Maven Optics Reviews: We Tested Their Binoculars, Rifle Scopes & More!

Maven has certainly upset the status quo, and we are proud to say that we stand behind the change and the brand.

Maven bravely takes a proud stand amongst giants in the optics industry.  They’re not afraid to be different, and they're courageous in paving a new path to affordable optics that far outperform their price points.

Maven Optics Reviews

We're talking about a small, Western American company that's made up of avid outdoorsmen and hunters who want to provide better than average optics to other hunters like themselves, like us. 

Maven Optics - Bridging the Gap

While it's easy to fall into the indoctrination that European optics are the standard of quality, and we don't deny their excellent craftsmanship and performance, it's just straight-up unaffordable for the average Joe.

Maven Optics bridges the gap between low price points and high-grade optics to get rid of the elitist mentality that only those who spend the most can have the best gear that somehow translates into being a better hunter than the rest.

Maven hunting optics field testing

Just one way that Maven has done this is with their business model.  Completely unconventional in the optics industry, they've taken the road of direct-to-consumer business. 

This means you're not going to see Maven Optics on your local sports shop shelves - you buy directly from them without a middle man taking his cut!

We respect this decision because it's harder for Maven to break out into the market when they've discarded the retail strategy.  But, this allows you to buy the best optics made from the best materials because they're not restricted to a specific retail margin. 

It's obvious that the easy path to the dollar and the big pay day is not worth the compromise that consequently leads to mediocre or over-priced optics.

Performance, quality, and affordability is what Maven offers every hunter and observer, and that is how they've broken into the market. 

We'd rather be loyal to a business that has the best prices and a genuine passion for the sport and gear they provide over the big-name brands that prefer suits and ties over camo on the weekends.

Maven Binoculars Review

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Maven has had some decent time to design and manufacture some of the best binoculars in the optics market.

With plenty of options to choose from, I wanted to cover both the B and C series of binoculars to discuss three core points; glass, build quality and materials, and where they're made.

I don’t stop there since I take you through each line within the series to discuss where their strengths lie, as in, what applications they are best suited for - be it birding, hunting, or stargazing.

I’ve trekked the miles, drowned in the weather, and digiscoped my Sony camera and iPhone to dying battery strengths. All this to bring you hands-on field tests of Maven’s binoculars.

Consider me as your stand-in Maven specialist for today. I’ll help break down which series and which specific line of binoculars you need most to not only get the job done but to get the job done well.

Maven C Series Binoculars

Maven C Series Binoculars

C Series Core Features

The C Series can be considered Maven’s entry-level series of binoculars. The Maven C1 binoculars feature ED glass that eliminates or at least significantly minimizes chromatic aberration. This is a mid-range feature that contributes to mid-range glassing performance.  

C Series LineObjective Lens SizeGlass FeaturesBuild MaterialMaterials/Assembly OriginPrice From
C.142mmED, DielectricPolymerJapan/China = Philippines$325
C.228mmED, DielectricPolymerJapan/China = Philippines$200
C.350mmED, DielectricPolymerJapan/China = Philippines$400

With Schmidt-Pechan roof prisms, they are all treated with dielectric coatings needed to improve maximum light visibility throughout the entire optical path. Exterior lens coatings protect the glass from scratches, smudges, and fingerprints.

Combine all this with their IPX6 waterproof rating, nitrogen-purged housing, and polymer frame, and you have a binoculars series that has mid-range performance.  

All C Series binoculars are made with both Japanese and Chinese components and are assembled in the Philippines.

The CM.1 8x32 monocular also features C-Series glass quality.

Maven C.1 Binoculars

The Maven C.1 binoculars have 42mm objective lenses. They fall right into line with what we at Target Tamers have defined as mid-size binoculars.

They are excellent for:

  • Observational Activities: Birdwatching, Sightseeing, Wildlife glassing, Events, Hiking
  • Hunting: Treestand, Open plains/fields, Waterfowl, Bow Hunting
  • Mounting to a tripod

They are average performers for:

  • Target Range: Spot groupings at 70-100 yards
  • Duty Use: Law enforcement, security, home defense gear
YouTube video
YouTube video

Overall, the field-tested C1 binoculars are a good line for most recreational applications. The balance between weight and size is well executed for general-purpose use. They are comparable and competitive in price point to many similar alternatives in the market for mid-range binoculars.

Maven C.2 Binoculars

The C.2 binoculars are the compact line for the Maven C Series. They all have 28mm objective lenses and show some surprising but limited performance benefits at the target range.

They are excellent for Observational Activities:

  • Birdwatching
  • Glassing wildlife
  • Event observation
  • People watching
  • Sightseeing
  • Hiking/Nature walks
  • Camping
  • Recreational use
  • Fast use from vehicle

They are average performers for use at the target range to see groupings on white at 50-70 yards and shoot ‘n see targets at 100 yards.

