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ATN NVM14-WPT Night Vision Monocular Review (Gun Mountable)

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When it comes to the best night vision scopes in the market, rarely are they this cheap.

There are always tiers of quality within optics and the same is true of night vision.

The NVM-14 by ATN is a night vision monocular series that can be used in multiple functions.

It’s not the high-tier PVS14 series, but it’s more affordable and may fit your needs.

If you’re wielding a light recoil rifle, have a limited budget, and need one device that can essentially do it all – you must consider the NVM-14 WPT scope.

Update: Unfortunately ATN Corp have discontinued the NVM14-WPT monocular. Check out the current line of ATN Night Vision monoculars here. Alternatively, you can find more great night vision monoculars here.

Quick Overview...

What We Like: Versatile monocular

What We Don’t Like: Requires brand specific mounting hardware

Best Uses: Night Shooting, Tactical Use, Hunting, Scouting, Varmint Control, Monocular, Hand-held Use, Head/Helmet Mountable, Weapon Mountable, Close-Range Detection

  • IIT: WPT
  • Magnification: 1x
  • FOV: 40-degrees
  • Resolution: 51-64 lp/mm
  • Eye Relief: 25 mm
  • Color Modes: White phosphor
  • Battery: 60 hours
  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 1.9 x 2.7”/1.54 lbs
ATN's NVM14-WPT Night Vision Monocular Review
Image Credit - ATN Corp

Our Verdict: If you don’t need professional quality, then you should opt for the NVM-14 series. The WPT model has the right price point, a white phosphor IIT, and high-resolution needed to get the job done without buyer’s remorse. Varmints can’t hide, trespassers can’t sneak by, and you can run with hands-free night vision sight under the cover of darkness.

Who is the ATN NVM-14 WPT Best Suited to?

The NVM-14 WPT has value to whomever needs night vision. As the ultimate monocular built with many functions in mind, it may be the one NVD you need for everything – hunting, surveillance, observation, and nighttime target practice.

Since this monocular can be weapon-mounted to a rifle, it has extra value since it can be paired with a red dot or daytime scope for instant night vision.

How Does the ATN NVM-14 WPT Perform?

ATN NVM14 - WPT Night Vision Monocular mounted to a gun
Image Credit - ATN Corp

To simply say the NVM-14 is just a monocular is not giving it justice. It can be mounted in several ways that makes it an extremely effective night vision device. This model is more expensive than the Gen 2 NVM-14 due to the WPT IIT. The black/white display may be worth paying more for.

It has high resolution of 51-64 lp/mm that brings a whole new level of crisp, clear images that you may have never seen if you’re accustomed to Gen 1 tubes. While WPT raises eyebrows for some, for others the imaging quality is said to be almost as good as Gen 3 night vision scopes.

The NVM-14 is not the military-grade version of ATN’s multi-purpose monocular series, but it is cheaper. It’s still water-resistant, has long-lasting battery life, and it’s compact and lightweight. A legitimate downside is that the NVM-14 can only be used in its various forms with ATN-brand equipment and mounting hardware. If you choose ATN, be prepared to go all the way with ATN.

If you’d rather a dedicated night vision clip-on, the ATN PS28-WPT is the alternative, but you’d be going without the head/helmet/goggle capabilities that comes with the NVM-14.

Features & Benefits

ATN NVM14-WPT Night Vision Monocular headset
Image Credit - ATN Corp

Versatile Monocular

The ATN NVM-14 monocular is designed to be mounted and used in multiple ways on multiple platforms. As a handheld, it’s works flawlessly to provide night vision in sighting trespassers, spotting prey, reading maps, etc. You can also mount it to a head set or helmet for hands-free use for stealthy tracking and stalking.

For hunters, it’s versatility to be weapon-mounted offers massive potential. You’ll need the Weapon Mount Adapter Picatinny/Mil 1913 accessory to mount it to a Picatinny rail. It will work with and sit behind any collimated laser or red dot sight with compatible night vision brightness modes. Since it doesn’t have an aiming point or reticle, you must already have an optic to pair the NVM-14 with, therefore it is not a standalone sight but can be used in lieu of a clip-on. It can be mounted in front of any traditional daytime scope too.


Arguably, green phosphor screens aren’t for everyone, and while green is most discernable to the eye, many swear that they find WPT to be easier and more comfortable to view with. What isn’t arguable is the fact that a white phosphor display is something different and can be worth trying out if you’re ready to stray from the signature green.

