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ATN NVM14-4 Night Vision Monocular Review

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The NVM14-4 reigns on the throne as the King of the ATN NVM14 monocular series.

While everyone knows what a monocular is, the NVM14 strays from the norm with its ability to be mounted in several ways.

It can’t be denied that the ultimate night vision monoculars can be weapon-mounted for those just-in-case moments.

Since the NVM14-4 fits the needs, has a Gen 4 IIT, and is cheaper than the PVS14 monoculars, it earns the right to be knighted as one of the top night vision scopes with multi-purpose functionality.

Update: Unfortunately ATN Corp has discontinued the NVM14-4 monocular. Check out their current range of night vision monoculars here. Alternatively, read more of our night vision monocular reviews here.

Quick Overview...

What We Like: Multi-purpose monocular

What We Don’t Like: Monocular

Best Uses: Night Shooting, Tactical Use, Hunting, Scouting, Varmint Control, Monocular, Head/Helmet Mounting, Weapon Mounting, Close Range Detection

  • IIT: Gen 4
  • Magnification: 1X
  • FOV: 40-degrees
  • Resolution: 64-72 lp/mm
  • Eye Relief: N/A
  • Color Modes: Green Phosphor
  • Battery: 50 hours
  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 1.9 x 2.7”/1.54 lbs
ATN NVM-14-4 Night Vision Monocular Review
Image Credit - ATN Corp

Our Verdict: The NVM14-4 is the best multi-purpose monocular ATN has on its shelves. It’s extremely versatile and can be mounted in several ways to perform in various applications. As a weapon-mounted NVD, it passes the bar. When you have superior night vision performance and a mount that gets it done, what’s to stop you from making tight groups in the dark?

Who is the ATN NVM14-4 Monocular Best Suited to?

The monocular is a good choice for those that are just dabbling in the night vision world because it does a little bit of everything. Obviously, its first design purpose is as a monocular – a handheld unit.

But it holds value for many because of its versatility in being head/helmet mounted and weapon-mounted. With the right mount assemblies, you can move the NVM14-4 between gear as needed.

As a weapon-mounted monocular, it performs. It’s not its primary function, but it does mount to AR-15s with the right adapter and brings night vision right to your rifle and red dot.

So, why consider it as an alternative to a clip-on or standalone scope? It’s best suited to those who want one unit that can be used in multiple ways for various applications. If you’re only target practicing and coyote hunting now and then, you’ll need it weapon-mounted. Other nights, you have handheld or hands-free operation from the same unit.

How Does the ATN NVM14-4 Monocular Perform?

ATN NVM14-4 Night Vision Monocular being hand held
Image Credit - ATN Corp

The NVM14 is the cheaper version of the PVS14-4 multi-purpose monocular. As far as tube specs go, they’re identical. That may give you an appreciation for the NVM14-4 model that is a tad nicer on the pocket than the PVS14.

It has exceptional night vision quality and performance thanks to its tube quality and components. Although best suited for handheld use, it can be mounted to a weapon system and perform admirably albeit on light caliber rifles.

Still, its Gen 4 unfilmed autogated tube allows for outstanding night vision in the palm of your hand, mounted to your head, or when looking through your red dot sight or daytime scope. It does sit rearward of a weapon-mounted optic, so there will be some experimenting in finding the right amount of eye relief. You will need a mount adapter, but they’re easy enough to come by.

If you’re not after mil-spec and military-grade NVDs for professional law enforcement or military use, settle for the high-grade NVM14-4 that performs excellently for hunting coyotes, prepping for the apocalypse, and for any close-range combat or security details that you may end up doing.

Features & Benefits

ATN NVM14-4 NV Monocular head mounted
Image Credit - ATN Corp

Multi-Purpose Monocular

The NVM14 is a monocular that is designed for hands-on use with its wide 40-degree FOV, compact body, and light weight. ATN has optimized the NVM14 to be head and helmet mounted for hands-free operation. This can be essential for map reading, walking, running, and all those things that require excellent clarity and depth perception in the dark with night vision. As such, it performs flawlessly in these roles. The only catch is that you must purchase the right mounting kits for it.

The monocular is a convenient optic to have as a backup NVD for night vision needs because it can be weapon-mounted. With ATN’s Picatinny Mount Adapter, you can mount the monocular behind your weapon sight, usually a red dot sight, and have night vision from your daytime setup.

If you find that you’d rather upgrade to a standalone scope, it’s still a useful monocular or hands-free unit that you can find other uses for.

