Swarovski Scopes, Binoculars & Spotters: We Review Their Range of Top Quality Optics for Sale in 2024

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There's a brand that outdoes itself with every single part that goes into the making of their optics. They manufacture their products with a sense of responsibility to ensure that you have the best visionary experience possible to make long range, ethical, and high precision shots. And, that company is Swarovski Optik. No surprise, right?

Not only does this brand have a concrete and world-renown reputation, just saying "Swarovski" sounds expensive. They've earned every high praise received from the optics community and every zero digit that gets tacked onto the price tag.

Put simply, they make optics from the highest quality, most expensive parts and materials using the most advanced and innovative technology there is that requires intimate, detailed, and expensive labor costs and use of machines.

The brand is an authority in the optics world and they have a very prestigious reputation. If you have the budget to indulge in your love affair with Swarovski Optiks, you can trust that you're getting the highest quality with every dollar you spend.

Swarovski Spotting Scope Reviews

There are some optic brands that are worth giving your loyalty to, not to mention your money, for life. So, if you're hunting for a spotting scope, then you know exactly where to begin your search - with Swarovski, who else?

Swaro has three spotting scope series up for the grabs, and in the below reviews we'll go over each one to help inform you before you buy. If you want a scope that's hunter-specific, for long distance spotting, or for low light hours, we'll discuss all of those possibilities right here.

So, get your reading glasses on because you might just be convinced to spend a heck of a lot of money on a scope today! And, if you do, Swarovski is where you want to put your money. Yes, they're expensive. Yes, it might cost you an arm and a leg to afford one. And, yes, you might just have to borrow some cash off your kid brother.

But, Swarovski has quality in their scopes that surpasses all other brands. They are the big kahuna in the optics world. And, their name packs a ton of weight not just nationally, but internationally too.

With over 30 prestigious and coveted awards behind the company's belt, you know you're buying from the best there is available to the world's hunting fraternity. And, once we delve into the following spotting scopes, we'll have even more proof as to why they're the best.

To see innovative and avant-garde features like interchangeable modular systems, interchangeable eyepieces, and SwaroVision, tune into the reviews below.

How do the Swarovski Spotting Scopes Compare?

At the prices we've seen today, it's really hard to have to throw out a recommendation to hunters who will probably have to save and pinch pennies for a long time just to get one of these.  But, there's got to be a winner, and it's...

The modular X series 65mm scope objective with ATX eyepiece.  The convenience of being able to change out the objective body according to hunting conditions, lighting, and activity makes this the versatile King!  Not to mention, it has the absolute best quality of optics that Swaro offers.

For its price, it measures up to around the same, or a little cheaper, than the STR series.  And, for the reticle on the STR, I don't know that hunters really need it on a spotting scope, especially when it's compared to the versatility of the ATX modular scopes.

If a hunter has a Swaro rifle scope anyway, I'd say you can pass up the tempting lures of the STR 80 spotting scope and invest in the X series.

And, as for a word on the ATS/STS series, it's an excellent option if you're wanting to spend less than $3000 - total.

Swarovski Rifle Scope Reviews

When it came to reviewing what Swarovski had in store for you shooting and hunting zealots, I was sorely disappointed by the limited feedback on their rifle scopes.

While they're a world-class brand, it seems there's only a small percentage of hunters who actually spend in the triple zero digit price range for a rifle scope. But, don't be disheartened. All who pay for a Swarovski, love their Swarovski, and the very few that chime in, rate their scopes very well. Can you expect anything less when "what you pay for is what you get"? This can be a very true principle in sporting optics and it definitely applies here.

You don't want to take the risk of missing (wounding) your target, so paying for the best can help make you a precision shooter. With super clear glass, cutting-edge ballistic technology, and extreme durability while packing a light-weight and compact design, the Z series rifle scopes are your only options.

How do the Swarovski Rifle Scopes Compare?

