Bushnell Scopes Reviews: Find Out the Price & Quality of their Rifle Scopes, Rangefinders, Spotters & Binoculars

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Bushnell LogoIt’s no secret that Bushnell has earned a space in every hunter’s heart. Unless you’re a cave man, you have no doubt handled and used a Bushnell scope or product or at least heard of them if you don’t personally own one. Whether you’re a newbie to their hunting optics or a long-time and loyal buyer, you’ll be convinced to be a lifetime fan.

You know you can trust a brand that has reached the vast corners of hunting ground all over the world. From hunters in the tundras of the North to the trappers of the Safari South, Bushnell is the common tie that brings hunters together. And, that’s because they literally have an optic for all.

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 20-60 x80
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Bushnell Trophy XLT
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Bushnell Legacy WP Porro Prism Binocular
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Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC
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Bushnell Spotting Scope Reviews: Sentry, Trophy, Legend & Elite

Bushnell’s consistently high review ratings are synonymous with product quality and customer satisfaction.  They’ve been around for ages, and they’re still a brand that hunters will choose over any other optic brand in the market – save for the elite and exalted Schmidt & Bender.

But, them aside, it’s no secret that Bushnell is the next preferred brand to be in the hands of a hunter.  With quality and low-budget prices on their side, it’s no wonder they are an American favorite.

So, if you’re ready to learn all about their spotting scopes, from RainGuard HD and ED Prime glass to the truth about their warranties, then these reviews are for you.

For information about Bushnell’s top spotting scopes with the best features, prices, and magnifications for hunting, then look no further.  Our reviews will tell you everything you need to know.

How do These Spotting Scopes Compare? (click to open)

Although these spotting scopes are excellent buys, you’re eventually going to have to invest in something more expensive if you’re looking for that one-time spotter.

But, if you’re okay with mid-level quality for these prices, then the Sentry is the most inexpensive spotter in this review at about $100.  And, it’s about what you would expect for an entry-level spotting scope – mediocre. Although it’s a very popular model for most close range hunters, and I mean close range, like 25-50 yards.  Beyond that, you may as well triple your budget and go with the Trophy XLT.

Speaking of which, the Trophy XLT is one of my favorites out of the lot, and it’s also the favorite of plenty of reviewers too.  It’s fairly priced, has the best coatings that Bushnell can offer, and it’s a decently-sized, compact unit.  Don’t forget the freebies thrown in.

The Xtreme costs about the same the as the Sentry, and I think most hunters would benefit from owning one of these.  It’s practically the same spotting scope as the Trophy XLT except with the No Questions Asked warranty instead of the Limited Lifetime Warranty.

But, the Legend Ultra has my top recommendation.  It has everything that Bushnell can slam into a spotting scope except for the interchangeable eyepiece feature.  And, that’s not a big deal since they don’t manufacture or offer other eyepieces anyway. Plus, the Legend Ultra is only about $400 and you’re getting everything there is to get that matches the flagship series, the Elite which costs nearly double at around $800.

And as for the Elite, although it is getting some great ratings online and I wanted to love it, for the price I would have like to see a few more premium features.

Bushnell Rifle Scope Reviews: Banner, Trophy & Elite Series

To avoid buying a scope that you probably shouldn’t have even looked at in the first place, turn to our Bushnell rifle scope reviews to get information on the most popular, well-built, and high-performing scopes they have.

With 14 rifle scope lines to offer the avid shooter, you mightn’t know where to start. Luckily for you, the below reviews cover some of the most popular of their rifle scopes to date.

The brands riflescopes are all built with waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof capabilities and even the most economical series has quality multi-coated glass. And, to give you a preview, there’s even a rifle scope in our line-up that costs less than $100 – and has fully multi-coated lens!

How do These Rifle Scopes Compare? (click to open)

With the vast number of scopes that Bushnell has on offer, you’ll need some directions in getting the perfect one. While there are a couple of budget-friendly scopes among our reviews, they absolutely earned their way into their spots.

This is a world-competing brand that truly offers some of the best optics for the best value. So, if our reviews are heavy towards scopes of the “cheap” end, don’t blame me, you can blame your fellow peers – the ratings don’t lie.

For a great entry level and practical scope the Banner Dusk & Dawn is an excellent buy if you’re wanting to spend the bare minimum. But, for a few bucks more you can upgrade to the Trophy XLT Bone Collector by barely spending over $100. On the same quality level I highly recommend the Trophy XLT 4-12X40 with either the Multi-Plex or the DOA 600 reticles if you’re into the hype of the “Collector’s Edition”. Either one will be an excellent rifle scope for your big game hunting.

What about a mid-priced rifle scope? It seems to be a hit and miss concept with Bushnell’s middle class line of rifle scopes. They hit it out of the ball park with their bottom dollar rifle scopes and they even nail it with their four figure optics. But, their mid-entry scopes seem to be a flop.

The only decent ones are the tactical AR optics and the discontinued tactical Elite series scopes. Then way out of the middle class price range is their tactical flagship line, the Elite Tactical rifle scopes. Disappointingly, it seems their middle class scopes haven’t even found the middle ground.

But, if you’re not here for the inexpensive or even mid-range optics and you’re looking for the best of what Bushnell has for the serious hunter, then the four figure Elite LRHS rifle scope series is where you need to look. This souped up baby won’t disappoint.

Bushnell Binocular Reviews: 8 of their Best Binos

Are you hunting for binoculars and you’re not sure where to start?

Between birding, wildlife, and spectator binoculars, you might just think any one of those will do the job for your hunt – don’t fall into that trap. If you’re planning your hunt with a pair of binos, there’s a few things you need to expect from great optics.