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The Maven C.2 compact binoculars are not tripod mountable, but they are significantly smaller and lighter in weight. Not being able to mount to a tripod is normal for pocket-sized, handheld binoculars.

The C2 line in the C series are not cheap per se, but few binoculars within the compact category have true mid-range performance. You will find cheaper alternatives, but in terms of quality and performance, it may not be a fair comparison.

Maven C.3 Binoculars

The C.3 binoculars are larger than both the C1 and C2 lines due to their 50mm objective lenses.

They are excellent for most binocular applications:

  • Observational activities: Birdwatching and wildlife glassing
  • Hunting: Open areas, waterfowl hunting, treestands
  • Some lowlight benefits
  • Mounting to a tripod

They are average performers for:

  • Duty-use: People watching, acquiring small details, general observation
  • Home Defense: Property security
  • Target Range: Limited distance use but better than low-quality spotting scope
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The larger apertures of the Maven C3 binoculars provide the ability to stay out a little longer and see a little better in lowlight conditions. These lowlight binoculars can make a big difference to hunters and law enforcement.

While great for observational and recreational use, the slightly bigger size and larger weight can be restricting for long periods of time. They would be best worn with a neck strap or chest harness.

Maven B Series Binoculars

Maven B Series Binoculars

B Series Core Features

The Maven B Series is the premium series of high-performing binoculars. Maven’s growing reputation for superior glass quality can be credited to the B series. With multiple binocular sizes, prices, and strengths for different applications, the B binoculars are worthwhile considerations.

B Series LineObjective Lens
Glass FeaturesBuild MaterialMaterials/Assembly OriginPrice From
B.142mmED, DielectricMagnesiumJapan/USA$900
B1.242mmED, DielectricMagnesiumJapan/USA$900
B.330mmED, DielectricPolymerJapan/USA$500
B.650mmED, DielectricMagnesiumJapan/USA$1000

They all have ED glass elements in the objective lenses. All B Series binoculars are IPX7-rated, nitrogen gas purged, and are tripod mountable. This is also the case for the compact B3 binocular line.

The B Series also allows you to add custom touches. Maven offers customizable options from the skin to the bezel colors.

They are all made with Japanese components and assembled in the USA.

Maven B.1 Binoculars

The B.1 binoculars are mid-size and designed for general-purpose use. With B-series quality, they are the flagship binocular line for Maven.

They are well-suited to:

  • Observational Activities: Birdwatching, Sightseeing, Wildlife glassing, Events, Hiking
  • Hunting: Treestand, Open plains/fields, Waterfowl
  • Limited Law Enforcement Use
  • Limited Target Range Use

The better optical performance of the B1 binoculars provide some useful benefits at the target range. The magnification reach is limiting for some long-range tactical applications but work well as a high-quality pair for extra sharpness and clarity at mid-range distances.

Its strengths lie in birdwatching with great color fidelity, many hunting applications, and general-purpose viewing when you need the best quality in a mid-size pair. As the flagship and best seller line of the B series, the B1 binoculars have proven to be the go-to pair for all things observation.

Maven B1.2 Binoculars

The B1.2 binoculars are the new and improved versions of the B.1 line with 42mm objective lenses.

They are well suited to:

  • Observational Activities: Birdwatching, Sightseeing, Wildlife glassing, Events, Hiking
  • Hunting: Treestand, Open plains/fields, Waterfowl
  • Limited Law Enforcement Use
  • Limited Target Range Use

Due to the improvements, they will perform better than average for tactical and law enforcement use with extended reach limitations. Clarity and seeing details – not an issue.

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Physical improvements are obvious in the new Maven B1.2 binocular line. They are shorter, lighter, and have an extra setting in the IPD range. Maven designed Wide-Angle Schmidt-Pechan prisms to improve edge-to-edge clarity and visible contrast and sharpness that brings a lot to the glassing experience.

No sacrifices were made to the FOV, light transmission rate, twilight factor, and eye relief. Instead, Maven improved and increased these specs to provide higher rates and better comfort.

Maven B.2 Binoculars

A unique and interesting line of binoculars with 45mm objective lenses. Maven offers the B2 binoculars as an option where a balancing act between magnification and lowlight benefits are well-executed.

They are well-suited to:

  • Observational Activities: Birdwatching, Wildlife Glassing, Sightseeing.
  • Some models are better for compact use for general observation
  • Hunting: Any type of hunting
  • Some law enforcement use

The added advantage of having the Field Flattening Optical System to see edge-to-edge clarity and rich field of views is a primary benefit of the Maven B2 binoculars. The Abbe-Koenig prisms are inherently superior to roof prisms but at the cost of a small amount of additional weight.

