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ATN PS28-WPT Night Vision Scope Review (Clip On)

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The ATN PS28 series came in after there were issues expressed about the older PS22 scopes.

The price points jump significantly between models but the WPT stands out as one of the cheapest night vision scopes in the series.

Will you like white phosphor over the typical green?

When you’re on a tight budget, does it matter?

Here’s what you need to know about the PS28-WPT.

Update: Unfortunately ATN Corp have discontinued the PS28-WPT clip on scope. Check out the current line of ATN Night Vision devices here, alternatively, you can find more night vision scope reviews here.

Quick Overview...

What We Like: Clip-on

What We Don’t Like: Mounting difficulties

Best Uses: Night Shooting, Tactical Use, Hunting, Scouting, Varmint Control, White Phosphor IIT, Close to Mid-Range Detection

  • IIT: WPT
  • Magnification: 1x
  • FOV: 13-degrees
  • Resolution: 51-64 lp/mm
  • Eye Relief: N/A
  • Color Modes: White phosphor
  • Battery: 50 hours
  • Dimensions: 7.7 x 3.5 x 3”/1.85 lbs
ATN PS28 WPT Digital Night Vision Scope Review
Image Credit - ATN Corp

Our Verdict: The primary benefit of the WPT model in ATN’s PS28 series is obviously its white phosphor display. Green isn’t for everyone but white might be an alternative. Who can it hold value for? Sub-200 yard night hunters and urban patrolmen. Who is a clip-on for? Those who don’t want to dismount their day scope.

Who is the ATN PS28-WPT Clip-On Best Suited to?

If you have one chance to splurge on the best night vision scope for your needs and your budget is less than $2000, the ATN PS28-WPT is a scope to seriously consider.

It’s a clip-on scope, there is no digital fuss, and it offers high resolution with a white phosphor image intensifier tube.

Clip-ons are perfect for providing instant night vision to your current weapon system. Don’t dismount your day scope - just add a night vision attachment. This is for those who want an IIT with the benefits of not having to dismount any of your essential daytime gear.

We recently reviewed the ATN PS28-3 clip on night vision scope and it is well worth taking a look at also.

How Does the ATN PS28-WPT Clip-On Perform?

ATN PS28-WPT Digital NV Scope Mounted to Rifle
Image Credit - ATN Corp

If there is an ATN PS28 worthy of buying for under $2000, it’s the WPT model. There is the PS28-2, and its Gen 2 tube with the classic green phosphor display is visually comfortable for many to use. But if you want to try your hand with a white phosphor IIT with high resolution, the PS28-WPT is one of the only options in the market.  

It has excellent imaging quality for close to mid-range detection. Detail, brightness, and clarity is sharp and more than adequate for varmint, coyote, and hog hunting in the dark. Like a true clip-on scope, it’s easy to use, simple to employ, and gets right to work with your daytime scope guiding its operation. As such, there is no fancy video recording or integrated rangefinding features – just night vision for your daytime scope.

It’s often said that there’s no need to rezero, but you must always confirm zero. There have been mounting difficulties with the included QR mount, so always check alignment and zero before putting it to use in the field. You may find that you will need the special adapters to acquire accuracy and optimal performance, but those come at an additional cost.

Features & Benefits

ATN PS28-WPT Digital Scope Side On
Image Credit - ATN Corp


This is exactly the type of NVD you need if you want to retain use of your daytime scope for nighttime coyote hunting or any type of night hunting for that matter.

As a clip-on, it can either be attached to the bell of the daytime scope or directly to the rail. However, for the objective bell clip-on attachment, it will cost extra and is a special-order part.

It does come with a QRM (Quick Release Mount) that fits Picatinny rails for fast mounting and dismounting as the occasion requires. This instantly turns your day scope into a night vision scope for when you want to extend hunting hours past last light.


WPT is often said by promoters to be the next best thing since sliced bread, but what it really comes down to is user preference. If you’re accustomed to using the green phosphor film tube, you’ll probably want to stay with green. If you’re open to trying something new, you may very well like the white phosphor tube that provides a white/black display.

The PS28-WPT has high resolution in its favor with 51-64 lp/mm. The image is very clean, and it’s often compared to Gen 3 night vision scopes. The detail is there to make fast identification, and you don’t have an issue of off-optic glow or facial washout because it’s a clip-on – it’s mounted to the front of your day scope.

