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Pulsar Digex N455 Digital Night Vision Scope Review

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Digital night vision scopes are hit and miss products when it comes to market and consumer success.

But Pulsar is looking to bring about a change in digital NV scope quality which is apparent with the release of the Digex N455 digital night vision rifle scope.

The Pulsar Digex is bursting at the brim with fully-loaded features, has a familiar look and feel to it, and is very user-friendly.

Could it be the next hit product for digital NV scopes?

You decide.

Update: The Digex N455 has been discontinued. Check out the current range of Pulsar night vision devices here. Alternatively, we have reviewed some great night vision scopes here.

Quick Overview...

What We Like: Traditional aesthetic appeal

What We Don’t Like: One NV display mode

Best Uses: Night Shooting, Day Shooting, Tactical Use, Hunting, Scouting, Varmint Control

  • Sensor: CMOS
  • Magnification: 4-16x
  • FOV: 30-degrees
  • Display Resolution: 1024x768
  • Eye Relief: 50 mm/2”
  • Color Modes: Black & White
  • Battery: Dual Li-ion 5+ hrs
  • Dimensions: 15.3 x 3 x 3”/2.09 lbs
Pulsar Digex N455 digital night vision rifle scope
Image Credit - Pulsar NV

Our Verdict: The Pulsar Digex Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope is a high-end product for the most avid shooters who want 500-meter shooting distances at night. It’s long-range, feature-packed, and hardcore. Lacking nothing, the Digex offers it all.

Who is the Pulsar Digex N455 Best Suited to?

Pulsar Digex N455 digital night vision rifle scope
Image Credit - Pulsar NV

Digital scopes are more affordable than true night vision rifle scopes, but the Digex is pushing the budget to where you could almost afford a Gen 1 scope. So, why go the digital route?

The Digex N455 digital night vision scope is best-suited to those who want a night vision scope that can also be used for daytime shooting. With its new and classy body style, it looks like it belongs on a rifle in the full, bright sun just as any conventional daytime scope does.

It’s also the right type of scope for those who want all the extra features a digital scope offers including connection via WiFi to an app. While the control interface is intuitive, it will be an easy navigation process for shooters who are already familiar with digital Pulsar products.

If you have a huge budget and you are a fan of Pulsar then you might want to have a look at the Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XP50 thermal rifle scope. Alternatively if you don't need all the extra features the N455 has you might be interested in the very simple but quality Yukon Sightline N450S digital night vision scope.

How Does the Pulsar Digex N455 Digital Night Vision Scope Perform?

YouTube video

The Digex N455 is a super digital NV rifle scope. It has a very traditional feel about it thanks to its looks, but as a digital scope, it packs a lot under its unassuming hood.

More than one battery allows extended operating use, 4-16x magnification gets you close-up vision, and of course, as a digital device, you can safely use this enhanced night vision scope as a daytime scope too.

The AMOLED display with 1024x768 HD resolution and 1280x720 resolution CMOS sensor provides excellent sharpness and detail in both day and night viewing.

Although heavier than some of the new alternatives to the market, it’s still lightweight for a NV scope weighing in at 2.09 lbs. It’s rated to be recoil-proof for high-shock calibers such as 12 gauge, 9.3x64, .375 H&H, and more.

The Digex is an impressive piece of NV gear and is at the top of its game for a high-end digital scope. If you are looking for a coyote hunting scope, this would be a great option. Another great option in a similar price range is the Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 night vision riflescope.

Features & Benefits

Pulsar Digex N455 streaming to mobile phone
Image Credit - Pulsar NV

Traditional Aesthetic Appeal

Pulsar did well in mimicking the look of a traditional daytime scope in this digital night vision version. What appears to be mechanical turrets are actually holders and caps for other scope parts.

The center turret is the replaceable battery compartment. The left turret is the digital control panel, and the right turret is the USB access port.

Gone are the days of these brick-style digital NV scopes and what’s trending is the simulated look of a traditional daytime scope. The 30 mm tube is now standard for this series and you can also mount it as low as possible to clear the bore.

Slim, elegant lines and ergonomic styling goes a long way in performance and aesthetic appeal. This is a NV scope that is right at home on your rifle during the day as it is for night.

Stream Vision App

You’re definitely paying more for the Digex’s ability to connect to your smartphone or tablet via your device’s WiFi connection through the free Stream Vision app.

While not every hunter needs to utilize this feature, it’s extremely convenient for performing remote firmware updates to avoid having to send it in to the manufacturer.

