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Searching the optics market can be overwhelming, but there are always economical options that can get you quality without compromise - and if you're the kinda person that roots for the underdog, then Weaver may be the right choice for you.

This brand used to be a household name during the mid 20th century. The lightweight 3/4" 3X scopes were much more affordable and the quality was competitive with the German imported scopes of the day. Made entirely in the USA at the time, about half of all scopes had Weaver's logo on them.

During World War II, William R. (Bill) Weaver was contracted to make M73B1 scopes, about 36,000 of them, specifically for the M1903A4 sniper rifles. Point is: Weaver did well, sold well, and made well. Although there have been several new owners after the 1960s, the brand has remained in the optics business and still surpasses the expectations of hunters today.

Update: In 2019 it had appeared that Weaver had stopped production and was exiting the scope business. Since then, they have teamed up with Natchez Shooting & Outdoors to revamp and re-market a limited range of their most popular rifle scopes exclusively through this reseller.

Weaver Rifle Scope Reviews: K6, Kaspa & 40/44 Series

If you're the kinda person who judges a scope by its cover, then you should give Weaver a chance. But, don't take too long trying to decide, hunting season might fly by without you, leaving you with an unfilled tag and empty truck bed.

The rifle scopes that were picked for the below reviews have a few things in common, but the most important is, they've been made with the hunter and shooter in mind. They're simple, easy to use, and affordable for the cost-conscious shooter. From varmint shooting to sub-200 yard hunting, Weaver has you covered.

How Do These Rifle Scopes Compare?

It used to be said that scopes should always cost more than what your rifle cost you. While that can still be an applicable principle to live by, with today's advanced technology and innovative ways to produce quality scopes without committing highway robbery, you can get an economical scope that will get the job done well and ethically. Weaver scopes are in that category.

If you want a scope under $100, then the Kaspa 3-9X40 will work great for you. Why spend more when you don't have to? But, for only a few bucks more, you'll get the best value with the Kaspa 3-12X50, which is putting a smile on a hunters face and filling his tag.

For those who prefer a varmint hunting scope, the 40/44 6.5-20X44 AO has all the extra perks you will need to get it done without straying out of that affordable price range. But, for the all-around hunter who appreciates fundamental quality, the K6 6X38 is the no-brainer pick of the lot.

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Weaver Has Your Back

You don't have to spend a lot to get value and quality glass - Weaver has your back for that. In a day where features are being pushed into the hunter's face, where advertising says that bigger is better, and excess means quality, it's refreshing to come across a Kaspa or K-series scope that has everything you need in an affordable package.

Converters who were once skeptics end up being Weavers biggest fans and enthusiasts, whereas those who are too cool for them don't know what they're missing out on. Are you brave enough to take on a Weaver and push it to the limits?

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