This brand literally has every type of rifle scope that's suitable for the amateur hunter to the professional sniper but the three rifle scopes reviewed above are some of the fan-favorites. If you're wanting the Swarovski name, but want to go a little easier on the dollar signs, the Z3 4-12X50 BT L is an excellent scope. It has just what you need to get it done in Swaro style.

For a little more swagger, the Z5 3.5-18X44 P might just be what you're looking for. I'd say it's the best value of the lot. But, if you're brave enough to spend a lot, not a little, but a lot more on a scope than most people are willing to fork out, the Z6 2nd generation rifle scope is the best way to spend your cash - or the next pay check's cash, for the next three months!

If that sounds like a reality for you, then you probably shouldn't google what the new Z8i Flexchange rifle scopes come packed with. Not only would you be in trouble from the other half, I would be too.

Swarovski Binocular Reviews

Now, Swarovski Optik is one of those brands that needs no introduction. They're an authority that has always been. And, they're right up there alongside the most imposing brands in the optics industry such as Zeiss, Leica, and the peerless Schmidt & Bender.

If you don't think you can trust a Swaro binocular, then there is no binocular that will ever satisfy your unending nature of doubt. These guys are the best at what they do and it's reflected in their products.

If spending a couple of grand is too much for you, please move on over, or feel free to add these provocative sets of binos to your wish list for Christmas... three years from now to give you a chance to save.

If you are game, read on and from SwaroBright and SwaroAim to SwaroClean and SwaroVision, you'll be the most informed buyer on the planet. For the below reviews, I picked one model from each series Swaro had to offer - I just couldn't resist.

They all share at least one fancy Swaro lens feature and they all have the excellent and world-revered Swarovski glass all with a Lifetime Warranty for ultimate protection of your investment.

How do the Swarovski Binoculars Compare?

While most of these binoculars linger around the same price range, between $2300 to $2600, it might be a difficult choice trying to decide which one to choose.

Well, for those who have less than half of this amount to spend, you're in luck.

The CL Companion Pocket 10X25 is less than $1000, and it still has all the Swaro swank you need in a binocular. It's easy to use and easier on the pocket than the other models, so this may be the take home option today.

Even if you don't have much more to spend, the CL Companion series is a great place to start. The Polaris Limited Edition is only about $1250 versus the approx $1100 for the regular CL line. Upgrading here doesn't quite have the jump you're about to see.

If you've got almost triple the cost of the CL Pocket to spend, then you're in a whole new class of quality. The low light machine, the SLC 15X56, is the next affordable model up. Don't let its large numbers intimidate you - the expensive bino will be your night time workhorse that's suitable for all serious hunters who glass all day long.

Now, the EL 42 with the FieldPro package is a very nice binocular. With its extra dressings and trappings, it's definitely worth every penny -  approximately 260,000 of them. Yes, I'm back to the pennies - it's so much cooler to say. For everyone who just wants the best of the best, this is it, and it's my top recommendation from our line-up.

But, the final word goes to the laser rangefinder binocular, the EL Range 10X42. With its SwaroAim technology and less than a second distance finding capabilities, this thing is a beast that's ready to leap at max speed for you in the field - if you're ready to give up a kidney for it, you could always live on just one, right? While this EL Range is super easy to use, I'd still leave it up to the skilled and seasoned hunters to dabble with this thing.

If you're a hunter, you'll still have to know how to shoot a rifle. Swarovski can't do everything for you.

Swarovski - You Only Need to Buy Once

Spending cash like this on any of the Swaro options in this line-up is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for the broke.  So, I don't suggest lending one, let alone buying one, for a first-time hunter or an amateur to the game.

These kinds of optics are for the big boys - the seasoned, leathery, and farmers-tanned hunters.

But, if you've got a little doubt in your mind, never mind it.

There will be the crowd that will say you can get a knock-off brand just as good for half the amount of money spent on a Swaro, but it doesn't change the fact that when you're out in the field, you still don't have a Swaro at your side.

So, are these optics affordable?  Not by a long shot.  But, take heart in the wise adage that many sharp hunters have said when it comes to Swaro - you only need to buy once.

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