You want brightness and clarity under your belt, a rugged frame to endure the trek, a lightweight and compact build to help you go the distance, and best of all, a great deal! We have all of that for you in the below Bushnell binocular reviews.

When you think optics, quality, and deals, your brain automatically conjures up Bushnell. That’s because they’ve been an authority in the optics business for longer than most of ya’ll youngins have been alive. From all corners of the world, hunters just like you trust them to deliver excellent glass and a sturdy and robust product with the latest and most innovative technology that your dollar can buy.

From a brand that’s been labelled Binoculars of the Year not once, not twice, but four times from 2011 to 2014, there’s no reason you should turn anywhere else for your binocular needs.

Bushnell has a reputation of using the same quality standards for their high end binoculars on their low budget ones too. This is largely the reason why their low budget and most affordable binoculars are their most popular hunting binos to date.

With large fields of view, great eye relief, twist up caps, and special features yet to be revealed in the below reviews, they have everything you need at one excellent price.

How do These Binoculars Compare? (click to open)

Whether your target flies, swims, leaps, or sprints, there’s a low budget binocular for you. If you’re looking to spend less than $100 but you’d still like to have a quality bino, the Legacy WP 8X42 or PowerView 10X50 binos are a great place to start. But, if you’re into the collector’s edition and the hype of specially branded products, the Bone Collector 10X42 is definitely your perfect match.

Having the room to spend just a tad more will bring you to the all-round, heck of a deal bino, the Excursion HD 10X42. With its feature in the Outdoor Life magazine, you know that not only hunters but experts got their paws on this binocular and gave it a good run for its money. Even better, you could snag yourself the Legend L-Series 10X42 which is the upgraded version of the award-winning Excursion.

But, perhaps it’s not a standard bino you’re looking for. Maybe it’s a lightweight and compact device that suits your hunting style better.

In that case, either the Legend Ultra HD 10X25 is an excellent option or the Elite E2 7X25 will tickle your fancy. If the budget is the deciding factor between the compact designs, the Legend Ultra is a tad more wallet-friendly.

And finally, if the thought of combining your rangefinder and binocular into one handy optic appeals to you, the Fusion 1-Mile ARC will be your best pick.

With such a variety of hunting binoculars to choose from, you shouldn’t have to look anywhere else. They’ve served the average hunter well for decades and all for the price of pennies in comparison to much more expensive brands with comparable glass quality.

For such convenient and low budget prices backed by Bushnell’s warranties, there’s no risks to take. You can have your pie and eat it too. Enjoy!

Bushnell Rangefinder Reviews: Rifle & Bow Hunting

With so many rangefinders out there in the market to choose from, it can get overwhelming trying to decide which one deserves to be your next hunting companion. You want one that’ll stand up to the elements, be dependable for those long hunts, and will never let you down when you’re lining up your soon-to-be trophy.

So where to start? How about with the first sports optics company that brought laser rangefinders to the retail world? Bushnell, of course!

When it comes to making rangefinders fully suited for the recreational or professional archer or rifle hunter, then they have it down. Their rangefinders are equipped with the ARC (angle range compensation) technology to give you the distance you should make along with the angle you need to make your shot.

It’s no secret that when you’re using a bow, you need a little more tech when it comes to rangefinders. Lucky for you, Bushnell delivers. They’ve won over their consumers with distinction-awarded products, quality optics, their pursuit of leading technology, and importantly, providing accuracy and affordability too.

In our reviews you will learn about true horizontal distances, angle compensation calculations, waterproof capabilities, and compact sizes that’ll have you deciding on a Bushnell hunting rangefinder today.

tt-table__imageNitro 1 Mile 6X20
  • Yard Range: 7-1760 Yards
  • Angle Compensation: Yes
  • Price Range: Under $350
tt-table__imagePrime 1300 5X20
  • Yard Range: 5-1300 Yards
  • Angle Compensation: Yes
  • Price Range: Under $300
tt-table__imagePrime 800 6X24
  • Yard Range: 5-800 Yards
  • Angle Compensation: No
  • Price Range: Under $200
tt-table__imageBone Collector 4X20
  • Yard Range: 10-600 yards
  • Angle Compensation: No
  • Price Range: Under $300
tt-table__imageScout DX 6X21
  • Yard Range: 1000 yards
  • Angle Compensation: Yes
  • Price Range: Under $300
tt-table__imageElite 1 Mile ARC
  • Yard Range: 5-1760 yards
  • Angle Compensation: Yes
  • Price Range: Under $600
tt-table__imageG-Force DX 6X21
  • Yard Range: 5-1300 yards
  • Angle Compensation: Yes
  • Price Range: Under $300
tt-table__imageElite 1 Mile CONX
  • Yard Range: 5-1760 yards
  • Angle Compensation: Yes
  • Price Range: Under $1000
tt-table__imageThe Truth
  • Yard Range: 7-850 yards
  • Angle Compensation: Yes
  • Price Range: Under $300
tt-table__imageFusion 12X50
  • Yard Range: 10-1760 Yards
  • Angle Compensation: Yes
  • Price Range: Under $1500

Everyone’s a Winner with Bushnell

For over 65 years, Bushnell have been competing in the big pond to deliver some of the best optics you can have to make sure you fill your tag this season. If you haven’t bought from them before, you can trust that they’ve got your needs in mind.

They keep up well with the competition, they stay ahead with what sells, and they integrate world-class technology to provide a high-value optics for hunters and shooters in both the tactical community and hunting field.

Bushnell’s happy, you’re happy, I’m happy – it’s a win-win.

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