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Meopta MeoStar 10x42 HD Binocular Review (Incredible Value)

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meopta meostar b1 10x42 HD binoculars
Image Credit - Meopta

Magnification: 10X
Power Variability: Fixed
Objective Diameter: 42 mm
Close Focus Distance: 4.92 feet
Dimensions: 5.51 x 5.24 x 2.32 inches
Weight: 31.61 ounces
Field of View: 330 feet/1000 yards
Eye Relief/Exit Pupil: 15 mm/ 4.2 mm
Optics Coatings: Fully Multi-Coated
Glass: Schott Glass
Prism System: Schmidt-Pechan
Focus System: Center
Waterproof/Fog-proof: Yes/Yes
Eye cups: Twist up
Tripod adaptable: Yes
Rangefinder: No

Best Uses: Hunting, For the Range, Birdwatching, Wildlife Observation, Photography

Update: These MeoStar B1 binoculars have been discontinued by Meopta. For great alternatives, check out our high end binocular recommendations here.

MeoStar B1 10X42 HD Binocular Review

This MeoStar B1 10X42 HD binocular has Meopta's fully multi-coated formula, MeoBright, for 99.8 percent light transmission potential with MeoShield coatings to protect the quality glass.

Its flouride, HD, and ED glass elements provide crystal clear images that works in tandem with the Schmidt-Pechan prism system for ultimate viewing without eyestrain.

Regarding reviews, this MeoStar finally sees some attention, even if it's from a very small crowd. And, that very small crowd gave this HD MeoStar a incredible rating. This has to be an indication to you that we're talking about top-of-the-line quality when it comes to Meopta.

By now, it should be obvious why I'm featuring this model, and it shouldn't be confused with the already-mentioned MeoPro 10X42 HD. This MeoStar has been recognized by Outdoor Life as the Editor's Choice for 2012.

It also won an award from Field Stream for being The Best of the Best binocular for 2012. These distinguished awards that were bestowed upon this HD series is also why it was featured over the non-HD MeoStar 42 mm series.

So, what has the outdoor optics media buzzing about this HD MeoStar binocular? Maybe it's the fancy prism system or the HD elements. Let's find out in our Q&A! Then if you want even more information about MeoBright and MeoShield, you can also check out the Q&A section here in our MeoStar 10X32 review.


  • Schmidt-Pechan prism
  • Schott glass
  • Excellent quality coatings
  • Tripod adaptable
  • Digiscope adaptable


  • Price

B1 Meostar 10x42 HD Binocular Q&A:

What is a Schmidt-Pechan prism system?

I know this grabbed your attention all the way back in the first introductory clause of this MeoStar HD. And, it's definitely worth taking notice of. Most of the time, you'll see a binocular made with the well-recognized roof prism or porro prism system.

So, which system does this fancy Schmidt-Pechan fall into?

This Pechan prism pair, another name for this prism system, is actually a version of the roof prism.

And for a quick tip - prism systems refers to the glass assembly inside the binocular that reverts or inverts the image so that it comes to you as an upright image. This process is called an image erecting system.

Sometimes, depending on the prism and glass quality, the image can lose its hardness and quality due to reflections and light loss. That doesn't happen here.

But, because the Schmidt-Pechan prism system is also a roof prism design, it has the same complications in making it a superior optic when compared with the porro prism.

But, Meopta has leading-industry technology that creates specially-formulated coatings and strict quality-controlled in-house manufacturing processes to make it a champion optic - roof or porro prism aside.

As an example, they painstakingly polish their glass in the prism system to within +/- 1 second. This in-house process makes it so that you have zero eyestrain when viewing or stalking, even if it's for extended periods of time.

Does Meopta's 10x42 Meostar come with any accessories?

Now, I wish I could say that I know this because it's been added to my optics collection, but one can only dream... However, Meopta does throw in the some accessories for you with your $1200 purchase, making it even sweeter.

You can expect to see a Meopta logo black case, lens cleaning cloth, and lens covers.

