Best Spotting Scope under $100: We Look at the Top Cheap Scopes that are Good Value in 2018

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Spotters Less Than 100Did you not realize you could get a spotter for under 100 bucks?

Don’t dismiss these options too fast since these scopes have a few surprises up their sleeves, or should I say rubber armors?

If you’re in a rush and need something today, we have more than a few spotters that’ll get the job done!


The Best Cheap Spotting Scopes for Under $100

Not everyone needs the optical precision a long-range marksman needs from a $2000 spotting scope. Sometimes, all it’s going to take is a nice, crisp $100 bill, give or take a little, to get your glassing done.

If you’re a hunter or shooter that needs to see bullet groupings at around 100 yards or you just need a little more reach than what your 10X42 binos can get you out in the field, an affordable spotting scope is where you want to look.

Hunters, target shooters, and even birders who want the best value spotting scope for their sport will appreciate the qualities that we’ve pored over in these cheap spotting scopes. We took into account the ease of use, optical performance, and low price-tags.


Objective Lens
Viewing ConfigurationEye Relief/
Exit Pupil
Barska Blackhawk Spotter with Hard CaseBarska Blackhawk 18-36×5018-36X 50mmAngled20-17mm/ 2.8-1.4 mmView on Amazon
Emarth Tech 20-60x60AEEmarth 20-60x60AE20-60X 60mmAngled17-13.5mm/ 3.2-1.10mm View on Amazon
BARSKA 15-40x50 Colorado Spotting ScopeBarska Colorado 15-40×5015-40X 50mmAngled10-13 mm/
1.25-3.57 mm
View on Amazon
Landscout 10-30x50 Spotting ScopeCelestron LandScout 10-30X5010-30X 50mmAngled18-14 mm/ 5-1.7 mmView on Amazon
Simmons ProSport 20-60 x 60mmSimmons ProSport 20-60X6020-60X 60mmStraight17-13 mm/ 3-1 mm
View on Amazon


Our 5 Top Spotting Scopes Less Than $100


Barska Blackhawk 18-36×50

Barska Blackhawk Spotter with Hard Case

The Blackhawk is one of 50 in the Top Seller’s Ranks for spotting scopes. This is a dead give-away that it’s going to perform the way you expect it to. This is all thanks to some pretty nice perks the Blackhawk offers. You’ve got an extremely wide field of view, excellent, extended eye-relief, and a very practical magnification range absolutely suitable for the hunter.

You will want to baby this optic though, it’s going to need some TLC when it’s out in the field. However, you don’t have much room to complain since it’s under 100 bucks. With a consistent low price and consistent clarity for your shooting needs, what more do you need? You’ve got eyes like a hawk with this Blackhawk spotting scope!

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Emarth 20-60X60AE

Emarth Tech 20-60x60AE

Aesthetically pleasing, 20-60X power range, and fully weatherproof-what more do you need? Oh yeah, you might also need the ergonomic design, fully multi-coated optics, and lifetime support guarantee that this Emarth scope offers. Everything about this spotter is decent. If you don’t need anything fancy, custom, or complicated, the Emarth is your best bet.

Mediocre has never been a bad thing, and it might be what you’re looking for if you need a first-time buy. Take a risk on the cheap spotting scope and see what it can do for you. You don’t get to be a glassing pro overnight, it’s going to take some practice, knocks, and dings to promote up from amateur, and the Emarth can get you there!

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Barska Colorado 15-40×50

BARSKA 15-40x50 Colorado Spotting Scope

If you don’t care about what your scope looks like, and you just need something very cheap to get glassing right now, the Barska Colorado is your top pick. It’s also been the top pick for hundreds of hunters that need a practical power range with a large aperture. Combine the shock-absorbing armor with its weatherproofness, and you’ve got an optic that will stay and endure with you in the field.

Don’t be discouraged by it’s incredibly low price. Barska ensured the best quality in this scope for its price range by sticking with BK7 glass, fully coated optics, and a single focus system. If anyone’s going to be arrested today, it won’t be you, it should be Barska for offering something so cheap that you can’t believe it. Pick it up and see if you can speed away to your hunt with the Colorado now!

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Celestron LandScout 10-30X50

Landscout 10-30x50 Spotting ScopeCelestron sneaks its way into our top picks with the LandScout 10-30X50 to claim the fourth spot for the best hunting spotting scope in this affordable price range. Why? Because it’s the best compact spotting scope for the entry level and low budget crowd.

It’s small, lightweight, and cheap – in price that is. It can be handheld even though a tripod is thrown in with the roughly $50 purchase of the spotting scope. Not too shabby, right?

But, if you’re looking for glass that can get you seeing clear and sharp groupings at and beyond 200 yards, you’d be asking too much. This spruce, little gadget can only give you 100 yards before the quality tuckers out.

However, Celestron really knows how to kick up the game when it comes to punching out some of the best value spotting scopes you’ll find in the market. Just check out the rest of their line up here if they’ve peaked your curiosity.

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Simmons ProSport 20-60X60

Simmons ProSport 20-60 x 60mmThe Simmons 20-60X60 spotting scope is under $80, and it’s a fair-priced low budget optic that will do great for many beginner hunters. Its strengths lie in the 20-40X range, it’s fully weatherproof, and it has full-body armor.

This straight-bodied spotting scope is exactly what it portrays itself to be – a high quality optic for the price. For functional use while at the range, it’s an excellent option. And, I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t be sending this scope back for a refund, and I’ve seen this done aplenty with scopes hundreds of dollars more!

For a hunter who wants a low-maintenance pal for affirmative bullet strikes while out at the range, you should give Simmons a chance. They’ve raked in the reviews, they’ve got a prevailing reputation, and best of all, they’ve got the right price.

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What to Look for in a Cheap Spotting Scope

How can you tell if you’re getting a good deal when you’re buying a spotting scope under $100? You’ve gotta know what to look for. Yes, we harp on this all the time-you’ve got to know what you’re looking for in a quality optic. Oftentimes, you’re looking at imported spotting scopes with the bare minimum. These spotters won’t be able to provide quality that can get you stunning clarity at 300 yards plus, but it can still land you that buck at sub-250 yard hunting, or to see groupings at a 100 yard splatter target. Here’s the specifics on what to keep your eyes peeled for.

  • Design: Consider whether angled or straight is for you.
  • Glass: The higher the quality, the better.
  • Coatings: The more, the better.
  • Low Power 10-40X: You want to make sure you get accurate distances with these spotting scopes by being brand-specific. Going higher-powered (20-60X)in this price range will result in poorer image quality at max power.
  • Eye relief 13-18 mm: Ensure your investment is comfortable to glass with.
  • Exit pupil 3-5 mm: Smaller than 3 mm? Expect to lose out on a lot of light-gathering potential.
  • Aperture: Going larger might seem better, but just remember you’re tacking on weight with each size increase.
  • Size/Weight: Be activity specific here. Don’t go heavy weight if you’re trekking and plan on using your spotter hand-held. Go compact instead. You can afford to go heavy and large if you’re stationary most of the time for things like birdwatching and wildlife observation.
  • Durability: Look for rubber armored bodies, waterproofness, and fog-proof features.


Spend Less, Gain More!

You don’t have to forfeit value when you spend less than a full hundo on your spotter buy. There are some golden nuggets in the spotting scope market when you’re looking to spend the bare minimum.

The key to getting an excellent deal is to stay low powered (10-40X) and to find the best glass and coatings possible. When you keep your focus where it needs to be, no dollar will be wasted. Spend less but gain more when you buy as an informed buyer!


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