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Trijicon IR Patrol IRMO 300K Review (Thermal Monocular with Rifle Mount Kit)

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Not all thermal monoculars are made equal, and it’s not just about the thermal sensor tech.

Many want more versatility out of their thermal and that’s where the Trijicon IR-Patrol IRMO-300 comes in.

It’s not only a handheld device as it can be helmet and rifle mounted as well.

Only the best thermal monoculars can be used in multiple ways and still provide the imaging clarity you need for handheld use and then the precision accuracy you need for shooting.

Here’s what you need to know about the pricey patrol-worthy thermal weapon sight.

Quick Overview...

What We Like: Handheld/Helmet/Rifle

What We Don’t Like: Battery life

Best Uses: Night Shooting, Day Shooting, Tactical Use, Hunting, Scouting, Varmint Control, Surveillance

  • Thermal Resolution: 640x480
  • Pixels: 12 microns
  • Refresh Rate: 30 Hz/60 Hz
  • Eye Relief: 1.06”
  • Color Modes: White Hot/Black Hot
  • Battery: 1x CR123/2 hours
  • Dimensions: 5.95 x 2 x 2.95”/16 oz

Our Verdict: Expensive? Yes. But if you need a lightweight, compact thermal scope with the type of high-end imaging quality that Trijicon is known for, the IR-Patrol will satisfy that need. Surveil, hunt, patrol, and shoot – the IR-Patrol is made to do it all.  

Who is the Trijicon IR-Patrol IRMO-300 Rifle Kit Best Suited to?

Trijicon products are for hardcore shooters that need more from an optic when a daytime scope doesn’t cut it. But, what if you need a specific type of riflescope that can be pushed out of the way without having to remove it?

The IR-Patrol can provide this type of versatility. It’s all in the mount system that comes with this kit. While most other monoculars are only handhelds, the IR-Patrol M300K is not just any monocular. So, for the shooter who wants the best thermal imaging quality not only in the palm of their hand but on their rifle too, this is the thermal you need.

If you like the idea of a clip-on thermal sight then you can't go past the Trijicon SNIPE-IR 35mm thermal sight, its definitely worth taking a look at.

How Does the Trijicon IR-Patrol IRMO-300 Rifle Kit Perform?

YouTube video

The IRMO-300K kit is worth the buy if you want to mount a monocular and use it as a riflescope. It does have a reticle that can be used as a rudimentary rangefinder as well since it’s roughly the height for human-sized targets at 100 yards.

The IR-Patrol has an OLED display with White Hot and Black Hot polarity display modes. As two of the most common thermal display palettes often used in law enforcement and by hunters, it doesn’t need the multiple other color palettes seen on alternative thermal scopes.

It does offer three levels of brightness within each polarity mode, and picture quality is extremely clean and detailed thanks to the high-end BAE Systems MicroIR thermal core.

However, you may want to take along extra batteries because it’s a power hog.

Features & Benefits

Trijicon IR Patrol IRMO 300 rifle kit
Image Credit - Trijicon


What is unique about the IR-Patrol from other thermal monoculars is its ability to be used as a handheld, helmet, or rifle-mounted weapon sight. Not all monoculars come with this capability and this is true within the Trijicon IR-Patrol series - only the M300 model can.

This begs the question of what’s the difference between the M300, M300K, and the M300TK. The M300 is the thermal sight that can be used as a handheld or helmet-mounted for hands-free operation. The M300TK is the Tactical Kit that allows for all types of use – handheld, helmet-mounted, and rifle-mounted. It comes with the Wilcox Bridge Assembly and the Wilcox Flip Mount Base needed to provide helmet and rifle-mounted capabilities.

This model, the M300K, is the riflescope kit. Although it can be helmet-mounted at some point, it does not come with the Bridge Assembly needed to do so. What it does come with is the Wilcox Flip Mount Base needed to mount it to a rifle. The M300 is the just the thermal monocular without any accessories to provide mounting.

Wilcox Flip Mount Base

What sets the IRMO-300-K model apart is the fact that it’s the complete riflescope setup kit. It comes with the Wilcox Flip Mount Base that allows it to attach to rifles with a quick clip/clip-on system. The mount base has been engineered to hold tight alignment with the bore. The scope is seated into a dovetail shoe which then clips into the Flip Base. The Flip Base is what mounts to the weapon.

