Simmons Rifle Scope Reviews: 2 Scopes Under $100!

If you’ve been wandering the vast expanse of the rifle scope industry for a quality scope for blue collar prices, then get your wallet out now because you’ve come to the right place.

You already know what you want to see in a scope… decent adjustments, some ranging power, and good glass. What you don’t want to see is a hefty price tag that you’d later have to explain to your other half.

Good thing for you, there is such a scope that has everything you need, all packaged up in a too-good-to-be-true price. We check out 2 such scopes in this Simmons rifle scope review.

Who are Simmons?

Simmons has been around a lot longer than some of you folks out hunting for a rifle scope today. For over two decades, they’ve established themselves as a leader in the optics market. They’re notorious for providing exactly what you need without charging you an arm and a leg for it.

While optics are becoming high-value, high-end products, the costs mirror the same upwards trend. But, Simmons has your back. While they keep up with the competing trends of innovative standards, they maintain their prices with the digits hunters want to see.

If you want some serious high-quality features in one, super budget-friendly optic, this is the rifle scope you want.

Simmons Rifle Scope Reviews

Both of these featured rifle scopes have Simmons’ Truplex reticle with thin lines that enable you to always see the kill zone of your prey. The featured models have a variable power range of 3-9 with 40 mm objective lens; plenty enough power and lens size for maximum light collection.

These specs are also the preferred standard for most hunters that stalk in diverse conditions. And, to kick it all off with a cherry on top, they’re both under $100! Sounds, too good right? Let’s take a look if Simmons really does deliver on premium features for unbelievably low prices.

Simmons 8-Point 3-9X40 Review

simmons-8-point-3-9x40The Simmons 8-Point 3-9X40 is a no-nonsense, solid, and practical rifle scope for any tactical shooter or hunter. With hundreds of reviews online to date, hunters, target shooters, and plinkers have all chimed in over the years, and they’ve rated it very highly.

For such an affordable scope, it’s definitely earned every positive review it secured.

This particular Simmons 8-Point rifle scope was the pick of the litter because of all the premium features it has for such an unbeatable price. This rifle scope proves that it’s not always about how expensive your optics are, it’s about how well you use them. There’s nothing left to say other than, “Well done, Simmons”.

But if you do have more questions before you dish out for this Simmons scope, lets get them answered here:

8-Point 3-9X40 Rifle Scope Q&A:

Q. What is Truplex?

A. This 8-Point 3-9X40 rifle scope has the Truplex reticle that features a cross that reaches all the way to the top, bottom, left, and right of the lens. Towards the middle, the cross hairs become thinner allowing you to see exactly where your point of impact will be.

All the 8-Point rifle scopes have the Truplex reticle, while most of the ProHunter line have it too.

Q. What is the image quality like for such a cut-price scope?

A. The Simmons 8-Point rifle scope has fully coated optics. Each air-to-glass lens is coated at least once to improve contrast and enhance brightness for a clear and crisp image.

Simmons scopes have great clarity and sharpness when it comes to image quality, again, especially for the price range it’s in. In fact, according to Simmons scope reviews, there are rarely ever any complaints about it. They’re praised for their quality glass.

Q. Will the Simmons rifle scope hold a zero, even during recoil?

A. Yes! A legitimate concern for many firearm users is how well the scope will hold zero, even after repeated and strenuous recoil, front and back. Simmons’ patented TrueZero windage and elevation adjustments have a locking mechanism system that holds the zero in place during heavy recoil.

You should note here that this type of adjustment system is a high-end feature that is definitely not seen on rifle scopes in this price range. Many air rifle and heavy caliber firearm users may also be concerned about recoil effects and the scope holding up.

As long as you properly mount your scope with the right mounting rings and base, you’re good to get hunting. So, recoil-proof? Yes, sir!

Q. What firearms can the 8-Point scope be mounted to?

A. Simmons thoroughly puts their rifle scopes through the ringer to ensure that they can honestly and effectively market it to all firearm users. While they do make scopes for shotguns and handguns as well, the 8-Point is aimed at the rifle user, and according to Simmons, they test it on everything.

If you’re wondering whether it’s going to hold up on your AR to a .270, just make sure you properly select the right mounting system and have enough eye relief for recoil clearance. I can’t stress that enough.

Q. What kind of eyepiece system does it have?

A. The Simmons rifle scope uses the fast focus eyepiece system, also known as the European style system. It’s actually becoming more of the norm to use this fast focus eyepiece because of how convenient it is to quickly focus in your reticle for your eyes and get a positive target acquisition faster than ever before.