Meopta even goes a step further on their website and even suggests more accessory options for you to explore, such as the flip up MeoCap eyepiece covers, air cell comfort neck straps, quick release tripod adapter, MeoPix iScoping adapter, and the converter 2X.

Yes, I know what you're thinking - we are getting into that right now.

YouTube video

What is MeoPix and the converter 2X accessories?

These nifty little gadgets will forever change your hunting experience, and this is no exaggeration. Here's what Meopta offers the hunter.

MeoPix iScoping adapter is a tool that slips over the eyepiece so that you can perfectly align your Apple iPhone 4/4S to capture pictures or videos of your viewing experience.

Now, you can capture your up-close and personal view of your once-in-a-lifetime trophy before you humbly make it your prized dinner.

The converter 2X is an extended attachment that threads onto the eyepiece after you've un-threaded the eye cup. Using this tool will, all of a sudden, convert your high power binocular into a super high power spotting scope.

You really don't need to buy one of each optic when you're hunting in the field. A good scope on your rifle and a pair of great binoculars that can double as a spotting scope is all you need to be one happy hunter.

What are the details of Meopta's warranty?

The North American Lifetime Transferable Warranty is basically the same as any other optics manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. You need to first give Meopta a call which is very easy to do.

Customer service is excellent and can get you the information that you need in a very professional and friendly manner in the matter of a few short minutes, unless you like to draw things out longer than it needs to be.

After giving them a quick call for an authorization number and return instructions, just go ahead and send your binocular back to them. They'll diagnose it and repair or replace it if it's warranted.

The trick is making sure you get your MeoStar HD 42 mm series binocular registered within 30 days of purchase. This might be a little tricky, especially with shipping delays and the like. But, get it done online as soon as possible.

If it seems like delivery is going to cut it close to your 30 day time limit, give them a call and have them take care of it. After all, for spending $1200, you ought to expect excellent customer service right?

How much does the 10x42 Meopta MeoStar binocular cost?

You might find conflicting price quotes online as you'll find that prices vary dramatically between sellers. But, its average going price is in the $1200 range. Yes - that's low budget cost for a premium binocular. I say low budget because binoculars of the same quality literally have double the cost added. This is a steal.

Are there any other MeoStar HD 42 mm series models?

The MeoStar HD 42 mm series only has the 10X42 model. This happens to be the most popular binocular platform for most users, especially for long range hunters.

Although this list is somewhat on the stumpy side, there are a few models available in the non-HD 42 mm series. These are the MeoStar B1s - 7X42, 8X42, and the 10X42.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Schmidt-Pechan prism system polished to perfection for extended hours of viewing without eye strain
  • Schott glass with fluoride, HD, and ED elements for exceptional glass quality
  • MeoBright fully multi-coated formula for up to 99.8% light transmission
  • MeoShield for ultimate lens protection from scratches and abrasions; military approved
  • Fully waterproof and fog-proof
  • Sculpted rubber armor housing provides shockproof-ability
  • Backed by Meopta's North American Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Our Verdict On Meopta's 10x42mm HD Binoculars

To glass it up, the Meopta MeoStar B1 10X42 HD binoculars make for a versatile tool in the hunt, in the audience, or on a lonely but striking backdrop. The digiscope compatibility really ups the game for those handy with a camera. While the price tag is expensive, the value is incredible.

If you don't need all the fancy digiscoping capabilities, trust the MeoPro 10X42 to do you right. It's got everything you need to land you your target and glass everything in between. Unfortunately, the cost savings won't be too huge, but it might just be significant enough when you're dabbling with these high numbers.

Staying true to the budget, you can count on Bushnell to do you right. Checking out the Bushnell Fusion 1-Mile ARC will definitely change the game. We're not just talking about binocular technology, but we're also throwing in laser rangefinding tech, various modes and targeting systems, and a true 1,760 yard maximum range. Now's the time for a well-deserved cat call!

If you just want the best of what you can afford, Meopta is a great place to start. You'll never know if you don't check them out. It just might be a great place to end your search too.

Update: These MeoStar B1 binoculars have been discontinued by Meopta. For great alternatives, check out our high end binocular recommendations here.

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