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ATN Thor 4 640 1-10x Smart Thermal Rifle Scope Review

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If simply having thermal technology in a rifle scope isn’t enough for you, perhaps your craving for more will be satiated with the Thor 4 640 1-10x rifle scope.

It’s a smart thermal imaging rifle scope with multiple features that will require some study-up before you actually put it to use in the field.

If you’re up for the challenge in owning one of the best thermal rifle scopes in the market, you should prepare yourself for the cost and learning curve ahead.

Quick Overview...

What We Like: 3 display modes

What We Don’t Like: Image quality issues

Best Uses: Night Shooting, Day Shooting, Tactical Use, Hunting, Scouting, Varmint Control

  • Thermal Resolution: 640x480
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Display Resolution: 1280x70 HD
  • Eye Relief: 90 mm
  • Color Modes: White/Black/Color
  • Battery: Li-Ion 16+ hrs
  • Dimensions: 13.1x x 3 x 3”/1.93 lbs

Our Verdict: The Thor 4 640 1-10x rifle scope is digitally packed to the max with multiple smart features that will provide more information to the tech savvy shooter. If you want a simple, no-fuss thermal – this isn’t for you. If you want the works – this is it.

Who is the ATN Thor 4 640 1-10x Best Suited to?

This smart thermal rifle scope is best suited to those who want more digital features from their scope. There are less complicated thermals around, but if you want an upgrade in every sense of the word, the Thor 4 640 is it. We liked it so much we put it on our list of the best thermal scopes for coyote hunting.

Along with that, it’s for those who have the budget to afford it as it’s not cheap technology. But, for hunters and law enforcement, it provides instantaneous information that is needed to make long range shots with more clarity and precision.

If you don't have the budget and have been thinking about a clip on thermal, you cant go past the new ATN TICO LT 320 35mm thermal clip on scope.

How Does the ATN Thor 4 640 1-10x Perform?

YouTube video

For a thermal scope, the Thor 4 640 has an extremely long detection range of 830 meters with a recognition range at 350 meters and an identification range of 225 meters. So, if long range is what you need, the Thor has the power to see out further and with better clarity for positive identification of a target.

The Thor 4 640 has all the digital features that you may want to see in a thermal scope plus some. Between One Shot Zero, dual video streaming and recording, Smart Mil Dot Reticle, RAV, Ballistic Calculator, and a Smart Rangefinder, this thermal scope is lacking nothing.

While some shooters experience issues with the digital features, firmware updates are recommended to get the latest version which usually fixes any bugs. But, since it’s still an electrical device, be sure that all the features are in working order before the return window ends as that’s the whole point of why you’re paying more – its smart features.

Features & Benefits

ATN Thor 4 640 1-10x thermal scope color modes
Image Credit - ATNCorp

3 Display Modes

The Thor 4 thermal scope not only offers Black Hot and White Hot display palettes but also a Color palette. With three color displays at your disposal, you can toggle between them for the best display as the conditions call for it.

White Hot is a commonly used palette for its realistic details and yet simplicity. Black Hot is often used by law enforcement and hunters for its simplicity especially in changing environments. A color palette shows heat distribution, minute changes in temperature, and can be extremely effective for use in low-contrast conditions.

One Shot Zero

This is one such technology that ATN is known for – One Shot Zero. Really though, it takes two shots with one to shoot and the second to confirm you have your zero.

The One Shot Zero feature makes for fast zeroing since you shoot for the bull’s-eye, make the correction with the digital controls by aligning your point of aim with the point of impact of the first shot. This is the “correction” method used in the One Shot Zero program. With the second shot, you should be right on bull’s-eye. Easy does it.

Smart Rangefinder

ATN Thor 4 640 1-10x thermal scope showing rangefinder feature
Image Credit - ATNCorp

When you’re hunting or shooting in low-light or night conditions, it’s difficult for a laser rangefinder to acquire a target that can’t be seen in the dark. Enter here, an integrated smart rangefinder feature that allows you to get a distance on a target as seen through the thermal display.

