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AGM Python TS50 640 Thermal Scope Review

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AGM – a new brand that has brought some competitive game to the night vision and thermal optics field.

The Python TS50-640 comes in as a flagship thermal weapon scope with a 50mm lens and 640x512 resolution sensor.

Comparing it to alternative scopes from competing brands, it’s within the mid-level price range for its high-end quality.

With quality thermal imaging and precision scope accuracy at its core, it’s not the most convenient thermal scope for digital recording or streaming, but more on that later.

As for right now, here are is the good and bad to help you determine where it falls in rank against the best of the best thermal scopes currently available.

Quick Overview...

What We Like: Thermal image quality

What We Don’t Like: No integrated video recorder

Best Uses: Night Shooting, Day Shooting, Tactical Use, Hunting, Scouting, Varmint Control, Surveillance

  • Thermal Resolution: 640x512
  • Pixels: 17 microns
  • Refresh Rate: 30 Hz
  • Eye Relief: 45 mm
  • Color Modes: 13
  • Battery: 2x CR123/4 hours
  • Dimensions: 9 x 2.8 x 3.2”/29.6 oz
AGM Python TS50-640 thermal scope
Image Credit - AGM Global Vision

Our Verdict: As a reasonably priced thermal with a high-end thermal core and multiple digital imaging and scope options, the AGM Python TS50 is a worthwhile buy. For high resolution thermal images, easy mounting, and intuitive use, the Python is a user-friendly scope that is hard to beat.

Who is the AGM Python TS50-640 Best Suited to?

If you’re in the market for long-range, high-resolution thermal performance, the AGM Python is made for you.

It’s a dedicated weapon scope, so it’s designed to be used alone on its own weapon. You can, however, zero it for up to three weapons. While many thermal scopes are coming out with new, innovational interface designs, the Python retains the button interface. This may be a traditional feature that you prefer over digital turrets or thumbstick systems.

If you want all the benefits of thermal and you’re not so much into video recording right off the bat, the AGM Python thermal weapon scope will fit your needs and the budget too.

How Does the AGM Python TS50-640 Perform?

The Python TS50-640 is a 50mm thermal scope from the 640 series indicating it has a 640x512 resolution sensor. If you’re going to compare the image quality to that of any other thermal, it may as well be with FLIR since it has a Tau 2 core.

With a long list of digital and computerized features, 13 color palettes, 4 reticle options, 3 profiles, a dual-lever quick detach mount, and integrated Picatinny rail, the Python lacks little.

It provides up to four hours of operation (approx.) but you can always use an extended battery pack that can be conveniently mounted to the built-in rail. As a true scope, you can sight it in, switch between reticles, and enjoy the wide FOV of 14.8x11.8-degrees.

Made to be fog and waterproof, operatable in extreme temperatures and climates, and rated to 700G in recoil resistance, the Python is one rugged and robust tank of a scope.

Features & Benefits

AGM Python TS50 640 thermal scope
Image Credit - AGM Global Vision

Thermal Image Quality

The Python TS50-640 is the mid-range scope within the AGM Python Thermal Scope 640 series due to its 50 mm lens – that’s right, it’s not the largest thermal AGM offers. It has a FLIR Tau 2 thermal core with 17-micron 640x512 resolution and a 30 Hz refresh rate. With 2x base magnification and digital zoom of 1x, 2x, 4x, and 8x, you’ll be able to see and magnify the scene at your discretion.

While it may be the middle sibling in the series, it’s a performer in every way. With 640x512 resolution, the image quality is excellent. The refresh rate and micron sensor could be top-end, but then you would be paying exceptionally more.

However, it does offer quite the number of user customizable settings to acquire a clean, low noise picture. You have ACE that is digital contrast correction, DDE that is digital sharpness correction, SSO for improving overall image and target acuity, and AGC which automatically adjusts the gain on a weak image.