You can also upload any videos and audio you record while out in the field, take advantage of the ballistic app for zeroing, and you can watch live in real-time to see what the scope is seeing from the connected device. Of course, you can also access digital settings to your scope and make adjustments to brightness, contrast, reticles, and more.

What is worth mentioning is the motion sensor feature as seen through the extra pair of eyes – your phone or tablet. Set your scope on the area of interest and when a prowler steps into range, the display on your device will draw a red box around the suspect that has caused the motion detector to activate. You can set this alert for an audio tone and/or vibration if you’re busy or distracted.

50 Zeroing Distances

Not to be overlooked on the Digex is the capability to have multiple zeros. You can save up to five profiles with the scope, meaning, you can save specific information on the scope for up to five guns. This saves you the tedious chore of having to re-zero every time you mount it to a new gun. 

What’s more is that within each profile, you can save up to 10 zeros. This means that you can sight-in your rifle for multiple distances and select it from the menu to customize your setup for any unpredictable situation you find yourself in out in the field. As expected, the crosshairs will change position appropriately with each zero that has been selected.

Speaking of crosshairs, the digital scope has 10 reticle patterns and 8 reticle colors to choose from. All are set with FFP (First Focal Plane) style scaling, so you will always retain a constant holdover and aiming point regardless of magnification.

One shot zeroing is easy to do thanks to the Picture-in-Picture Mode that displays a 10% high-zoom frame of the target at the top of the screen while you can still visually keep an eye on the entire field of view.

Compound Continuous Power System

This is the genius battery system that runs the digital interface of the Digex rifle scope. There are two rechargeable batteries with one internal battery and one removable battery.

The scope functions primarily off the removable battery that is hidden in what looks to be the elevation turret. When that battery dies or needs to be replaced, power is then sourced from the internal battery. You can then replace the removable battery with a new one to divert power consumption back to the removable battery with no interruption to scope use.

The removable battery is said to provide 5+ hours of operating time. The internal battery can be charged via a USB cable that connects to a port hidden in the right turret as is what would be the windage turret in a traditional rifle scope. 


Pulsar Digex N455 mounting to rifle
Image Credit - Pulsar NV

One NV Display Mode

There’s little to complain about on the Digex N455. But if we’re going to be extra scrutinous, we will point out that there is only one night vision display mode, black/white. This isn’t a big deal to most people as it’s usually preferred over the emerald green display of most inexpensive NV gear, but having the ability to change out the display color would be a nice feature for those who want it.

Popular Questions

What is the Difference Between the Digex N450 and the N455?

The Digex digital night vision rifle scopes themselves are identical. The only difference is the IR illuminator that is included with the specific model.
The N450 comes with a detachable 850 nm illuminator (long-range) that offers 550 meters in detection range. The N455 comes with a detachable 940 nm illuminator (invisible) that provides a 500-meter detection range.

What Kind of Eyecup does the Digex Night Vision Rifle Scope Have?

A typical-looking eyecup for digital rifle scopes is included in the buy. It’s easily removable and attachable given that it has a magnetic fixing that instantly keeps it fixed to the eyepiece.

Is There Any Lag or Delay When Starting up the Pulsar Digex?

Once the power on button has been pressed, start-up is almost instantaneous as it turns on within three seconds.
There is also a customizable automatic shut-off feature that activates after a period of non-use or if the scope is set to specific inclination, vertical, and/or horizontal angles.

How Far can the Pulsar Digital N455 Rifle Scope See?

The Digex N455 has a digital processing sensor that provides enhanced night vision with or without ambient light. Its night vision quality is excellent even without use of the included IR. You can achieve up to a 500-meter detection range.

What is the Warranty on the Digex N455 Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope?

The warranty card included with the Digex states the specific warranty terms and supersedes any generic claims of warranty protection by the manufacturer. However, Pulsar states that they provide a 5-year warranty for their active-in-market products and a 1-year warranty on the supplied batteries.


The new hailing of the Digex digital scope is something to take notice of. It offers a lot of potential for night hunters who are looking for a versatile night vision scope without having to break the bank.

Its familiar look and feel makes it even more attractive to those who want to sport it as a daytime scope as well.

But, most of all, it does what it claims to do. As the minimum requirement of what you should require of any scope, the Digex is worth every cent.

Update: The Digex N455 has been discontinued. Check out the current range of Pulsar night vision devices here. Alternatively, we have reviewed some great night vision scopes here.

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