The rangefinder feature works by placing the rangefinder reticle on top and underneath the target to acquire a distance. You can also use this feature in tandem with the Ballistic Calculator to ensure you hit exactly where you intend for those long range shots.

Ultra-low Power Consumption

The Thor 4 runs faster, longer, and cooler, so you have a larger internal battery that provides 16+ operation in the field. It charges via a USB-C cable, and you can also take along a battery pack and charge in the field if necessary.

This type of battery consumption has come a long way from the days of 5 and 10 hours of operation. With 16+, you can hunt all day long, charge up after last legal light, and be ready for first legal light.

Dual Stream Video

With Bluetooth and WiFi compatibility, you can stream live video directly to a device. Not only can you stream, but you can also simultaneously record to the SD card to save your experiences.

Additionally, this model features the RAV (Recoil Activated Video) feature. When you’ve found the buck that will fill your tag, your first thought is far from remembering to activate the video for recording. This is where RAV comes in. During setup, set the time parameters that you want a video to initiate recording before you make a shot and how long after you make the shot.

For example, set RAV for 30 seconds prior to making a shot and 30 seconds after making the shot to create a 60 second video. RAV kicks in when it senses recoil, so your trophy takedown will never be missed because of forgetfulness thanks to RAV.


Thor 4 640 1-10x thermal rifle scope features
Image Credit - ATNCorp

Image Quality Issues

There has been some complaint that shooters can’t seem to get focus or make use of max magnification without picture quality becoming grainy. When using the zoom wheel, which does take multiple revolutions, you must also adjust the focus adjustment ring as necessary found at the objective lens end of the scope. As a reminder, you also have a diopter to achieve the best image sharpness for your vision. 

There is also complaint of “dead pixels” within the FOV. This can be corrected using the Pixel Correction Procedure to isolate the dead pixels and correct it to once again achieve pixel responsiveness to the changing environment.

It may also prove to be beneficial to perform a NUC procedure which cleans up the picture quality when image degradation occurs due to environmental factors. You have both automatic NUC and manual NUC, and it can be accessed through the menu settings.

Popular Questions

Does the ATN Thor 4 640 come with Mounting Rings?

The ATN Thor 640 1-10x thermal rifle scopes comes with two 30 mm and L-shape mounting rings in the buy. However, if it’s being mounted to a rifle where it must be removed consistently, a QD (Quick Detach) mount is a must-have accessory worth considering.

What is the Warranty on the ATN Thor 4 Thermal Scope?

ATN offers a 3-year warranty on the Thor 4 640 scope. However, ATN does not have the best reputation in timely customer service. It’s best to review and assess the condition of your scope within the return window provided by the seller.

How Much Recoil can the Thor 4 Thermal Scope Withstand?

The ATN Thor 4 is rated to withstand recoil from high-caliber weapons with its hardened aluminum alloy construction and impact resistant electronics. Many buyers have the Thor 4 640 mounted to a .308, 6.5 Creedmoor, AR-15, AR 6.5 Grendel, AR 300 Blackout, and more.

Is the ATN Thor 4 Smart Thermal Rifle Scope Compatible with BIX?

The Thor 4 rifle scope is compatible for pairing with ATN’s ABL, Laser Ballistics, BinoX, X-TRAC, and ATN RADAR devices.

Does the Thor 4 640 have the Smart Mil Dot Reticle?

The Thor 4 640 1-10x smart thermal scope does feature the Smart Mil Dot Reticle. It’s a programmable mil dot reticle that allows the user to set the distance parameters between hash marks depending on the load being used. It’s also compatible with ATN’s Ballistic Calculator that provides an illuminated teal dot as the new point of aim.


Thermal imaging is still expensive and even more so when you pack in smart features. These days, everything has “smart” in the name and it’s becoming increasingly difficult not to be tempted by the connectivity features a device offers. So, you may as well get on board and see how it can maximize your hunt.

The Thor 4 640 is up to the job with a long-lasting battery life, three thermal display palettes, multiple reticle patterns, and of course, a programmable mil-dot reticle as well. With so much under its belt, there’s no way you’ll be left in the dark or not dropping coyotes tonight.

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