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Swarovski ATS 65 HD Spotting Scope Review (With & Without Eyepiece)

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swarovski ats 65 hd spotting scope
Image Credit - Swarovski Optik

Viewing Configuration: Angled
Magnification: 20-60X
Power Variability: Variable
Adjustable Eyepieces: Yes
Eyepiece included: No
Objective Diameter: 65 mm
Close Focus Distance: 9.8 feet
Length: 14.8 inches
Weight: 47.3 ounces
Field of View: 108-60 feet/1000 yards
Eye Relief/Exit Pupil: 17 mm/ 3.3-1.1 mm
Optics Coatings: Fully Multi-Coated
Glass: Swarovski
Focus System: Collar/Single Focus
Waterproof/Fog-proof: Yes/Yes
Digiscope adaptable: Yes

Best Uses: Hunting, For the Range, Birdwatching, Wildlife Observation, Photography

Swarovski ATS 65 Spotting Scope Review

This Swarovski ATS 65 has SwaroClean, an angled design, and is fully weatherproof.

Online, the spotter currently has an excellent and well-deserved perfect rating. And, for a piece that's over $1600 online, it's outstanding!

Now, this scope system is a little different to the X series, but it's closer to what optic enthusiasts are familiar with when it comes to various eyepieces. So, I thought it was deserving of a mention amongst our Swarovski spotting scope reviews.

So, if you're eager to get right into it, I'm not going to hold you back, here's the pros, cons and Q&A.


  • Price
  • Interchangeable eyepiece
  • Digiscope adaptable
  • Submersible
  • High quality


  • No eyepieces included

ATS 65 HD Q&A:

Is the ATS 65 a modular scope system too?

No. It's not a modular scope system in the same way that the X series is.

The S series really just enables you to change out the eyepieces for various zoom ranges with whatever objective body scope you choose to buy.

YouTube video

What is SwaroClean?

This is an external, non-stick coating that gets applied to the lenses to protect them and provide you with an uninterrupted glassing experience.

Specifically, when the objective lens gets a little mucky from finger prints, water marks, dirt, off-spray from insect repellents and game odor attracting sprays, it can be tedious trying to clean them for smudge-free and clear glass.

But, with the SwaroClean treatment, they'll come right off with gentle wipes of a lens cleaning cloth.

What is the image quality like on the Swarovski ATS 65?

Well, you never hear anyone complain about looking through a Swarovski! You can expect to see crystal clear, bright, and aberration-free images.

However, the S series doesn't have the optical finesse that the X series has because it doesn't have the SwaroVision treatment.

But, this is a Swarovski. And, even without all the delightful coatings, Swarovski glass is blemish-free, perfect, and pristine. Besides, the light transmission rate of 85-86 percent is in the same competitive ballpark as the X series.

What are the other counterparts of the Swarovski S series?

25x50 W Eyepiece by Swarovski
25-50X W Eyepiece (Image Credit - Swarovski Optik)

First thing's first. The ATS scope is the angled body and the STS scope is the straight body. And, the eyepieces determine the power range.

With that said, both the ATS (angled) and the STS (straight) 65 mm scope is compatible with the 20-60X and 25-50X W eyepieces.

There is also the ATS (angled) and the STS (straight) 80 mm scope that's compatible with the same eyepieces.

So, basically there's four "scopes", two objective lens sizes, and two available eyepieces.

Can I wear my glasses with the ATS 65 spotting scope?

You could probably just barely get away with wearing glasses with the S series spotting scopes. Its listed eye relief is 17 mm.

That's a little shorter than the 20 mm of the X series scopes. But, it's not completely terrible.

For a little more eye relief, just twist down the eyecups.

Is the Swarovski ATS 65 digiscope adaptable?

swarovski ats sts digiscope adaptor
ATS/STS Digiscope Adaptor (Image Credit - Swarovski Optik)

Yes, with an adapter, this scope can be used with cameras for photography.

In fact, it's almost like Swarovski encourages hunters to dual purpose their spotting scopes. With all the exquisite and very expensive digiscope parts that they sell and recommend for this scope, it'll be hard to not want to take snap shots every time you set up your scope - even if it's while a quick scan during a hunt.

In this day and age, there are plenty of hunters who are trigger happy - and, I'm not talking about a rifle.

Is the ATS 65 scope expensive?

As the optically inferior one to the X series, it's a little more on the affordable side - if about $1700 is affordable to you. And, that's just the price for the ATS 65mm and the STS 65 mm scope body - each.

The price tag for an ATS 80mm and STS 80 mm body is about $2400 - and, these are online prices!

For the 20-60X eyepiece, it's about $600. The 25-50X eyepiece is approx. $700.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Interchangeable zoom eyepieces; 25-50X W and 20X60X
  • 2 available objective size bodies; 65 mm and 80 mm available in either straight or angled
  • SwaroClean Technology for ultimate lens protection and easy cleaning
  • Submersion tight to 13 feet below water with inert gas filling for fogproof-ability
  • Backed by Swarovski's Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our Verdict On Swarovski's ATS 65 HD Spotter

The scoop on the scope is, the Swarovski ATS 65 spotting scope is a very sweet piece of equipment. We do say the price is an advantage, because it's quite low for a Swaro. However, this is the cost without any eyepieces included. You will have to buy them separately, but it's more affordable than the other Swaro eyepieces available.

Speaking of other Swaro products, the Swarovski ATX/STX 65 modular spotting scopes are the creme de la creme of the spotting scope line. They're so unique, we haven't seen anything like it anywhere else, but that's pretty typical of Swaro - they're incomparable. For more on those scopes, you'll have to check them out here!

Swarovski is swank and hip, from their glass coatings to their innovative designs. As one of the best brands in the market, you know you'll only ever have to buy once!

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