For moments when you need to use your red dot or other existing optic, such as in circumstances when targets are hiding behind glass, you can flip the scope to the side for visibility without having to remove it. The mounting base allows for force-to-side movement and can be pushed back to its original position.

Enhanced Thermal Imaging

The IR-Patrol isn’t your long-range weapon sight even though it can acquire heat signatures on human-sized targets out past 600 yards. However, designed as a surveillance, security, patrol, and even hunting thermal sight, it does provide very clean thermal imaging thanks to its 640x480 resolution and 12-micron sensor running at 60 Hz frame rates.

The base magnification is 1.5x and you also have 8x E-Zoom. With the BAE Systems MicroIR Thermal Core, you have extremely clear, pixel-to-pixel match performance throughout the magnification range to provide exceptionally sharp and well-contrasted image quality.

You also have Edge Detect Mode that provides an edge outline on targets to streamline the focus of your vision and reduce fatigue. Simultaneously, the overall brightness is decreased to reduce off-optic glow and minimize night blindness.

ThumbStick Controller System

Trijicon IR Patrol IRMO 300k thermal monocular
Image Credit - Trijicon

This is a brilliant design move as it eliminates the need for buttons on a device that will see use under the cover of pitch-black darkness. Instead of buttons, you have a thumbstick that allows you to navigate the interface of the thermal sight.

The thumbstick is large, easy to find, and easy to use. It’s multi-directional, rugged, and weatherproof. The stick itself is recessed into the housing and yet is still easy to find with or without gloves on. The recessed design provides protection from the elements and from getting caught on clothing, brush, and other obtrusions.


Battery Life

Unfortunately, the battery performance of the Trijicon IR-Patrol M300W is very poor at approximately 2 hours of operation. It takes only one CR123 battery. While you can use 30 Hz to squeeze out more time, if you’re on the move or are stalking moving targets, it’s better to stay in 60 Hz. 

While other IR thermal sights take two or three batteries, the Patrol M300 only takes one. So, it’s not going to be your all-nighter sight unless you’re ready with extra batteries on hand.

Popular Questions

What is the Recoil Rating on the Trijicon IR-Patrol Thermal Monocular?

The IR-Patrol IRMO-300 is rated for .308 (7.62x51mm) caliber weapons. It’s made from 6061 aluminum to provide shockproof housing during use in the field.

Does the Trijicon IRMO-300K Come with the Helmet-Mounting Assembly?

The Trijicon IRMO-300-K is the Riflescope Kit that comes with the Wilcox dovetail shoe and Wilcox Flip to Side Rifle Mount. Out of the box, it can be used as a handheld and riflescope. Unfortunately, only the Tactical Kit, the IRMO-300-TK, comes with the additional Wilcox Bridge Assembly that allows helmet-mounting.

Can you Take Photos and Videos with the IR-Patrol M300W?

You can take photos and videos with the Trijicon M300W (IRMO-300) thermal scope. It is a standard feature on this model and the kit includes the download card and cable for this capability.

Can you use Rechargeable Batteries with the Trijicon IR-Patrol Series Monoculars?

With only 1.5-2 hours of operation, one battery just won’t cut it for a night of hunting or continued hours of use for patrol and stakeouts. You’ll need an alternative battery source.

You can use rechargeable batteries, but a long-lasting alternative is a battery pack. There are USB battery bank adapters, but you can also consider battery housing kits that fit alongside the scope for attachment eliminating external wires and maintaining waterproof integrity of the scope.

What is the Warranty on the Trijicon IR Patrol Thermal Rifle Scope?

The thermal scope and optical components are covered under Trijicon’s Limited Lifetime Warranty for the original owner. However, the electronics are only covered for the first three years.


The IR-Patrol is just as precise and high-functioning as its other IR counterparts but it’s compact and lightweight. Made to be versatile, rugged, and easy to use, you can patrol all night and make precision shots because of the digital OLED display and 12-micron technology.

Built to perform with military-grade performance and USA-made quality, the Trijicon IR-Patrol will more than do for every need.

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