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Vortex Diamondback 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope Review (Angled)

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diamondback 20-60x60 angled spotting scope
Image Credit - Vortex Optics

Viewing Configuration: Angled
Magnification: 20-60X
Power Variability: Variable
Adjustable Eyepieces: No
Eyepiece included: Yes
Objective Diameter: 60 mm
Close Focus Distance: 20 feet
Length: 14 inches
Weight: 33.8 ounces
Field of View: 114-51 feet/1000 yards
Eye Relief/Exit Pupil: 17-14 mm/ 3-1 mm
Optics Coatings: Fully Multi-Coated
Glass: BAK4
Focus System: Focus Knob/Single Focus
Waterproof/Fog-proof: Yes/Yes
Digiscope adaptable: Yes

Best Uses: Hunting, For the Range, Birdwatching, Wildlife Observation, Photography

Update: This Diamondback 20-60x60 spotting scope has been discontinued and replaced with the all new Diamondback HD 16-48x65 spotting scope. Check it out at Optics Planet and Amazon.

Vortex Diamondback Spotting Scope

This porro prism Diamondback has 20-60X magnification, fully multi-coated coatings, and even dielectric prism coatings to give this scope a punch of optical power. It's also fully weatherproof with a built-in sunshade, adjustable twist up eyecups, and a rotating tripod ring.

Online, it has a good rating with more than a couple of dozen reviewers. This Diamondback is also one of Vortex's more popular spotting scopes that has a high number of reviews.

The Diamondback series is just one of three that Vortex has in its spotting scope offerings. And, this particular 60 mm model gets the featured spot since the 80 mm is borderline impractical for most hunters.

Also, the angled is quite popular even though its straight counterpart has a star rating that's worth noticing later on in this Vortex scope review.

To find out all there is to know before you buy Diamondback spotting scopes, make sure you read our insightful Q&A.


  • Price
  • Digiscope adaptable
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Rotating tripod ring
  • High quality


  • Single Focus

Diamondback 20-60X60 Spotting Scope Q&A:

Is this a porro prism spotting scope?

Yes! The Diamondback spotting scopes have porro prisms for maximum image quality since internal light reflections in the optical pathway will be kept to a minimum.

Additional advantages of porro prism scopes are the fact that they don't need any extra fancy phase coatings and they are easier to manufacture.

This in turn means more optical performance and superior image quality for the best prices possible.

What type of glass are the porro prisms made out of?

This is a question that I see a lot all over online forums. So, to answer it nice and clearly, this Diamondback has BAK4 prism glass.

BAK4 is generally seen as superior glass to BK7 glass because of its higher refractive index rate and expected, round exit pupil without any grey caps.

Can I see bullet holes from 300 yards?

With good eyesight and splatter targets at the range, you should be able to see your bullet strikes at that distance.

Now, with that being said, for 20-60X power, you'd expect a lot more distance from it, am I right? Unfortunately, it seems the higher in power you go after about 40X, you'll start to lose sharpness, clarity, and focus.

So, those 30-06 holes might not be visible the further out you shoot.

Is this a high-end spotting scope?

The Diamondback series of spotting scopes is born from the same bloodline as the Diamondback binoculars series. And, both series are made with affordability in mind.

This isn't the high-end series for Vortex, instead, it's the entry-level line.

But, it does feature some high-end qualities such as being fully waterproof and fog-proof and it has XR fully multi-coated coatings and Dielectric prism coatings. That's a lot of swank for an entry-level optic.

What is the VIP warranty?

Vortex prides themselves in the way they run their company and its relationship with their customers. The VIP warranty is pretty much a one-of-a-kind type of warranty because it's unlimited and unconditional.

This means that you can toss it off the cliff side, drop it in the lake, and buy it used from a private seller and still Vortex will repair or replace it for free.

They don't care how the defect and damage happens, who did it, or when. You don't need to hold onto a receipt, provide proof of ownership, or fill out a warranty card. And, this is all for life!

How much does the Diamondback cost?

Online, this angled Diamondback comes in around $400 with free shipping. For the quality and the warranty, that's an excellent price!

The straight 20-60X60 also costs approximately $400 online. And delightfully, it has an excellent rating as well. Now, the beastly 80 mm models will run you up around $500. If these prices are out of your budget right now, you might find something more in your price range among our other picks of the best spotting scopes - check them all out here.

Noteworthy Features:

  • 20-60X magnification for long distance and fine detail viewing while out in the field
  • 60 mm objective lens for ultimate light gathering abilities and more convenient than the 80 mm
  • XR Fully Multi-Coated Coatings and Dielectric Prism Coatings for excellent light transmission and reflectivity
  • Fully fog-proof and waterproof to endure endure even the harshest terrain and weather
  • Porro prism spotting scope for ultimate optical performance
  • Angled design for more ergonomic and comfortable use
  • Built-in sun-shade, durable rubber twist up eyecups, and rotating tripod ring for convenient and intuitive use
  • Backed by Vortex's VIP Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

Our Verdict on the Diamondback 20-60X60 Spotter

The scoop on the scope is, the Vortex Diamondback 20-60X60 spotter has great value. It's one of our favorite spotting scopes under $500, because it's clean, easy to use, and it has excellent quality to match its price. But, it only has a single focus system. We suppose it would cost more for the dual focus system, but we can't have everything for cheap now, can we?

An affordable Vortex that does offer the dual focus system is the Vortex Optics Viper HD 15-45x65 spotting scope. It will cost a little more, but if the fine adjustments with less revolutions is worth it to you, you'll be ecstatic with the buy.

Vortex is famous across the United States for their high quality at affordable prices. Honestly, they're hard to beat when you're looking for both functionality and affordability in one. Vortex might just be the new kind of movement you need to join!

Update: This Diamondback 20-60x60 spotting scope has been discontinued and replaced with the all new Diamondback HD 16-48x65 spotting scope. Check it out at Optics Planet and Amazon.

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