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HHA Optimizer Lite Review (Bow Sight With Tool-Less Adjustments)

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HHA OL 5519 Bow Sight
Image Credit - HHA Sports

Product Model: OL-5519
Type: Sight pin
Dexterity: Right
Number of Pins: 1-pin
Pin Size: .019
Construction: Aluminum

Best Uses: Target shooting, 3-D Archery, Hunting

HHA Optimizer Lite Bow Sight Review

HHA has dominated the market for the past 14 years, and they've been around for much longer than that.

What do they do?  They specialize in the best moveable sights the industry can offer.  From build quality to accuracy and preciseness, they're the best in the field.

What does the Optimizer Lite offer?  Let's dial in and find out.

The Optimizer Lite is the 5500 Series of single-pin bow sights.  While there are some die-hard multiple pin sight loyalists out there, it doesn't mean the Optimizer Lite doesn't stand a chance.  It has more than a few features to offer both hunters and 3D shooters.

To start with, it has tool-less micro adjustable knobs to conveniently move the sight housing as you find necessary.  The knobs are also vibration-resistant so they won't come out of place when out in the field.

The moveable pin has 5 feet of .019" fiber optics that works with an integrated, machined rheostat to improve visibility and brightness - no batteries to fail on you!

One of the key features that has the masses raving are the ultra-precise yardage tapes that you can set in 5 yard increments right up to 80 yards.  Simply sight in for 20 and 60 yards, and use the appropriate pre-marked yardage tape, and you're bound to get dead-on.  Plus, the yardage tapes are said to be the best in the industry, and guess what, they're water-resistant too.

Made in the USA, it has a CNC-machined aluminum build that's tough and lightweight at the same time.  A lot of buyers have specifically said they love the build construction as it feels durable and more high quality than even other aluminum sights.


  • Price
  • Tool-less micro adjustments
  • Precise yardage tapes included
  • Vibration-resistant knobs
  • 5 ft of .019 fiber optics


  • Limited range scale
  • No 3rd axis adjustment

HHA Optimizer Lite Q&A:

What are the Specs for the Optimizer Lite OL-5519?

The OL-5519 model has 1 5/8" sight housing size.  It also has one .019 pin, and this model is Right hand only.

Is there a Left-hand Optimizer Lite?

Since this is not an interchangeable bow sight, this is a right-hand model only.  However, there is a left-hand sight for this exact model with the product number of OL-5519LH.

Does the Optimizer Lite Bow Sight come with the Rheostat?

This OL-5519 model does come with the rheostat.  However, the OL-5019 model has the same features and specs as the 5519, but it doesn't come with a rheostat.

What is the limited range scale?

The pre-marked sight tapes are limited to 60 yards.  Additionally, you may need an adapter to drop or get the sight further away from the riser to extend your range beyond 80 yards.

How many Yardage Tapes are included with the Optimizer Lite bow sight?

Approximately 52 water-resistant tapes are included with the bow sight purchase.

Does HHA's Optimizer bow sight Accept a Lens?

Yes, the OL accepts a lens.  It's compatible with B-2, 4, or 6 power lens kits.

Is the Optimizer Lite easy to use?

If you read all the instructions, the bow sight is easy to mount and use.  It's also faster to sight in than other bow sights thanks to its smooth and tight tool-less micro adjustments that are spot-on with the appropriate yardage tape.

The knobs can also freeze your adjustments in place, and they're knurled enough that your fingers won't slip with or without gloves.

What is the Warranty on the HHA Optimizer Lite?

This product is 100% covered with a lifetime warranty from HHA.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Tool-less micro adjustments for easy use
  • Industry-best, water-resistant yardage tapes
  • 5ft of .019 fiber optic material securely housed
  • 100% Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Our Verdict on the HHA Optimizer Lite

Narrowing things down, the HHA Optimizer Lite OL-5519 bow sight is a market favorite.  Not only is it a high-quality single pin bow sight, it's made by one of the best moveable pin sight manufacturers around.

HHA OL 5519 Bow Sight
Image Credit - HHA Sports

The Optimizer Lite series has been a long-time favorite that has proven its accuracy, ease-of-use, and quality with its trend record. Those are just some of the reasons it took out a spot on our list of the top bow sights below $200.

But, if you want to up the ante with even more quality and features, and of course, the price, the HHA Sports King Pin XL will fit the bill.  3D shooters will love the .010 fiber optic moveable pin, precision-machined brass rack, and an interchangeable wheel.  Sounds pricey?  It is.

Another alternative is the APEX Gear Covert 1-pin bow sight that comes with both .010 and .019 pins.  Change out the pin for the type of shooting you'll be doing for the week or for the day!  You can move the sight housing both vertically and horizontally, pins colors are interchangeable, and you have 2nd/3rd adjustable axes.

How much is it?  Not that much.  You'll have to check out the Covert 1-pin here to find out.

The Optimizer Lite bow sight is said to be the "#1 selling single pin adjustable sight on the market . . . Voted top single pin . . .  for 14 years running."  That's one heck of a statement to make - good thing it's true.

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