Simmons Optics Include Spotting & Rifle Scopes, Binoculars & Rangefinders – We Review The Best In 2019

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Simmons LogoFor over 30 years this American based company has made a name for itself in the sport optics world. As a well-recognized brand in itself, it’s also marketed by Vista Outdoor whose portfolio includes other world-known outdoor and shooting sports brands such as Bushnell, Weaver, CamelBak, Federal Premium Ammunition, and more.

With this kind of foundation behind its name, you know you can get a quality optic that’s specifically made to change your hunting experience from lame to fame.

Simmons Optics is a low budget brand who has proven that successful marketing tactics in the form of approaching the hunter with a transparent and up-front agenda works. Since the early 1980s, the brand has been productive – they’ve dished out some excellent optical innovations with extreme durability like no other in its class.

If you’re wanting to spend as little cash as possible without compromising on quality, to know that you can fill your tag this deer season with a low budget optic, turn to Simmons who knows how to do it all – including how to make sure you get the go-ahead from your spouse to buy the optics you desire.

Simmons Prohunter Truplex
Read reviews of Simmons' best rifle scopes.
Simmons ProSport 12x 50mm Roof-Prism
Read reviews of Simmons' best binoculars.
Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder
Read reviews of Simmons' best rangefinders.
Simmons ProSport 20-60 x 60mm
Read reviews of Simmons' best spotting scopes.

Simmons Rifle Scope Reviews: ProHunter, 8-Point & .22 MAG

If you’ve been wandering the vast expanse of the rifle scope industry looking for a quality scope for blue-collar prices, then get your wallet out now because you’ve come to the right place.

You already know what you want to see in a scope… decent adjustments, some ranging power, and good glass. What you don’t want to see is a hefty price tag that you’d later have to explain to your other half. Good thing for you, there is such a scope that has everything you need, all packaged up in a too-good-to-be-true price.

Simmons Optics has been around a lot longer than some of you folks out hunting for a rifle scope today. For over two decades, they’ve established themselves as a leader in the optics market. They’re notorious for providing exactly what you need without charging you an arm and a leg for it.

While optics are becoming high-value, high-end products, the costs mirror the same upwards trend. But, Simmons has your back. While they keep up with the competing trends of innovative standards, they maintain their prices with the digits hunters want to see. So, if you want some serious high-quality features in one, super budget-friendly optic, this is the brand you want.

Both of the rifle scopes featured here have Simmons’ Truplex reticle with thin lines that enable you to always see the kill zone of your prey. They also have a variable power range of 3-9 with 40mm objective lens; plenty enough power and lens size for maximum light collection.

These specs are also the preferred standard for most hunters that stalk in diverse conditions. And, to kick it all off with a cherry on top, they’re both under $100! Sounds too good, right? Check out the below reviews and let’s see if Simmons really does deliver on premium features for unbelievably low prices.

Simmons Binocular Reviews: 4 ProSport Binoculars Under $100

If you’re the kinda person that gets excited when you spot a deal, then I’m proud to announce that you’re in the right place.

Ditch the bells and whistles, embrace the necessities, and revel in the up-close and personal image quality that Simmons binoculars can bring you. Crystal-clear glass, full weatherproof-ability, and durable armor casings are everything that you need in a good set of binos.

This brand makes it easy for you to navigate their binoculars category with only 13 options to choose from. Now that’s a way to narrow down the selections – which only makes it that much faster to get out in the field tomorrow.

All of their ProSport series binoculars have fully coated or multi-coated lenses, close focus distances of seven meters or under, and a variety of different finishes. And they are all available for under $100!

With your spouse’s approval on such a low budget, let’s not wait any longer to discover the nitty gritty details about these binoculars in the below reviews.

Simmons Rangefinder Review: Volt 600

If you’re in the market for an easy-to-use and effective rangefinder, it must be either hunting and target shooting season or you’re just looking for the perfect accessory to spy on people.

Hopefully it’s the former and you’re wanting to up your ranging game to get the bragging rights you deserve. Without spending a fortune and putting a permanent dent in your wallet, you can have a Simmons rangefinder that’ll stand up next to your buddy’s one.

From yard range to crystal-clear optics, let’s review what this brand has to offer you.

With any laser rangefinder that you’re looking to buy, whether it’s rather inexpensive or ridiculously high-priced, there are two main things that you always want to look for: readability and functionality. Simmons prides itself in producing optics that can deliver quality hunting rangefinders that live up to both those aspects.

Simmons Spotting Scope Review: For the Range & Hunting

Not every hunter is looking for a spotting scope for use during the hunt, but they are looking for something at the range. If this is you, I’m proud to inform you about one of the most affordable scopes often overlooked in reviews – the Simmons 20-60X60 Spotting Scope.

Our review of this spotter will get straight into the essence of what it means to have a decent scope at your side while you’re popping off lead. Think high magnifications, rubber armoring, and BK7 prism glass.

Simmons ProSport 20-60 x 60mmNow, don’t turn your nose up or go to a new page, instead, prepare to be pleasantly surprised that you’re going to get something that has more quality than it should for its price.

Simmons may not be considered a first-tier brand, but they’ve been making hunters happy for many a decade. When you want something that can get the job done well with as little cost as possible without being “cheap”, they should be your first choice.

And, to make that choice even easier, the brand only offers one, quality spotting scope. There’s no point in offering more if you can get everything you have to give in one, well-made device. For dependability, clarity, and high power viewing check out the review right here.

Simmons Optics: No-Nonsense Optics for Under $100

At this price point, there’s no competition. You can’t do better than this for what you’re going to pay. Skeptics end up buying a Simmons just to disprove its worth, but they end up converted almost every single time. With a no-nonsense attitude, premium features without the high cost, and your warranty, there’s nothing stopping you from not being “sightless” anymore.

And as a side note, with prices much less than $100, there won’t be any awkward explaining to do to the other half. You might even get a pat on the back for being thrifty. How’s about that? Thanks again, Simmons!

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