WPT and green phosphor are different. Green is easier discerned by the human eye and can reduce fatigue. But the WPT has better resolution than the PS28-2, so it’s less about “color” than it is about clarity and discernability. The PS28-WPT has its own set of advantages, and for the price, it’s worth buying.

Wide Magnification Compatibility

PS28-WPT Digital NV Scope mounted to gun
Image Credit - ATN Corp

There are operating limitations of clip-on scopes with a day scope’s magnification range. Clip-ons are typically limited to a narrow window of optimal use with low magnifications like 4x or 7x. If you have a high-powered daytime scope, it may not be compatible with clip-ons.

The FOV and imaging quality of the NVD is best seen through the specified magnification power stated by the clip-on manufacturer. In this case, the PS28-WPT is very forgiving and has a wide window of magnification compatibility with daytime scopes of 1-12x. The optimized power setting is between 2.5-8x. This is wider than most clip-on night vision scopes.

Battery Life

The PS28 is powered by a CR123A battery. It provides 50 hours of operation from a single battery. IIT scopes have much longer lasting battery life than digital scopes.

It also has a convenient top-loading battery compartment that makes for fast and efficient battery replacement when the need arises. There is no need to dismount the scope in order to give it juice again.

However, there is no low battery indicator to let you know when it will need replacement. Keep an eye on performance, and when it seems iffy, it’s best to change it out so that it doesn’t die when you need it most – in the field.

Additional Features

The PS28-WPT doesn’t come alone. It has an objective lens cap that allows you to protect the IIT during storage and bright light conditions, and of course, you can sight-in during the day. The scope also has an automatic brightness control to help keep the display consistent even during inconsistent light conditions.

The ATN clip-on comes with an IR850 illuminator kit. While it’s good to about 30-40 yards, you may find you might want a more powerful illuminator for hog hunting or when identification and distance is a must-have.

A hardcase is included to protect your scope during storage and transportation. Even so, the scope is rugged and durable as it is completely waterproof and fogproof. It has been nitrogen-purged to prevent internal fogging, and the scope is submersible to 10 m for 30 mins.


ATN PS28-WPT Digital Night Vision Riflescope
Image Credit - ATN Corp

Mounting Difficulties

The QRM mount is great for some and then difficult to use for others. This may stem from the fact that ATN doesn’t guarantee mount quality as they state that it is dependent on the manufacturer of the mount. This implies it could be a different mount brand that is sent out to the buyer with no consistency in expectation of brand or quality. That’s a shame.

However, the consistency is that it’s a single-lever quick detach mount. It will not fit Weaver mounts. You must also ensure that the optical axes between the clip-on and day scope is no more than 3 mm. If there is a mounting height issue, you’re forced to use different height mounting rings for your day scope. This is not a unique and inherent flaw of the ATN PS28 as it is a universal issue of all NV clip-ons.

Popular Questions

What is the Recoil Resistance of the ATN PS28?

As a clip-on, the PS28-WPT night vision scope is likely only recoil-resistant to approximately 3500 joules at max. This should include .308 WIN and less powerful cartridges. However, this is only a guess as ATN does not state any recoil resistance ratings for the PS28.

The optional B.A.M. (Boresight Attachment Mount) System bought separately may improve its recoil resistance for more vigorous recoil weapon systems.

Can the PS28-WPT Clip-On be Modified for Helmet Mounting?

The PS28 is designed as a clip-on for forward mounting on a rifle scope system. Although it does have 1x magnification and a .25 yard close focus distance, it’s bulky and heavy for a helmet setup weighing in at almost 2 lbs.

Can the ATN PS28-WPT be used as a Standalone Night Vision Scope?

The PS28 does not have a reticle or a diopter to function as a standalone scope. It’s designed for forward mounting and clip-on benefits to provide night vision capability to a daytime scope. It can be used as a handheld monocular for close-range use.

Does the Remote Control Included with the ATN PS28 Activate Video?

The PS28 does not have a built-in video recorder. The included wired remote control is not for video activation but for short-time activation of the scope. You can conserve battery life and have instant startup by using the remote control to “wake” the scope for immediate use.


The PS28-WPT is a clip-on and is simple to operate. It does cost more than the Gen 2 PS28-2 clip-on, so user preference will determine if white phosphor is worth it. The crisper resolution may also be a determining factor.

When you’re looking for night vision from an IIT for a low price in clip-on form, ATN may be the brand to turn to.

Update: Unfortunately ATN Corp have discontinued the PS28-WPT clip on scope. Check out the current line of ATN Night Vision devices here, alternatively, you can find more night vision scope reviews here.

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