Maven Built Optics: Binoculars & Rifle Scopes Field Tested & Reviewed

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Maven has certainly upset the status quo, and we are proud to say that we stand behind the change and the brand.

Maven bravely takes a proud stand amongst giants in the optics industry.  They’re not afraid to be different, and they're courageous in paving a new path to affordable optics that far outperform their price points.

We're talking about a small, Western American company that's made up of avid outdoorsmen and hunters who want to provide better than average optics to other hunters like themselves, like us.  While it's easy to fall into the indoctrination that European optics are the standard of quality, and we don't deny their excellent craftsmanship and performance, it's just straight-up unaffordable for the average Joe.

Maven Optics bridges the gap between low price points and high-grade optics to get rid of the elitist mentality that only those who spend the most can have the best gear that somehow translates into being a better hunter than the rest.

Just one way that Maven has done this is with their business model.  Completely unconventional in the optics industry, they've taken the road of direct-to-consumer business.  This means you're not going to see  Maven Optics on your local sports shop shelves - you buy directly from them without a middle man taking his cut!

We respect this decision because it's harder for Maven to break out into the market when they've discarded the retail strategy.  But, this allows you to buy the best optics made from the best materials because they're not restricted to a specific retail margin.  It's obvious that the easy path to the dollar and the big pay day is not worth the compromise that consequently leads to mediocre or over-priced optics.

Maven hunting optics field testing

Performance, quality, and affordability is what Maven offers every hunter and observer, and that is how they've broken into the market.  We'd rather be loyal to a business that has the best prices and a genuine passion for the sport and gear they provide over the big-name brands that prefer suits and ties over camo on the weekends.

Maven Binocular Reviews

You can have all the book knowledge available on what makes the best binoculars in the market, but nothing will prepare you for a hands-on experience with Maven Binoculars.  You'd be a fool if you thought it was fair to compare another binocular with one from their lines in the same price point.  The Maven will always be out of their league.

This was one brand we wanted to physically test-out in person before we featured them on our site.  What we discovered is that we sure were missing out, and so are you!  Their binoculars range from mid-level to high-end starting from entry-level prices.  Even their high-end optics are still half the price of their equal competitors in the market.  It's obvious which product is the better buy.

We took them out, got rough and gruff, and witnessed exceptional optical clarity that belies their price point.  As a side note, since Maven is a direct-to-consumer company, you can also customize your binoculars directly through them to create the ideal optic for your needs whether it be accent colors, body armor, or magnification and more.  However, their stock binoculars were exceptional in and of themselves, and we'd be proud to be seen wearing a Maven around our necks!

Maven Rifle Scope Review

It was a long time coming for Maven to release their rifle scope line.  Having already set the bar for high-performing spotters and binoculars, they knew they had to nail it with their scope to maintain their standards for quality and to retain their reputation.

Their scopes are breathtakingly clear and crisp.  They've been outfitted perfectly for a hunter with capped turrets, practical and usable magnification all the way up to max power, and they're incredibly lightweight for their heavy-duty quality.  Each scope has features applicable for their price points, but with price points still way lower than its competitors.

To test out if their two years of development, testing, and research was worth it, we put their RS.1 through the ringer.  You'll have to read the field test to get the details on that!

Maven Optics: The New Standard for Buying Optics

We applaud Maven's business model and the integrity it requires to remain true to consumers.  We depend on quality gear to enhance our hunting experience and ensure it's an ethical one.  You can trust the brand that puts as much value into making high-performing gear as they do in using it themselves.  From one hunter to another, Maven is the new standard for buying optics!

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