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Burris Signature HD Spotting Scope Review with Special Competition Reticle

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Burris Signature Spotting Scope 20-60X85
Image Credit - Burris

Viewing Configuration: Angled
Magnification: 20-60x
Power Variability: Variable
Adjustable Eyepieces: Yes
Eyepiece included: Yes
Objective Diameter: 85 mm
Close Focus Distance:
Length: 15.3 (L) in
Weight: 67.2 oz
Field of View: 117-60 ft
Eye Relief/Exit Pupil: 20-18 mm/4.25-1.4 mm
Optics Coatings: Fully multi-coated
Glass: BaK-4
Focus System: Center/Dual
Waterproof/Fog-proof: Yes
Digiscope adaptable: Yes

Best Uses: Hunting, For the Range, Bird Watching, Wildlife Observation, Astronomical Use

Burris Signature HD Spotting Scope Review

Burris has had a brand come-back with the release of new observational optics. Included is the new to 2017/18 Signature HD spotting scope. While it's the only spotter they have available at the moment, it can brag about features that other companies don't even offer. Are you interested? Of course you are!

Interchangeable Eyepiece for 20-60X85 Signature HD
Image Credit - Burris

There's nothing cheap about the spotter except for its price tag. While over $1000 isn't by any means "cheap", it's far more affordable than its competitors. As expected for the premium Signature HD line, the spotter is true to its name with HD image quality. This is in large part due to its APO lens and the index-matched lenses technology. Sound familiar? Leupold also uses an index-matched lenses technology on their optics too.

But, what else sets this spotter apart from the crowd? The Burris optic does come with an included 20-60x eyepiece, however, you can also have the option of separately purchasing a reticle eyepiece. The eyepiece comes with a fixed magnification of 30x power. You can choose between a SCR Mil or SCR MOA reticle.

Both reticles are set in the FFP for use at any magnification. If you like the idea of having a fixed 30x eyepiece without the reticle that option is available to you too (Item #626200). Burris did a fantastic job in executing every design idea on the Signature HD spotter. It's evident in its quality, high-performing features, and the low cost.

YouTube video

Being so new it's going to take some time for advertising to take effect before there's a consistent buzz on the optic. However, it was loyal Burris fans that demanded the return of Burris observation optics. With that said, we're excited to see the new spotting scope far exceed the expectations of the masses as it has ours!


  • Price
  • Reticle eyepiece available
  • 20-60x eyepiece included
  • High-quality optics
  • FastFire compatible


  • Can't buy direct from Burris

Burris Signature HD Spotting Scope Q&A:

Are there any legitimate cons/drawbacks to the spotter?

Protective Neoprene carry case on Burris spotting scope
Image Credit - Burris

While we usually like to limit drawbacks to defects on the scope itself and not about the seller, manufacturer, or user errors, there's really nothing to legitimately complain about on the new spotting scope.

As the market catches wind of the new spotter, there may be issues that individual users won't like, but that may be subjective.

Why can't you buy direct from Burris?

We don't know the reasons for this, although, we assume it's because of their wholesale business model. Being able to provide mass quantities to "a huge network of authorized resellers" often means a cheaper price for the consumer.

What does APO Mean?

Hunter looking through Burris Signature HD spotter
Image Credit - Burris

It's hard to discern when HD optics are legit or when it's used as a term to promote marketing hype. In this case, it's legit. The HD optics stems from the ED (extra-low dispersion) glass that is the actual elements within the glass itself.

Additionally, Burris goes a step further with the use of apochromatic triplet lenses. Both the glass assembly and type are used to reduce chromatic and spherical aberration by allowing lightwaves to fall onto the exact same point along the focal plane.

For more detail on this, check out our APO Lenses Guide.

What does Index-Matched Lenses Mean?

This is a technology that takes into consideration every glass lens within the optic. Each surface is then index-matched with the appropriate type of coating needed to maximize light transmission and reduce reflections and glare to provide optimal clarity and brightness. Coating quality, density, and number of times its layered is subjective to each manufacturer that uses this technology.

What does SCR stand for?

SCR stands for Special Competition Reticle.

What is the SCR Mil Reticle?

Burris SCR-MIL Reticle
Image Credit - Burris

This is the Special Competition Reticle with mil hash marks (Item #626201).

The center and extended part of the crosshairs are illuminated.

The hash marks are placed for extreme accuracy that's ideal for competition use.

With "1/2-mil holdover lines, 2/10-mil and 1-mil windage hold-off lines, and 1/10-mil ranging brackets on the crosshairs, at the top, left, and right extremes", you'll have everything you need to make that long shot.

What is the SCR MOA Reticle?

Burris SCR-MOA Reticle
Image Credit - Burris

This is the Special Competition Reticle with MOA hash marks (Item #626202).

It is available with illumination, but it comes non-illuminated for the spotting scope.

The hash marks are placed at:

"1-MOA holdover lines, 1/2-MOA and 1-MOA windage hold-off lines, and 1/4-MOA ranging brackets on the crosshairs, at the top, left, and right extremes."

What is the FastFire Attachment?

The Fastfire attachment is a reflex red dot sight. There are various models of the FastFire available. The spotter comes with two attachment points on either side of the body for mounting the red dot optic.

Signature HD with FastFire Attached
Image Credit - Burris

Noteworthy Features:

  • Excellent, high-end optics with true HD quality
  • Allows for both course and fine focusing with dual focus system
  • Die-cast magnesium housing with durable rubber armor; fully weatherproof
  • FastFire attachment compatible with two mounting points on scope
  • Includes neoprene case and cover protector

Our Verdict On The Burris Spotting Scope

The scoop on the scope is, the Burris Signature HD 20-60x85 spotter is an unbeatable buy. It's no budget-buy, but it's definitely not a budget-built spotting scope either. Everything about it is top-notch, and for the price, you really won't find another one better than this. Most spotters with the ability to change out eyepieces often run up over $2000. So, is the Burris a value buy? For under $2000, it definitely is!

Side View of Signature HD Spotter
Image Credit - Burris

For a fair comparison, the Meopta MeoPro 80 HD is an excellent scope. However, it doesn't feature the interchangeable eyepiece system that can allow you to have a reticle eyepiece like what the Burris one offers.

The Nightforce TS-80 20-60X HD spotting scope is another beauty within the same budget class. But, like the Meopta scope, it doesn't feature the interchangeable eyepiece system. However, it's a Nightforce and they're known to have indestructible optics with crystal clear clarity!

If Burris is trying to make a come-back, they've certainly done it! Their latest binoculars have also impressed the buying crowd as we're sure this spotting scope will too. Loyal fans are ecstatic to see Burris-made observational optics back in the market place. Why hide talent when there's so much to give? Welcome back Burris!

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