Tasco Binoculars: We Review the Sierra 10×42, Essentials 7×35 & Compact Essentials 10×25

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logo_tascoIf you’re familiar with low budget binoculars, then you’re probably already aware of the American-based optics brand, Tasco. Since they were founded in the 1950s, they’ve been well-known and favored by the entry level user or the easy-going and recreational hunter.

To help give their name a little PR, it might be interesting to you to know that they once bought out another well-known optics brand, Celestron. At that time in ’97 and ’98, Celestron was second behind Meade in telescopes sales across the nation.

Fast forward to today and Tasco is owned by the parent company that also owns Bushnell. So, can you trust Tasco binoculars? Absolutely!

Tasco Binocular Reviews: Essentials & Sierra Series

If you’re a critic of low budget optics and you’re typically dropping a few hundred bucks on one, this isn’t the review for you. But, if you’re like a lot of hunters out there with run-of-the-mill budgets, you’re probably looking within the $10 to $50 range. Now, low budget optics aren’t always “cheap” and they’re not just made for kids.

You can get a quality optic that has a range of magnifications, compact dimensions, color finishes, and varying sizes of objective lenses. But, we’ll get into those full details in the below reviews.

Tasco leaves the fancy dressings and trappings for other brands to fiddle around with. They’re just dedicated to providing the best glass, binocular type options, weatherproof-ability, and colored finishes for the lowest prices in the market.

If you’re not quite convinced, it’s time to get off your high-horse and give the underdog binocular a run for your money.

How Do These Binoculars Compare?

If you’re a hunter who’s glassing in a wide, open area and you need to change up your binocular focusing range in a jiffy for high-stress moments, the Essentials 7X35 has it all. It has an impressive 500 wide field of view, is tripod adaptable, and most importantly, it has the Zip focus system to get you sharp viewing in an instant.

For the hunter who has a little more experience using optics, you’ll appreciate the fast focusing feature. For newbies to this type of technology, you won’t ever know how good you have it until you switch to a new one.

If a compact binocular is going to be your choice, then I highly recommend either the Essentials 10X25 or the 12X25. They’re both going to be excellent options for your general hunting needs. Hunters of all experience levels will get maximum benefits from any one of Tasco’s compact binoculars.

The most expensive binocular in the above reviews was featured for good reason – it’s the fully weatherproof Sierra binocular. The Sierra line offers the only waterproof and fog-proof binoculars in the entire Tasco binocular series. If you’re willing to pay a little bit more, you’ll be secure to stay put when the rain clouds storm in.

Want Low Budget Binoculars? Tasco.

All of Tasco’s binoculars are very easy to use, have incredible low-budget prices, and there are a wide variety of finishes to choose from.

Optics technology has come a long way, not just over the last 50 years, but over our most recent decade. Tasco has used this innovative movement in today’s world to make it more affordable for the average pocket-book.

The brand doesn’t need to compete with the big boys, they don’t need to tack on fancy features, and they don’t need to raise prices on the cost-conscious hunter.

They’ve got the low-budget market’s supply of quality binoculars for hunters who are new to the game.

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