Simmons calls their system the QTA, Quick Target Acquisition, and both the ProHunter and 8-Point rifle scopes have it.

Q. Are there any other models in the 8-Point line?

A. The 3-9X40 model is one of four in the Simmons 8-Point line. The other models are the 4X32, 3-9X32, and the 3-9X50. They all feature the Truplex reticle, fully coated optics, and the TrueZero scope adjustment system that’s a breeze to use.

Q. Does the Simmons scope have a parallax adjustment?

A. This particular model doesn’t have a parallax adjustment feature or side focus. You’d be hard-pressed to find this feature in scopes double the price of this one. It’s typically reserved for high end rifle scopes or those with very large or high power ranges. Since it’s only really needed for magnification ranges above 8X and for very long ranges, it’s not typically needed for this scope. (For a great scope for long ranges, you may want to read this Burris Eliminator III 4-16X50 Rangefinding Rifle Scope Review.)

This model also features a factory-set parallax setting of 100 yards. If it’s the make-it or break-it feature for you, you may want to check out Simmons’ side focus rifle scopes, such as the Predator/Varmint series or the .44 MAG line. Even these Simmons side focus scopes are still cheaper than other brands for the same feature.

Simmons 8-Point 3-9X40 Specs:

  • Magnification: 3-9X
  • Power Variability: Variable
  • Objective Diameter: 40 mm
  • Length/Weight/Tube Diameter: 12 inches/10.28 ounces/1 inch
  • Field of View: 31.4 – 10.5 feet/100 yards
  • Eye Relief/Exit Pupil: 3.75 inches/3.6 – 10.7 mm
  • Reticle: Truplex
  • Adjustment Info: 1/4 MOA/Click
  • Optics Coatings: Fully coated
  • Finish: Black Matte
  • Waterproof/Shockproof: Yes/Yes
  • Parallax Setting: Factory-set 100 yards
  • Airgun rated: No
  • Illuminated Reticle: No
  • Mounting Rings Included: No

Noteworthy Features:

  • QFA eye-piece for fast focus and easy target acquisition
  • Simmons’ Truplex reticle for clear and crisp cross hairs in any shooting situation
  • Fully coated lenses for deep color contrast and bright images
  • Waterproof, fogproof, and recoilproof to endure even the most rugged hunting conditions
  • 1/4 MOA clicks with TrueZero windage and elevation adjustments with smooth fingertip-action control


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Simmons Prohunter 3-9X40mm Review

simmons-prohunter-3-9x40mmThe Simmons ProHunter 3-9X40 rifle scope is an excellent optic for your shooting needs. While there’s more Simmons scope reviews yet to be submitted, it’s currently boasting a solid rating. There’s more good to be said than anything else about the ProHunter line, with many purchasers completely satisfied with the features and what they paid for it.

This particular model earned a spot on this review for its low price, versatility, and popularity status across the board. Because you can use it in nearly every hunting situation, it makes it an excellent option for the avid hunter.

Target shooting with this rifle scope will help you get dead on without the fancy prices. And, any other recreation shooting with this rifle scope is going to be just good ol’ fun.

What more do you need to know? We have addressed a few of the common questions about this Simmon’s scope below:

ProHunter 3-9X40 Rifle Scope Q&A:

Q. What internal adjustment range does the ProHunter have?

A. This particular Simmons ProHunter model has an internal adjustment range of 60 MOA at 100 yards. This is pretty impressive for an economical rifle scope. Even some top-competing brands with high-end rifle scopes worth hundreds of dollars more only have an internal adjustment range of 40 MOA.

The nice and moderate range of 60 MOA makes it appealing for shooters who enjoy different types of sports such as hunting, plinking, and target shooting of various distances.

Q. Is the ProHunter a versatile scope for all types of shooting?

A. Yes! The Simmons ProHunter line provides excellent versatile scopes for the money. Simmons actually designed this line to fit rifles, hand guns, and shot guns. Gone are the days of only strict rifle use! Simmons brings into the 21st century a scope with the ideal combinations of versatility for every hunter of every kind.

If, in the past you’ve thought a scope was “too much” for your shot gun for turkey hunting, your problems are solved right here with the 4X32 and the 1.5-5X32 models. Perhaps, you may have thought a scope on a hand gun is over the top? Just the opposite. You can master trigger control and preciseness with the 4X32 and the 2-6X32 models. Skeptical?

I used to be one of you guys, so I dare you to give it a shot… you might just find that it could be a refreshing challenge compared to your trusty 308 Winchester rifle.

