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KonusPro EL-30 4-16x44 Riflescope Review (10 Reticle Options)

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The Konus Pro EL30 is no ordinary rifle scope.

It’s like buying 10 scopes in one unit thanks to its interchangeable reticle system.

That is why we named it as one of the best rifle scopes under $500 in our Round-Up.

It’s cheap enough to check it out and yet priceless for multiple types of shooting applications.

Quick Overview...

What We Like: Interchangeable reticles

What We Don’t Like: Battery life

Best Uses: Big Game Hunting, Small Game Hunting, Varmint Hunting, Target Shooting, Scouting, Close to Long-Range, Light to Heavy Caliber Rifles, LCD Technology, Interchangeable Reticles

  • Magnification: 4-16x
  • Objective Diameter: 44mm
  • Coatings: FMC
  • FOV: 22.6-9.5 ft/100 yds
  • Eye Relief: 3.3-3”
  • Adjustments: 1/10th MIL
  • Dimensions: 13.1”/23.39 oz

Our Verdict: No one scope does it all, but the KonusPro EL-30 certainly gives it a try. Your choice of reticle can make or break possible shots in the field. Having a high-quality scope that can provide options when it comes to this critical feature is more than a curiosity, it’s an essential. For the price and features the EL30 offers, it’s worth the buy even if you end up only using one or two reticles.  

Who is the KonusPro EL-30 4-16X44 Best Suited to?

All types of shooters will find the KonusPro scope an asset to their shooting efforts. It’s excellent for target shooting, long-range work, and big game and varmint hunting. While it does perform decently for close-range and tactical work, it’s still somewhat limited in run-and-go applications since it has 4x power as its lowest magnification with a restricted FOV versus a 1-4x LPVO.

But if you mount the EL30 to your everyday rifle, all-purpose rifle, or your favorite long-range gunner, you’ll find that you can easily switch up your shooting style as needed with the interchangeable reticle system. After all, that’s why you want it, right?

How Does the KonusPro EL-30 4-16X44 Perform?

YouTube video

The KonusPro EL-30 is a workhorse of a scope that offers features and performance beyond its price point.

While the LCD interchangeable reticle technology is definitely its best selling point, it also has other features that lures in the buyer. Locking turrets, a rugged, waterproof body, and 30 mm tube are additional features that adds incredible value to the buy.  

Multiple field tests have been released on the Konus EL-30 and it proves to be a performer both on and off the camera. It tracks accurately between reticle and power changes, holds zero on multiple mid to heavy caliber rifles, and it can be used for everything from varmint hunting to long-range precision work.

One thing to note is that while Konus states that adjustments are in 0.1 mils, the turrets are actually in ¼ MOA increments. Buyers and users of the EL30 have had no issue with the MIL/MOA system. But if you can’t wrap your head around the mil-dot reticle for range estimation and holdovers while using an MOA-based turret system, move on.

Features & Benefits

Interchangeable Reticles

M4 Reticle Option on KonusPro EL-30 4-16x44 Riflescope
M4 Reticle Option on Konus EL-30 4-16x44 Riflescope

The KonusPro EL30 is sort of a digital hybrid rifle scope. It offers 10 interchangeable SFP (Second Focal Plane) reticles with variations of the mil-dot. Choosing the right reticle for the given situation will be critical.

The beauty about LCD reticles is that you can change them as needed on the fly as the current situation demands. Even when moving between them, you still maintain zero, tracking, and POI accuracy. That’s a big deal when you’re introducing multiple reticles in one scope. If there is any shift, it’s sub-MOA and consistent across the board. Bring accuracy to long-range shooting and then switch out reticles for hunting or close-range work.

Powered by a CR2 battery, the obvious downside is that you have no reticle if the battery runs dead. It’s not laser etched glass as this is digital LCD technology. You’ll need to keep spare batteries in your gear so that you’re never left without an aiming point.

Scope Specs

KonusPro EL30 4-16x44 Riflescope side on
Image Credit - Konus

Even with the LCD reticles aside, the EL30 is a solid scope. It’s set up for mid to long-range shooting with its 4-16x magnification. Because you need a battery to operate the reticle system, you’re still saving on weight with the 44 mm aperture versus a larger size.

The scope also has a 30 mm tube and 63.7” of adjustment range at 100 yards. The scope has locking turrets which are a big bonus since they’re exposed and tactical-like. Even with locking turrets, there’s no shift in POI and zero retention is guaranteed.

