Mode
  • Accuracy to -/+ 1 yard
  • Water Resistant


Our Verdict On The Halo Z6X

The aim of it is, the Halo X Ray Z6X 600 rangefinder is an excellent buy for the money. Granted, they don’t include a battery with the purchase – boo! Who does that? But, we figure that this unit is so cheap to buy that the extra savings you keep, you can afford to buy your first CR2 lithium ion battery for it.

However, there’s even better news. Wildgame Innovations also has an even cheaper Halo rangefinder in the market, the Halo XL450-7. It’s entry level in price and entry level in handling. It even has the AI technology!

Another rangefinder that doesn’t come with a battery, but it does come with a low price tag, is the new Simmons Volt 600. With 600 yards of ranging performance and an included carry case, it’s more than a fair buy. However, we’d prefer an included battery versus the case – just sayin’.

In the end, whether or not you get a battery thrown in, it’s still fair value for a quality unit. Don’t be too cheap and avoid this steal of a buy when it’ll only cost you a few bucks to purchase a battery. There’s no room for cheapskates in the brush!

Update - 2019.11.24The Halo X Ray Z6X has been discontinued and replaced with the Halo Z6X2-7. It is the same popular unit with a few minor upgrades and is still available for under $100!
Halo Z6X2-7 Rangefinder
32 Reviews
Halo Z6X2-7 Rangefinder
  • Maximum of 600 yards to reflective target with 6x magnification. Scan mode allows for constant ranging. Accurate to +/- 1 yard
  • Ai (angle compensation) technology accounts for slope to the target



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