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Leica Geovid 10x42 3200.COM Rangefinding Binocular Review

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The 3200.COM rangefinder is teched-up, powerful, and super smart.

No SD cards needed. It works better in adverse conditions compared to the 2800.COM. It has further ranging power.

To date, the Leica Geovid 10x42 3200.COM unit could very well be the best binocular rangefinder available with unsurpassable glass quality.

Quick Overview...

What We Like: 3200.COM specs

What We Don’t Like: No tripod mounting point

Best Uses: Hunting, Bow Hunting, Target Shooting, Ballistics, Angle Compensation, Long-Range, Binoculars

  • Yard Range: 10-3200
  • Magnification: 10x
  • Objective Lens: 42mm
  • Display Type: LED
  • Dimensions: 4.9 x 6.9 x 2.8”/34.5 oz
  • Waterproof/Fogproof: Yes/Yes
  • Angle Compensation: Yes

Our Verdict: With a unit like this, quality is a delivered expectation. What is really up for perusal are the features it offers, and if it’s better than everything else. For the price point of the Geovid 3200.COM, it better be. To get straight to the point, it lives up to the hype.

Who is the Leica Geovid 10X42 3200.COM Best Suited to?

With a binocular rangefinder like the Geovid 3200.COM, those with deep pockets will be the target market. Others who have saved overtime checks for their dream binoculars will also fork out the cash. Even at its high price point, people would be willing to pay for a 12x unit… hint, hint Leica?

Past price points, this unit is good for everything. You literally have the ability to use or not use its many features. At the same time, you’re streamlining use of multiple tools into one optic – rangefinder, binoculars, and solvers. 

If you want a rangefinder under $500 and still desire the Bluetooth and Kestrel-connecting capabilities, look to the Bushnell Nitro 1800. It’s definitely not on the same plane as the Leica, but it does have wireless connectivity to compatible devices.

How Does the Leica Geovid 10X42 3200.COM Perform?

YouTube video

There were the days when preloaded ballistics were the shiznit. Then came the micro-SD cards for transferring custom ballistics data – cool. Then came Bluetooth. It’s opened up a world of possibilities.

Geovid has gone through the same process with their rangefinder series that now includes a dedicated 3200.COM rangefinding binocular line. No SD cards or limitations on using only pre-installed ballistic curves. With Bluetooth, you enter your data, you can use a Kestrel, and you can have integrated dope for extended, long-range distances without loss of precision.

You must be mindful of the fact that with advanced technology comes a learning curve. While promising for out-the-box performance, you must be prepared to put it through its paces first.

You have quite the menu to navigate, a tripod setup you’ll need to figure out, and patience to follow in-app instructions. Furthermore, you must determine how you want to use it. You can use a pre-loaded ballistic curve, a calculated custom one from the Leica Hunting App, or transferred one from your Kestrel. Options, options…

There is no question to its glass and construction quality. With its advanced ranging technology, it’s certainly one of the most sophisticated rangefinders currently available.

Features & Benefits

Geovid 10x42 3200COM rangefinder binoculars
Image Credit - Leica

3200.COM Specs

It looks like a roof prism bino with its somewhat straight-line appearance. If you look closely, you’ll see the binos actually have some physically attractive curves. This would be thanks to the patented Perger-Porro optical system. The curves are pleasing to the eye and they make it easier for larger hands to grasp. A consequence is that they won’t fit in a conventional 10x42 harness. You’ll need to go up a size.

The optics have HDC multi-layer and AquaDura coatings. You have multi-position eyecups and adjustable focus for the display and the binoculars. The Geovid has a magnesium housing that is watertight to 16 feet and nitrogen-purged for fogproof protection.

They weigh in at 34.5 oz (approx.), so they’re not the lightest rangefinding binoculars around but really aren’t too bad. The feature-packed platform more than makes up for it.

It has a red illuminated display that can be auto set to provide ambient-dependent control or manual brightness with 1-5 intensity settings.

The circle reticle is said to be quite large for small targets especially so at max distance. It may be too large to use for rimfire matches. You will need to mount it to get the best return scans especially with the tight 1.2 x 0.5 mrad beam divergence.