The white phosphor screen can improve target acquisition and recognition since its imagery is closer to black and white. Contrast sensitivity is said to be at least equivalent to that of green phosphor screens, and it may be easier to determine depth perception especially when walking and running with night vision.

If you only have one NVD to work with, you may as well have a weapon-mounted one that can be your eyes when you’re on the move and your sight when you’re ready to make a kill-shot.

Close-Range NV Detection

The NVM-14 is a close-range night vision detection unit. Identification distances will depend on ambient light and IR illumination use. The close focus range is less than a foot, so it’s excellent for very close-range use when using the unit as a head or helmet-mounted device.

However, for shooting, it would be best used in varmint hunting operations since the weapon mount is only suitable for recoil from small arms including that of an AR15. It would make an excellent coyote hunting night vision scope and a hog hunting scope.

Even on a weapon system, it would make for a great surveillance scope when patrolling the ranch or property from predators and trespassers, and it wouldn’t add too much weight to your setup at all.

Simple Operation

The NVM-14 WPT is extremely easy to employ in the field. It has a single knob that runs operation with On, Off, and IR positions – that’s it. There are no recording, photo, and additional settings to mess with.

There is an Auto Brightness Control System that automatically keeps the display consistent in contrast and brightness even during inconsistent lighting conditions. It will also automatically shut itself down when exposed to excessive bright light and after 60 minutes of non-use.

As a fully functional optic, it has an adjustable diopter and objective lens focus ring. The ring behind the objective lens functions as a fine focus collar to acquire sharp and clear imaging.

Built-in LED Lights

The eyepiece has built-in LED indicators to help determine how the NVM-14 is operating. A solid red LED indicates that the IR illuminator is on and functioning. A solid green LED indicates the battery is full. This may change to a blinking red LED when battery is low.


Person holding an ATN NVM14-WPT Night Vision Monocular
Image Credit - ATN Corp

Requires Brand Specific Mounting Hardware

While this monocular is certainly a multi-purpose tool, you’ll need to acquire all the additional hardware and mounts to use it in any which way that it is capable beyond a handheld monocular. Fortunately, ATN produces several mounts to accommodate this. This includes the adapter mount to mount the NVM-14 to a rifle.

The bad thing about it is that ATN has made the NVM in such a way that only their non-industry  standard mounting hardware is compatible with the unit. You’re forced to buy ATN equipment, so if you’re okay with this stipulation, the NVM-14 can be an extremely resourceful tool for coyote hunting and home and property surveillance.

Popular Questions

What is the Recoil Resistance of the ATN NVM-14 WPT?

ATN clearly states that the NVM-14 is not a weapon sight, but it can be used with another aiming device to provide night vision. There is no recoil resistance rating but the NVM adapter mount is rated for small arms. This would classify the NVM-14 as a light-recoil weapon sight suitable for small arms with recoil energy of 8 lbs.ft and less. This does include .223 Rem and smaller although it has been used with slightly larger rounds like 300 Blackout for hog hunting.

Is the IR Illuminator Detachable on the NVM-14?

The IR illuminator on the NVM-14 WPT is not detachable as it is built into the unit. It’s primary purpose on the NVM is to provide close-range illumination when extra light is needed up to 3 meters. You will need to equip your system with a more powerful IR if you want extra distance for recognition and identification when ambient light is limited.

How Long does the Battery Last on the ATN NVM-14?

The NVM-14 WPT requires 1x CR123A battery for operation. It can provide up to 50 hours. AA batteries are not recommended below temperatures of 20-degrees Celsius/-4-degrees Fahrenheit. Lithium-iron or equivalent batteries should be used for operation in extreme temperatures to preserve battery life and optimal performance.

What is the Warranty on the ATN NVM-14 Monocular?

The NVM-14 monoculars are covered by ATN for a period of two years that starts from the original purchase date. The monocular must be registered with ATN.


The NVM-14 WPT is a versatile monocular system that can work well as a weapon-mounted sight when paired with an optic. It has excellent night vision performance and good-enough recoil resistance to work well as a varmint and predator hunting scope. The white phosphor screen provides a different experience that may benefit your needs.

If you can get past that fact that you will need ATN equipment to make the most use out of your NVM-14 monocular, this setup will work well for you.

The NVM-14-4 night vision monocular is another option if you feel the WPT is not the right one for you.

Update: Unfortunately ATN Corp have discontinued the NVM14-WPT monocular. Check out the current line of ATN Night Vision monoculars here. Alternatively, you can find more great night vision monoculars here.

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