Gen 4 IIT

As the most expensive NVM14 monocular in the series, the NVM14-4 is the cream of the crop. It has what is commonly known as Generation 4 features. This includes a filmless GaAs photocathode with autogating.

The filmless photocathode type lacks an ion barrier film that improves photocathode sensitivity response. Combined with autogating, the monocular performs exceptionally well in excessive bright light conditions. It does not produce blooming or halo effects that would normally ruin an image.

With Bright Light Cut-off and Automatic Brightness Control, the tube is intuitively working to stay in top condition and render the best brightness control throughout operation.


ATN NVM14-4 night vision monocular mounted on rifle
Image Credit - ATN Corp

A very attractive feature of the NVM14-4 is that it can be weapon-mounted. The mount adapter fits Picatinny rails and is perfect for an AR-15 in 223. The mount is said to have some play, but you can acquire good and solid performance for tight groups up to 75 yards with a red dot.

The monocular sits rearward of a red dot sight, although it has been used to sit behind day scopes with low to mid-range magnification such as a 3-9x40. It doesn’t add much weight to your weapon at all. When mounted, you will need to replace the eyepiece with the eyeguard for protection. To find the right eye relief, you can move the monocular forward and rearward along the rail to find the eyebox for full FOV and safety precautions against scope bite.


The NVM14-4 has very compact specs for an NVD. It’s certainly more compact than night vision binoculars, goggles, and scopes (including clip-ons). It’s only 4.7 x 1.9 x 2.7” in size and weighs 1.54 lbs.

It’s comfortable to wield in any which way it can be mounted but will require the right mounting assemblies to achieve optimal performance and comfort. Obviously as a handheld monocular, it’s easy to use and stow away into a pocket.


ATN NVM14-14 night vision monocular helmet mounted
Image Credit - ATN Corp

Low Recoil Resistance

By design, the NVM14 is a monocular first and foremost, so it’s not designed to handle vigorous recoil from the get-go, so it’s not really an inherent flaw.

However, we mention this because paying for a monocular at this price point when one of its major perks is that it’s weapon mountable is essential information. It’s best to keep it on light caliber weapons with light recoil.

While the word on the street is that it’s recoil resistant up to a .308 Win, there may be question over the mounting and tube shock resistance over time. This could shorten the lifetime reliability of this expensive monocular.

Like most other weapon-mounted monoculars, it’s nice to have the option to weapon-mount it if needed, but keep it on a 5.56 NATO/223 Rem.

Popular Questions

How Long does the Battery Last on the ATN NVM14-4?

While all NVM14 monoculars use a CR123A battery to operate, the Gen 2+ models will provide up to 60 hours of operation. The Gen 3 and Gen 4, including the NVM14-4, will only provide up to 50 hours of operation.

What is the Difference Between the NVM14 VS PVS14?

They’re slightly different in physical dimensions although the NVM14-4 and PVS14-4 have identical tubes and tube specs. However, the primary differences are that the PVS14 monoculars are mil-spec NVDs with manual gain and is tougher in adverse weather conditions. The NVM14 can be considered the civilian version of the PVS14 and is therefore cheaper.

Can the ATN NVM14-4 be used for Law Enforcement and/or Professional Surveillance?

Absolutely. The imaging is excellent and is just as good as the PVS14-4. It can be used for search and rescue, patrol duty, stakeouts, surveillance and security, and civilian protection of home and family.
However, if you require military-grade specs, the PVS14 is the most appropriate NVD series to consider.

Is the NVM14-4 Good for Hunting when Mounted to a Rifle?

As far as night vision performance, it performs excellently for close-range hunting under 200 yards with a red dot sight. With a magnified optic, you can extend that range. As far as holding zero, the monocular has low recoil resistance and is generally said to be mounted to a 5.56 NATO and smaller. This may limit what type of rifle you use for hunting although it should be appropriate for some types of predator and varmint hunting.


The NVM14-4 will faithfully serve you for many years to come. It’s a tough, compact, and versatile monocular that holds a lot of value to shooters who have many hunting styles and various application needs.

While expensive, you’re paying for the Gen 4 technology that provides the best night vision performance the night vision industry can provide.

When accuracy and multi-purpose functionality are the needs, the NVM14 will more than satisfy.

Update: Unfortunately ATN Corp has discontinued the NVM14-4 monocular. Check out their current range of night vision monoculars here. Alternatively, read more of our night vision monocular reviews here.

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