Q. Are there other reticles available with the Simmons scope?

A. The Simmons ProHunter 3-9X40 model has the Truplex reticle and is also available with the illuminated Truplex reticle. Where the cross hairs get thinner towards the center of the illuminated reticle, it appears red. According to their website, Simmons says they also have these models available with the mil-dot reticle and their Pro Diamond reticle.

Q. What is the Simmons TrueZero technology and does the ProHunter have it?

A. All of the ProHunter rifle scopes, including the 3-9X40 model, have the TrueZero technology that allows for scope adjustments. It uses a ball-bearing and spring system that puts pressure on all steel parts for a tight and locking effect to hold your zero during recoil and use.

The turrets are easy to move with positive clicks for windage and elevation adjustments. With the knobs taken off, they’re still waterproof and sealed, making them impervious to wear and tear. Sighting in is just as easy on this cheap but quality scope as it is on the big-ticket ones.

Q. Does the rifle scope have flip up caps?

A. No, the ProHunter 3-9X40 doesn’t have flip up caps that can stay on during use. However, it does come with caps for cover protection when it’s not in use or when you’re walking around brush and don’t want anything to scratch the glass. They’re easy to put on and they stay on.

As an added bonus, it also comes with a cleaning cloth for lenses. For the prices of these Simmons scopes, any “extra” accessory is really the extra mile beyond what is expected.

Q. What’s the difference between the ProHunter and the 8-Point?

A. There are a lot of similarities between the two series, and even these specific models, that they both share. This includes the magnification range, field of view, eye relief, MOA click value, adjustment range, and even the reticle.

But, they are slightly different when it comes to exit pupil – the ProHunter has a larger dimension, the ProHunter also has the option of various models with different reticle options, and varying other specs that make it suitable for either a shot gun or hand gun. The 8-Point series has only one other fixed magnification model.

Q. Is the 3-9X40 ProHunter waterproof?

A. Yes, the ProHunter 3-9X40, and all of their rifle scopes, are 100 percent waterproof and fog proof. There’s no reason to delay your hunt because the Weather Channel foresees rain. While the whitetails are dancing and prancing in the mud, you can be right there stalking on when they least expect it.

To top it off, this model is also 100 percent recoil proof. Simmons rigorously tested this model and promises that it can hold your zero up to 1,000 rounds, ranging from a .375 H&H magnum rifle or a 12-gauge slug gun with a 3.5″ shell. In fact, that’s the recoil proof guarantee of all their scopes.

Simmons Prohunter 3-9X40 Specs:

  • Magnification: 3-9X
  • Power Variability: Variable
  • Objective Diameter: 40 mm
  • Length/Weight/Tube Diameter: 12 inches/10.8 ounces/1 inch
  • Field of View: 10.5 – 31.4 feet/100 yards
  • Eye Relief/Exit Pupil: 3.75 inches/4.4 – 13.3 mm
  • Reticle: Truplex
  • Adjustment Info: 1/4 MOA/Click
  • Optics Coatings: Multi-coated
  • Finish: Black Matte
  • Waterproof/Shockproof: Yes/Yes
  • Parallax Setting: Factory-set 100 yards
  • Airgun rated: No
  • Illuminated Reticle: No
  • Mounting Rings Included: No

Noteworthy Features:

  • QFA eye-piece for fast focus and easy target acquisition
  • Simmons’ Truplex reticle for clear and crisp cross hairs in any shooting situation
  • Multi-coated lenses for sharper color contrast and crisp images
  • Waterproof, fogproof, and recoil proof to endure even the most rugged hunting conditions
  • 1/4 MOA clicks with TrueZero windage and elevation adjustments with smooth fingertip-action control


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Which is the Best Simmons Rifle Scope for You?

If you’re looking for a cheap scope for your rifle, whether you’re going to be hunting, plinking, or target shooting, the $25-$50 Simmons 8-Point 3-9X40 rifle scope is the winner, and it is unmatched. It’s got more than enough features to get any entry level beginner or novice started.

If you want a little more options to choose from and you’re willing to spend a little more, the ProHunter series is a great line to narrow down which one will better fit your uses. All in all, if you buy a Simmons scope to enhance your recreational shooting enjoyment, you’re not going to be sorry.

No-Nonsense Scopes for Under $100

At this price point, there’s no competition. You can’t do better than this for what you’re going to pay. Skeptics end up buying one just to disprove its worth, but they end up converted almost every single time. With a no-nonsense attitude, premium features without the high cost, and your warranty, there’s nothing stopping you from being “sightless” anymore.

And as a side note, with prices much less than $100, there won’t be any awkward explaining to do to the other half. You might even get a pat on the back for being thrifty. How’s about that? Thanks again, Simmons!