The detection range of the scope is 1000 yards, and its recognition range is 650 yards. That’s impressive coverage for a thermal and can be the difference in making the right decisions for both tactical and hunting situations.


The Python doesn’t offer any fancy One Shot Zeroing process, so you will need to become accustomed to using the buttons to make the correction adjustments needed to get on zero.

Enter the Boresight Menu to sight in. The left/right buttons will adjust windage and the up/down buttons will adjust elevation. You can save one zero for up to three different weapons using Profile 1, Profile 2, and Profile 3 features.


AGM Python TS50-640 thermal scope mounted on rifle
Image Credit - AGM Global Vision

The Python comes fully assembled with a dual lever quick detach mount. Unlock the levers, slide it into the rail, and lock it down. Since this is a dedicated thermal sight that can be used on its own without a day scope, you can color code your rail for the right spot in case you ever dismount it for fast, repeatable mounting.

The mount also allows for two seating positions of the Python. If you want to mount the Python an extra 1.5” backwards, you can do that too.

The scope also features an integrated Picatinny/Weaver rail on the side for equipping an extra accessory. You may want to use a battery pack, video recorder, or WiFi attachment - all of which AGM offers as accessories and are compatible with the rail.

Focus & On-Screen Options

The display is intuitive to use because of its button interface that makes it easy to navigate. You will need to get used to their location and placement as it’s likely you will be using it in the dark and possibly with gloves on.

Through the display, you have multiple user settings to take advantage of, but highlight features include 13 color palette displays. They include White Hot, Black Hot, Rainbow, Sepia, Ironbow, and more. As expected, you can also mess with the brightness of the display to minimize night blindness and reduce off-optic glow.

You also have four reticles to choose from that are as follows: Dot, Line Dot, Crosshair Center Dot, and Crosshair. Change the reticle color too if you wish.

To focus the image for your vision, you have a diopter located by the eyepiece. To focus the image for targets at any given distance beyond 5 m, the focus ring is located up by the objective lens.


Python TS50-640 thermal scope
Image Credit - AGM Global Vision

No Integrated Video Recorder

Unfortunately, AGM did not include a video recorder into the Python thermal scope. However, a video cable is included with the package and can be connected to the scope’s S620 universal connector found on the side of the scope under a cap.

You will need to hook up your own equipment or purchase a video recorder. Conveniently, AGM’s HD video recorder can be mounted to the integrated rail on the side of the scope.

Popular Questions

Can the Python TS50 Thermal Scope be used as a Clip-On?

The Python TS50 is a dedicated thermal scope designed to be used as a standalone optic. If you’re interested in using a thermal with your existing mounted day scope, a clip-on would be the better buy and the Anaconda TC50-640 is the clip-on version of this scope with all the same features.

Can the AGM Python be Mounted to a Helmet?

The AGM Python thermal weapon scope is a rifle scope in design. Although it has 1x digital zoom, its optical base magnification is 2x, and its minimum focusing distance is 5 meters. It does not come with helmet assembly hardware for use with mounting to a helmet. In overall context, the Python would not make a suitable helmet-mounted thermal sight.

Is a Hard Case Included with the AGM TS50-640 Python Thermal?

A hard case is not included in the buy. Instead, a soft carry case is included as a standard accessory in the package. The Python also comes with two CR123 batteries, wireless remote control, lens tissue, and operator’s manual.

What is the Python Thermal Rifle Scope Made From?

The AGM Python thermal is made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. It’s lightweight and durable, and the objective lens are made from Germanium glass.

What is the Warranty on AGM Thermal Products?

AGM covers their night vision and thermal products with a 3-year warranty. They will repair or replace any products and branded accessories at their discretion.


The Python thermal scope is made in the USA. For a new brand that can offer thermal at this price point with this level of quality is something to take note of.

While thermal scopes are currently undergoing design overhauls, the Python has a rigid and solid appearance that provides the type of tactical tank look and quality build that is a major design feature that buyers like.

As a thermal that not only exudes an air of promised performance, it also delivers it.

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