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IQ Define Range Finding Bow Sight Review

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IQ Define Bow Sight
Image Credit - Feradyne

Product Model: Define Range Finding Sight
Type: Sight pin
Dexterity: Right hand only
Number of Pins: 5-pin
Pin Size: .019
Construction: Aluminum

Best Uses: Target shooting, 3-D Archery, Hunting

IQ Sights IQ Define Range Finding Sight

A range finding bow sight is not new to the bow sight industry, but it is a new product for the brand.  IQ Sights have updated and completed their product catalog with the Define that's set for center stage greatness.  But, is the combined tech any good, or is this better left to two separate optics?

Both rifle and bow hunters use a universal gadget that's essential to the hunt: a laser range finder.  It's imperative we know the distance to the target to make a clean shot.  We've seen rangefinder tech in binoculars and even some pimped-out rifle scopes.  Now, we see it in bow sights.

IQ Range Finding Bow Sight
Image Credit - Feradyne

The IQ Define incorporates a blue OLED display that’s built into the sight window.  Advantage?  You can see right through the peep all the info you need: target, pins, and distance reading.

It also comes with a visible, red-dot laser.  What's the laser for?  It's to collimate the range finder with your pin.  The range finder must be aligned with where you're aiming your 20-yard pin to get an accurate reading on the target you intend to get a distance for.

But, don't worry too much once you're set up, the laser is easily removable.  A feature that isn't removable is the integrated sight light with 5 brightness settings with an "Off" function.

Additionally, the bow sight has 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments, micro adjust windage and elevation dials, tool-free locking knobs, and fully captured, removable .019" pins.

This bow sight is loaded to the max, and it's going to tack on some weight to your bow: 18.25 oz to be exact.  But, it doesn't seem to bother the happy users of the Define.

That's right.  Even though the Define is a brand-new optic, it's already created a buzz in the market for its price point, combined range finder tech, and ease of use.


  • Price
  • Aluminum
  • Angle compensation range finder
  • 2/3 adjustable axes
  • Integrated sight light


  • Heavy

IQ Define Range Finding Sight Q&A:

What does the Define Sight come with?

The purchase includes the Define range finding bow sight.  It also comes with a target paper to sight-in the range finder with the pin.  Instructions, trigger assembly, mounting hardware, Allen keys, and attachments needed to put the trigger on the riser are all included.

What is the cable with the button included with the IQ Bow Sight?

This is the trigger to activate a laser rangefinding reading.  There is a port on the sight that has a rubber opening.  Remove the cap and insert the cable into the port.

Define Range Finder Won't Turn on?

If you're not familiar with the way range finders are typically packaged, you might be puzzled to why the Define won't turn on.  You must open the battery compartment and remove the insulating cap that's inserted there during shipping.  Removing this will now allow power to run through the optic.

Is the Range Finder a "True" Range Finder?

It's not a complete laser rangefinder as it lacks prisms, lenses, an eyepiece, and all that jazz.  As you can see, it still has the necessary components to provide a horizontal distance.  The display is space restricted to work within the sight housing to be seen through the peep sight.

This saves costs which means a lower retail price for you.

Why put a Range Finder on a Bow Sight?

It just might save you time and less movement.  You can now come to a full draw, align your target with your pin, depress the trigger on the riser with your finger and get a distance.  Select the right pin to make the shot and voila.

What is the Ranging Distance on the IQ Define?

The laser range finding feature can get a distance up to 99 yards.  Is it accurate?  IQ Bow Sights says it's accurate to -/+ 1 yard.

What Battery does the IQ Define bow sight take?

It comes with an included CR-2 battery.

What are the Laser Range Finding Features?

The range finder can get distances up to 99 yards.  It also has a scan mode that can range for 2 minutes after which it will power down to standby to conserve battery.  It also has built-in angle compensation to calculate the right yardage when on an incline or decline.

What is Angle Compensation?

Angle compensation is a mode where the rangefinder calculates the horizontal distance to your target when on an incline or decline.  When an arrow takes off, its flight path and trajectory follows the horizontal distance and not the actual distance to the target.

The distances displayed on the OLED display will be horizontal distances.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Integrated angle compensation range finder for up to 99 yards
  • Integrated sight light with 5 intensity settings
  • 5 fully enclosed .019" fiber optic pins
  • 2nd and 3rd adjustable axes for ultimate pin-point accuracy
  • Micro elevation and windage adjustment dials with tool-free locking knobs

Our Verdict on the IQ Define Range Finding Sight

Narrowing things down, IQ Bow Sights changes the way we hunt once again.  They did it with the Retina Lock technology, and now they're doing it with the IQ Define Range Finding Sight.

Define Range Finding Bow Sight
Image Credit - Feradyne

If you can effectively eliminate the use of another essential optic by incorporating it into the bow sight itself, you save time, money, and increase your chances of staying hidden with less movement while in the brush - it's genius.

However, it's not the only range finding bow sight to hit the shelves in 2018.  Garmin is well-known among the GPS world not only for their map tracking and navigation, but for their range finding technology too - just ask a golfer.

This year, they've announced their intention to provide for the bow sight industry too with their Xero Bow Sight.  It's "pinless."  It gets a distance.  It's digital.  Sounds expensive, right?  It is. Read our Xero A1 review to see if you think it is worth it. Another rangefinder bow sight worth taking a look at is the Burris Oracle, it's pricey but worth it if it's in your budget.

But, these sights might just go beyond your needs and your budget - that's A-OK.  IQ released another new bow sight that is outfitted just for the hunter, the Pro Hunter.  It has something the Define lacks - Retina Lock tech.  Guess what?  The Pro Hunter is cheaper too. If this sounds more your speed, why not read the full Pro Hunter review here.

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