With magnification variety in the B2 line, you will find the right pair for your needs. Appropriate for general-purpose viewing and hunting, you get a little more power without sacrificing inherent optical and lowlight advantages.

Maven B.3 Binoculars

The B3 binoculars have 30mm objective lenses and pack a punch in power. As the compact line for the B series, these small binoculars redefine the definition for compact quality in the optics market.

They are well-suited to Observational Activities:

  • Birdwatching
  • Glassing wildlife
  • Event observation
  • People watching
  • Sightseeing
  • Hiking/Nature walks
  • Camping
  • Recreational use
  • Fast use from vehicle

The compact Maven B.3 binoculars will work well for big uses such as hunting but can also double for thick timber and treestand hunting terrains. Although small, the Maven binoculars have huge benefits with wide FOV and high light transmission rates.

The difference in build materials with the B3 line versus the remainder of the B family is the polymer housing. It’s still just as weather-ready and rugged as the rest of the series.

Maven B.4 Binoculars

Bigger is better for a lot of people, and 56mm objective lenses offer multiple optical advantages. The B.4 binoculars keep things simple which reflects in cost, but simple does not mean without premium quality.

They are well-suited to:

  • Observational Activities: Birdwatching, Wildlife Glassing
  • Sightseeing for high power observation
  • Hunting: Big game and wide expanse waterfowl hunting 
  • Some law enforcement use for extra reach
  • Some target range use for extra clarity

Like the B.2 binoculars, the Maven B.4 binoculars have Abbe-Koenig prisms. The specialized prism coatings are not applicable here because they do not need them. You are gaining 3 oz of weight with the B4 versus B5 binoculars.

Great depth, super-wide FOV, and edge-to-edge clarity are the core benefits of the offset prism design. It’s not as varied with magnification as the B5 line, but it picks up where the B2 binoculars leave off.

Like the B.3 binoculars, they have a polymer, rugged housing.

B.5 Binocular Line

With Abbe-Koenig prisms and 56mm objective lens apertures too, the Maven B5 binoculars go the extra mile in glass to separate themselves from the pack.

They are well-suited to:

  • Observational Activities: Birdwatching, Wildlife Glassing
  • Sightseeing for high power observation
  • Hunting: Big game and wide expanse waterfowl hunting 
  • Law enforcement use with extra reach
  • Target range use for extra clarity and reach
  • Entry-level stargazing and beginner astrophotography
  • Lightweight alternative to spotting scope
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The Maven B5 binoculars are slightly lighter because of the smaller magnesium frame but has no real physical differences in overall size compared to the B4 line. With a wide variety of magnification ranges, the B5 line is no stranger to high-power observation and beginner stargazing.

The Maven B.5 binoculars have fluorite glass – the best of what observation optics can offer. This feature alone guarantees stellar optical performance and is a defining feature for premium optics.

Maven B.6 Binoculars

The B.6 line is the new standard for premium quality without the excess cost. With 50mm apertures, the B6 binoculars fill the gap between the B1 and B5 lines.

They are well-suited to:

  • Observational Activities: Birdwatching, Wildlife Glassing, Sightseeing
  • Hunting: Big game and wide expanse waterfowl hunting 
  • Law enforcement use
  • Limited target range use
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Like the Maven B1.2 line, the B.6 binoculars have wide-angle Schmidt-Pechan prisms. More FOV, higher light transmission, and reduced weight are only some visible upgrades.

Due to the 50mm apertures, the B6 binoculars fill the gap within the B series which may prove to be a strategic move for Maven and a beneficial move for the hiker, hunter, and officer.

Maven Rifle Scope Reviews

It was a long time coming for Maven to release their rifle scope line.  Having already set the bar for high-performing spotters and binoculars, they knew they had to nail it with their scope to maintain their standards for quality and to retain their reputation.

Their scopes are breathtakingly clear and crisp.  They've been outfitted perfectly for a hunter with capped turrets, practical and usable magnification all the way up to max power, and they're incredibly lightweight for their heavy-duty quality.  Each scope has features applicable for their price points, but with price points still way lower than its competitors.

To test out if their two years of development, testing, and research was worth it, we put their scopes through the ringer.  You'll have to read the field tests to get the details!

Maven Optics: The New Standard for Buying Optics

We applaud Maven's business model and the integrity it requires to remain true to consumers. 

We depend on quality gear to enhance our hunting experience and ensure it's an ethical one. 

You can trust the brand that puts as much value into making high-performing gear as they do in using it themselves. 

From one hunter to another, Maven is the new standard for buying optics!

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