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Bestguarder NV-S-01 Night Vision Camera Scope Review

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Finding a night vision camera scope system that’s cheap and works will be tough to find.

They either have poor imaging quality or they’re only good enough for target practice cartridges.

If that has been your experience while searching the budget night vision scope market, you need to meet the Bestguarder NV-S-01.

It’s better built than most of its kind, has decent night vision imaging, and it has all the digital perks you may be interested in like WiFi and recording.

How good is it really?

Let’s find out.

Update: The Bestguarder NV-S-01 appears to have been discontinued. For more great options, check out our lineup of the top cheap NV scopes here.

Quick Overview...

What We Like: Price

What We Don’t Like: 2.4” LCD screen

Best Uses: Night Shooting, Day Shooting, Hunting, Scouting, Varmint Control, Digital NV, Close-Range Detection

  • Sensor: CMOS
  • Magnification: N/A
  • FOV: 9-degrees
  • Display Resolution: 1020x780
  • Eye Relief: N/A
  • Color Modes: Day & Night
  • Battery: 2x 18650
  • Dimensions: Unknown

Our Verdict: As one of the better built camera scope systems in the market, the Bestguarder NV-S-01 has some value. Bestguarder is an established budget brand and this model has already seen some action in the field. If you’re strapped for cash but want the best of the cheapest night vision technology available, this is one of the better ones.

Who is the Bestguarder NV-S-01 Best Suited to?

This is the type of cheap night vision scope setup for a hunter who wants night vision but can only spend so much. Even the best of the affordable digital scopes don’t come in this cheap. So, if you can’t stretch your funds to reach $500, you’re limited to camera scope systems.

The Bestguarder NV-S-01 is not a long-range night vision scope, but it does provide decent 100-yard image quality. If you’re hunting hogs at night or eradicating a pest infestation, this is a cheap alternative to real night vision to help you get started.

How Does the Bestguarder NV-S-01 Perform?

Bestguarder is a well-known budget brand, so it should come as no surprise that they have such a product that provides night vision – well, limited night vision.

It’s similar to the DIY camera scope systems that incorporate use of an IR flashlight, camera, and display. The NV-S-01 does things a little differently by incorporating two of the components together and throws in a slew of digital features that most budget camera systems lack.

As such, it could be tedious to use in the field as you toggle with recording settings, screen settings, and trying to achieve image focus. But there are many who want these features if they’re going to have digital tech. May as well start recording while you’re waiting for hogs to come squealing into range, right?

The overall system is bulky and big, so you may need to think about how much bulk and heft you want to add to your weapon system. It might not be for you, but the extra beef makes it a tad more recoil-resistant than most alternatives of its kind.

For night vision on a budget, it qualifies as a functional scope setup. For all the added bells and whistles, it qualifies as a high-performing, do-it-all scope for the day and night shooter on a budget.

Features & Benefits

Digital Night Vision Scope Recorder for Rifle Hunting with WiFi Function...
  • Ultra Sensitive:Night Vision mode delivers enhanced and rapid target acquisition at the furthest ranges with improved resolution, higher sensitivity, and smooth...


The Bestguarder camera scope system is more than double the price of most of its kind, so you’d think that it would instantly be a thumbs down on this aspect. However, the Bestguarder has multiple features that the cheaper alternatives just do not have.

You’re also paying more for the better recoil resistance and weatherproofing of IPX6. It’s still a budget night vision setup, but it has a lot more going for it than the $150 models of its kind.

Digital Features

The NV-S-01 is feature-packed much like conventional digital night vision scopes. It’s closer to being a digital scope than it is to the camera scope setups like the BestSight and NiteOwl NV-G1, but it still retains the separate camera that attaches to the eyebell of the daytime scope.

As far as features go, it has the works. Video, photos, time lapse – it can all be done through the button interface on the camera module at the rear end of the scope. It even allows you to record audio! You save it all to the mini TF card that is included in the buy. There is a micro USB 2.0 port, an AV socket, and power socket.

The Bestguarder camera scope features WiFi compatibility. You can use your smartphone to adjust digital settings and watch in real time to the device.


Every camera scope system requires a day scope for use. You should note that a day scope is not included in this buy. With the camera system, you cannot put your eye to the scope as you would normally use it because the camera sleeve replaces this need. Instead, you must use a heads-up shooting method and use the display as your visual sight on the target and scene.

