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Carson RD 10x50 Binocular Review - Open-Bridge, HD & Waterproof

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Carson RD 10x50 binoculars
Image Credit - Carson

Magnification: 10X
Power Variability: Fixed
Objective Diameter: 50 mm
Close Focus Distance: 13.1 ft
Dimensions: 5.1" x 2.3" x 6.9"
Weight: 28.3 oz
Field of View: 304 feet/1000 yards
Eye Relief/Exit Pupil: 17 mm/5 mm
Optics Coatings: Fully multi-coated
Glass: BAK-4
Prism System: Roof
Focus System: Center
Waterproof/Fog-proof: Yes/Yes
Eye cups: Twist-up
Tripod adaptable: Yes
Rangefinder: No

Best Uses: Hunting, For the Range, Bird Watching, Wildlife Observation, Sight Seeing, Astronomy

Carson RD 10X50 Binoculars

We decided to review the RD Series over the more popular and tried-and-true series of VP binoculars because it has a design that no other Carson series features: open bridge. With a premium design feature at such a low cost, you knew we couldn't pass up checking out the new to 2017 binoculars!

10x50mm objective lens on Carson binoculars
Image Credit - Carson

With five RD models in the line, the 10x50 grabbed our attention the most. For hunters, you've got the large objective lenses to really get some heavy use in low light situations like dawn and dusk. Usable detail with little light during the most game active hours of the day is a must-have in a hunting binocular, and it's a necessity the RD binocular can provide.

With fully multi-coated lenses, long eye relief (17 mm), and BaK-4 glass, you'll have the guaranteed and quality Carson glassing experience - something Target Tamers knows all about! It's fully waterproof and nitrogen purged for maximum fogproofness. You can also count on being able to mount this binocular for the times you need that extra stability in the hunt.

Since they're so new, the market is still quiet on feedback for the series. However, if they're anything like the Carson 3D ED and the VP binoculars, they'll be just as popular. Just check out any Carson that's been on the market for a while, and you'll see the evidence that masses have rated them as an outstanding brand for high quality and high performance binoculars. Carson doesn't disappoint when it comes to getting your hands on maximum quality for the lowest prices possible!


  • Price
  • Open bridge
  • BaK-4 glass
  • 50 mm objectives
  • Fully weatherproof


  • Still so new

Carson RD 10x50 Q&A:

What is an Open Bridge Binocular?

An open bridge binocular is where the bridge has a dual hinge system to allow users to comfortably hold and handle binoculars with fingers around one barrel. Typically, they're lighter in weight, more ergonomic in design, and can be more compact. It's a matter of personal preference to opt for an open bridge binocular, but it is usually seen as a premium feature on much more expensive binoculars.

Is there another Carson open bridge binocular?

The RD Series is the only complete line of open bridge binoculars. However, there is a singe Carson binocular that sports the open bridge design, the Raven. It's a compact 10x34 binocular, but you can still find the 8x26 model online.

What are the Differences between the RD and VP series of binoculars?

First and foremost, the RD series has the open bridge design and the VP series has the closed bridge. Additionally, the RD series is just slightly more compact in size and lighter in weight. However, the VP series has phase-corrected prisms to improve contrast, resolution, and color fidelity that the RD series lacks.

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What are all the Models in Carson's RD Binocular Series?

Carson does an excellent job at providing many models to complete an entire series. In the RD line, you can expect 8x26, 10x34, 8x42, 10x42, and 10x50 models. The street price range is approximately $80-160 online.

Do all Carson's RD binoculars have Fully Multi-Coated Lenses?

This Carson 10x50 model does have fully multi-coated lenses and so does the 8x42 and 10x42 models. However, the more compact models, the 8x26 and 10x34, have only multi-coated lenses.

Are the 10x50 RD Carson binoculars Durable?

The RD Series offer full weatherproof ability with its waterproof and fogproof housing and non-slip rubber armoring. Of course, you can expect the same with the 3D ED and VP series. If you want the full low-down on how durable your Carson binoculars will be in extreme temperature changes and abuse, check out the field test we did on the 3D ED 10x42 binoculars.

Does Carson's RD binocular come with Accessories?

It does! You can trust Carson to be very generous when it comes to throwing in accessories with your binocular purchase. Expect a zippered, hard-shell case to fully protect your binoculars when in storage. You will also receive lens caps for the oculars and objectives, neoprene neck strap, and lens cleaning cloth.

What is the Warranty on the Carson RD Binoculars?

All of Carson's binoculars come with the No Hassle, No Fault Warranty. They fully back all their binoculars with the best warranty they have to offer. You don't have to explain yourself, pay for the repair or the replacement. Carson is confident that they've provided an exceptional optic that will last and function for longer than you need it to.

However, there is one loop hole you should be aware of. There is a $15 shipping fee that needs to be included when you return your binoculars for repair or replacement. This fee is waived if you've purchased the 3D ED binoculars. Seriously though, not a big deal.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Fully multi-coated BaK-4 glass for maximum light transmission
  • 50 mm objective lenses to efficiently glass in low light
  • Waterproof body with nitrogen-purged housing
  • Includes hard-shell storage case
  • No Fault, No Hassle Warranty

Our Verdict on Carson's RD 10x50 Binoculars

To glass it up, the Carson RD 10X50 binoculars are one of the best buys you will ever see in this price range. Carson really does stun Target Tamers and the masses with their high quality optics for such a ridiculous, low price. There's no point in considering other brands if this is your budget - it's a no-brainer buy of the best binocular for a deserving hunter and glasser.

Carson RD Open-Bridge 10x50 Binoculars
Image Credit - Carson

We also highly recommend the creme de la creme of Carson binoculars, the 3D ED 10x42 binoculars. They sell fast because they're excellent binoculars for the money. They're loaded with optical features to improve your glassing experience. Admittedly, we haven't seen better performance from another binocular for the price range and it's thanks to our hands-on field test. Take it from us, we give it two thumbs up.

But, if you're set on shopping all of your options, you may want to consider the Vortex Diamondback 10x42 binoculars. It's a favorite of ours, and it's in large part due to the reputation of the brand and their proven optical quality.

It only takes one time to be sold on the quality of a Carson. There's no room for regret when you've got superb detail each and every time you raise those binoculars. No buyer's remorse, just buyer's joy!

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