Steiner Binoculars Reviews: The Compact Champ 10×26, Predator 10×42, HX 8×42 & NightHunter LRF 8×30

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steiner_logoIf you want a real lifetime purchase out of a binocular, then Steiner is the no-brainer choice. They will last you forever – do I daresay bomb proof?

If you’re serious about owning a pair of binoculars that’s been fanatically made with numerous processes that oversees the production of every nook and cranny, then you’re about to spend the best $100-$1800 – ever.

Steiner is a German optics brand that takes every binocular build seriously. They’re obsessed with taking exhaustive measures to control production, testing, inspection, quality control, and literally every other process involved in making your optics. They also serve the military by providing indestructible binoculars, so I’m pretty sure a deer hunter is going to be able to trust something they make.

And, with all of their painstaking measures to provide high end and matchless optics, you can trust that your hunting experience is going to be like no other – ever. Their motto says it all… as they put it, “We are Steiner: Optics for Life’s Defining Moments”.

And, for those moments, expect to see ergonomic devices with plenty of texturing and stippling for grip and protection with Makrolon housing. Plus, don’t forget about that German glass with high-contrast coatings for their stellar image quality.

If I’ve got you excited already, then pull up your hunting bib coveralls because this is just the beginning.

Steiner Binocular Reviews: How to Choose The Best For You

A compact and lightweight binocular is a device that every hunter could get used to, and for around $100 for this brands name and quality, it’s a steal. The Champ is exactly that – a champ – especially when it comes to performing excellently as an entry level binocular for an entry level hunter.

But, spending only a couple hundred dollars more will get you the hunting-specific Predator 10X42 binocular that will glass for all types of game. A long-time hunter or a youngin’ to the field will both get long-time and heavy use from this practical binocular.

If you’re looking to spend less than $1000 for a binocular that has everything you could want on it – then the HX series is by far, the way to go. All the innovative technology it has is elegantly built into the ergonomic and streamlined binocular. Every type of game hunter will gladly welcome an HX on their next hunt.

However, sometimes it’s time to splurge and you deserve to get yourself a real bull-magnet that will really change the way you hunt. If you’re ready to have your optic do a little more of the work so you can have just a little more fun, then the Nighthunter LRF is definitely going to be worth it. While it’s pricey, the intuitive technology will be something that hunters of all skill levels will be attracted to.

Hunters new to the game will sweep this up for the extra optical guidance and seasoned pros will appreciate the hard work taken out of the equation for them.


Steiner Knows What Hunters Want

This brand has the German glass, the quality control, and the scientific and engineering know-how to produce some of the finest binoculars in the world.

As a leader in a very small and elite circle of world-class optics, they know exactly what the hunter wants, how to provide it, and how to make it stand the tests of life.

As they put it, “We are Steiner: Optics for Life’s Defining Moments”.

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