It takes a CR2 3V battery that provides around 2000 actuations at 68-degrees F. It should come as no surprise that it’s a battery hog. Just don’t leave your Bluetooth running if you’re not using it as battery replacement costs will tally up down the road.

Long-Ranging Binoculars

As you can gather yourself, the Geovid ranges out to a max of 3200 yards. Reliability past 1000 yards is difficult for even the best rangefinders. Even so, it’s a champ and provides exceptionally strong performance out to 2000 yards, and it still does really good out to max range around the 2900-3000-yard points.

Accuracy is rated to be +/-0.5 yard up to 219 yards (200m), +/-1-yard up to 438 yards (400m), and 0.5% from 438 yards and beyond. The ranging engine is rapid as it provides return scans at a speed of 0.3 seconds.

You can use Scan mode for updated distance data on targets. EHR provides only the angle compensated range and inclination, and it’s effective up to 1200 yards. Any ballistic solutions provided by the pre-loaded curves are limited to 800 yards.

Bluetooth Connectivity

YouTube video

Leica has a new hunting app that provides Applied Ballistics software for instant access to firing solutions in the field.

The Geovid tallies up the range, temperature, angle, and barometric pressure calculations and combines that with your preset ballistic data. It computes a solution in either click adjustments, holdover corrections, or an EHR distance.

There are 12 pre-loaded curves to choose from. You can use the app to create custom curves, create multiple profiles for specific rifles and loads, and transfer them to the Geovid before you walk out the door. For ultimate precision and reliability, you can always use the Kestrel.

The 2800.COM series, while great, appeared to have some lag issues between stable connections and re-connectivity. Firmware updates and the new 3200.COM releases have addressed these issues. It’s better to just keep your Kestrel on your person or nearby to remove possible lag or disconnections.

Pair to a Kestrel

The first thing you may want to know is if you can override the applied ballistics in the app with the data from the Kestrel. Absolutely you can. Not only that, but you can also have applied ballistic solutions out to any distance you can range.  

With connection to the Kestrel, you lase a target and the Geovid sends that info on over. The Kestrel then builds a dope card for real-time, accurate solutions for your shot.

This has to be one of the, if not “the”, best feature about the Geovid. More precision shooters and hunters want to be able to use their expensive, dedicated tools with expensive optics.


No Tripod Mounting Point

It’s not unusual to find that many rangefinders, binocular or monocular, lack tripod mounting points. It even seems like those with additional ballistic features tend to be without them as a rule, unless it’s the Vortex Fury HD 5000AB!

On the Geovid, you can clearly see where there would be a mounting point, but the laser transmission lens sits there instead. Under the center hinge, you have the battery compartment.

There is the Leica Stabilite Tripod Adapter and other mounting options available between straps and brackets, but few find them ideal. Still, they serve their purpose, but it’s on your buck to rig together a mounting system for it.

Popular Questions

Is the Geovid 3200.COM Compatible with Android Devices?

Yes. While the Apple Watch is specifically mentioned the Geovid 3200.COM units are compatible with Android devices via Bluetooth.

Will the 3200.COM Work with any Ballistic App?

The Geovid 3200.COM must be calibrated with Leica’s Hunting App for custom ballistics. You could also program it with a Kestrel for additional corrections that includes wind and ballistics out to as far as the Geovid will range.

Can the Leica Geovid 3200.COM Binoculars be used for Archery Hunters?

The Geovid 3200.com binocular rangefinders can be used for bow hunting. It has an EHR mode that computes the equivalent horizontal range based on the incline/decline of your position to the target. It also has 0.5-yard accuracy and decimal readings for precision archery performance.

Do the Ranges Provide Decimal Measurements on the Leica 3200.com Rangefinder?

The Geovid 3200.COM does provide decimal readings for precision work, especially useful to bow hunters, out to 200 yards.


If you’re itching for a Leica, you don’t need to be convinced about quality – it’s there.

There are a couple things you may not like from its incompatibility with thread-in tripod mounts, sketchy operation at freezing temperatures, and the fast battery drain.

But its features provide benefits that far outweigh the drawbacks.

If you were eyeing a Geovid 3200.com, it’s too late for you. With just a glance, you’ll succumb to the temptation to have it.   Got money?

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