The Bestguarder is different to most other camera systems because both the IR illuminator and display screen are one unit. Since the IR is built-in, you cannot remove it, but there isn’t anything saying that you can’t use an external one for additional light and distance.

The one-piece unit mounts to the scope tube between the turrets and eyebell of the day scope. The camera sleeve and camera module mount to the eyebell. There are three different size sleeves included in the package that will fit your eyebell to allow mounting of the module. Ocular apertures larger than 50 mm are not compatible with this system.

Recoil Resistance

Most camera setups are not really recoil proof at all as they’re best suited to low-cal cartridges like rimfires. However, the Bestguarder NV-S-01 may have a sturdier build than the rest because it’s been mounted on 243 WIN, 6.5 PRC, and more.

Even so, it’s best recommended for light recoil rifle systems. The main concern is ensuring the batteries do not come loose out of position within the battery compartment. This could be very tedious indeed if this happens in the field.

Detection Range

Besguarder reckons you’ll acquire 200-300 yard plus detection ranges, but it just simply isn’t the case. Visibility with digital scopes without being spotted by animals and other humans requires IR illumination, so it really depends on how powerful the IR is. The 940 nm IR can probably provide clear imaging from 80-100 yards. To achieve greater distance, you’ll need to add another IR source.

As such, this is a close-range shooting night vision rifle scope. You can do a lot within 100 yards when you’re hidden and have night vision in your hands.


Digital Night Vision Scope Recorder for Rifle Hunting with WiFi Function...
  • Ultra Sensitive:Night Vision mode delivers enhanced and rapid target acquisition at the furthest ranges with improved resolution, higher sensitivity, and smooth...

2.4” LCD Screen

The model available is the 2.4” LCD screen. While the brand is talking about a 4.3” screen, the 2.4” is the one in circulation.

This is pretty small for a display of this type of camera scope system especially when the BestSight NV Camera Scope has a 5” display.

It could provide the benefit of less off-screen glow especially if you tone down the brightness. It also has a lot more digital features than its alternatives. So, the compromise for more digital performance means a smaller screen. You need to determine if it’s worth it.

Popular Questions

Where is the Bestguarder Night Vision Scope Made?

While there are Bestguarder retailers that ship product throughout the United States, their products are made in China.

Does the Bestguarder NV-S-01 Take AA Batteries?

No, the Bestguarder NV-S-01 is not compatible with AA batteries. The camera scope requires 2x 18650 batteries for operation. The package does not include batteries which means they must be purchased separately.
A 5V USB battery bank can be used with the scope and plugged into the display unit.

What Rifle Scopes will the NV-S-01 Fit?

The Bestguarder NV-S-01 comes with three camera sleeves that attach to the eyebell of the daytime rifle scope. Sleeve sizes includes 35mm, 40-45mm, and 45-50mm. The sleeves will not fit scopes with an ocular aperture larger than 50mm.

What are the Knobs on the Display Unit of the Bestguarder Night Vision Scope?

The knob on the left controls the built-in IR. The knob on the right controls the display’s brightness settings. All other functions can be found on the camera module.

How do you Set Up the Bestguarder NV-S-01 Camera?

Load the battery compartment of the display/IR unit. Use the mounting ring to mount the unit to the scope tube. Mount the camera sleeve followed by the camera module. Attach the cable.


Although better than many of its kind in the market, it’s still a budget scope. It may not have the long-lasting build quality to see you through a lifetime of use, but it will provide time enough to save up for an upgrade.

The Sightmark Wraith HD could be an excellent alternative that is within budget of under $500 and is an actual digital rifle scope.

But you wouldn’t be considering the Bestguarder if you could afford the Sightmark now would you? There is no denying that the NV-S-01 is more affordable, and even so, it’s not lacking anything in features and performance. For that – it’s a win.

Digital Night Vision Scope Recorder for Rifle Hunting with WiFi Function...
  • Ultra Sensitive:Night Vision mode delivers enhanced and rapid target acquisition at the furthest ranges with improved resolution, higher sensitivity, and smooth...

Update: The Bestguarder NV-S-01 appears to have been discontinued. For more great options, check out our lineup of the top cheap NV scopes here.

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