Burris Scopes: Our Review Covers the Eliminator, Droptine & Fullfield Optics

Burris_LogoIf you’re on a working man’s budget when you’re in the market for a new rifle scope, then I’ve got some affordable options for you today. You won’t be limited to only a few options, you won’t have to compromise on features or quality, and you won’t be tricked into paying extra for warranties or the like.

You can seriously have it all for a low-cost price. From parallax adjustable scopes to ballistic reticles and reinforced spring tension systems, all equipped with fully multi-coated lenses, there’s no reason for you to look any further.

This review is about Burris Optics and what this American company contributes to the novice shooter and the fanatic hunter. If you’ve been hustling Google for economical or even cheap rifle scopes without giving up your expectations for quality, then you’ve probably also come across Redfield.

If you like what they had to offer, chances are, you’re going to love what Burris has in store for you. Word has it that the companies founder, Don Burris, used to work for Redfield. In fact, many of the innovative product designs of the now Leupold-owned company are thanks to Don.

Burris Rifle Scope Reviews

Burris Optics is known for their huge line of scopes for shooters of all ilk – elk too. If you’ve decided on a Burris rifle scope, you may have only fought half the battle in the decision-buying process. You might get lost in the sea of scopes they have shelved for you. So, let me help you narrow down some models that might just peak your interest.

These rifle scopes all have Hi-Lume fully multi-coated lens for the best clarity and light transmission possible. There is nothing less than the best when it comes to their glass.

They also use quad rings for water-tightness and fog-proof abilities that far exceed the standard O rings used today. I’ve also got a word or two to say about Burris’ double enforced spring tension system that will hold up to recoil like you’ve never seen before so get started with the reviews below.

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Be Pack Leader with a Burris Scope

Burris really hits it out of the ball park with all the various options of scopes, reticles, and mounting systems it has. For all the products they have to satisfy the demand of the amateur rookie to the seasoned veteran, the companies website is worth mentioning here.

It was one of the easiest and most organized optics websites I’ve come across. They have such a large inventory that they’re forced to categorize each rifle scope into types of hunting activities. This was a well-done move to show off what scopes were built to perform well in various hunting environments to narrow down which scopes you should buy.

Furthermore, each reticle also has a full listing of each rifle scope that has the availability of that reticle. With a user-friendly website, Burris sure leads the pack to the bait.

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