Optics are FMC (fully multi-coated), the body is made from aluminum, and it’s completely weather, water, and fog-proof. Even the LCD technology is guaranteed to continue working in the harshest conditions. This is a scope that has been submersed in water and frozen solid, and yet, it doesn’t disappoint.

Various Shooting Applications

The interchangeable reticle system offers the shooter a flexible and versatile shooting platform. Each reticle is named and is seen on the screen as you move between them. Since some offer simple crosshairs and others offer a Christmas Tree-style, complex setup, you have the ability to make close-range shots and takes things out for distance.

For the hunter, whether it’s big game or varmints within 300-400 yards, you have reticles M1, M2, and M8 that brings simplicity to the FOV. They’re simple, traditional in style, and yet the M8 offers bullet drop compensation as is needed. They lack windage mil-dots that aren’t typically needed conventional hunting ranges.

For close-range shooting, 4x might be a bit much, but it will work well with reticles M10 and M9. Simple, straight to the point, and best suited to all-purpose rifles like the AR15.

With up to 16x magnification and good adjustment travel, you can make fast adjustments in the field and test the limits of your chosen caliber. Reticles M3, M6, and M7 offer both windage and elevation hashmarks for dialing in, and reticles M4 and M5 offer Christmas Tree setups without too much overwhelm.


M10 Reticle Option on KonusPro EL-30 4-16x44 Riflescope
M10 Reticle Option on KonusPro EL-30 4-16x44 Riflescope

You’ve gotta give it to Konus to bring high-tech quality to the entry-level budget however it is they do it. The EL30 is consistently priced below $500, and while the tech is cool, there are some that just can’t pull the trigger on it.

The good news is that it does hit sale prices under $300 from time to time, and for that price, you’re obligated to try it out.

Konus is already well-known for modestly-priced scopes, and in this case, the EL-30 represents excellent value for what is considered a modest investment.


Battery Life

Battery life isn’t a flaw but still something to consider. Konus doesn’t have much to say on the battery life of the CR2 that powers the LCD technology. It’s said to provide a runtime of over a week’s worth of juice, but that’s still a vague answer. Fortunately, the LCD does have a battery indicator in the view, so you can always keep an eye on that.

The first batch of EL30 scopes didn’t have an automatic shut-off feature, but apparently, when the Italian manufacturer produced the latest batch, they included this feature to conserve battery life. Whether or not you get a model that has the auto-off or not, it’s still best to carry spares on you.

Popular Questions

What Focal Plane are the Reticles on the Konus Pro EL30 Scope?

The scope uses LCD technology to provide the interchangeable reticle system. Konus states that the reticles are all in the second (rear) focal plane.

Are the Reticles on the KonusPro EL-30 4-16x44 Illuminated?

The reticles are not illuminated with either LCD or LED technology. They do not change color or provide illuminated center dots.
The reticles are close to black in color with more of a dark-scale gray shade. Without the CR2 battery to provide the reticles, there will be no visible aiming point through the FOV.

How to Use the Interchangeable Reticle on the Konus EL30?

While the power source is located by the turret system, the actual LCD module is located atop the eyepiece bell. It features two buttons: on/off and reticle mode.
From there you can activate and shut-off the reticle system during non-operation and change the reticles.

What is the Warranty on the KonusPro EL-30 Scope?

At this point in time, Konus does not state any warranty information, however, warranty coverage is expected to be provided in the documentation included with the scope purchase.
The word is that Konus provides lifetime replacement warranty coverage on all their riflescopes. Keyword there – replacement, not repair. It would also be recommended to check the protection plans or warranty coverage provided by the vendor.


There is some perception out there that the Konus EL30 may be too fancy for some people’s tastes. However, even if you find a pet reticle that you find yourself using all the time regardless of the many reticle options, the scope is worth it.

With the interchangeable reticle system out of the picture, you still have a scope that offers features that brings value and practical benefits to the field. It’s made to stay your accurate companion over distance, keep on working regardless of the conditions, and it’s affordable.

The LCD reticle tech is cool and the scope has solid quality. It’s a win-win either way.

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  1. Konus might have a lifetime warranty on the scope until you try to send it in. The address they list on the site and in the paperwork is no longer valid, and your packages. It will get returned. Multiple voice messages and emails need to be answered. Please update your review above to reflect this or reach out and post an update if you hear differently.

    • Hi John, that's an awful experience. I did speak with a Konus representative this morning and I was impressed that I actually got a live person and not an automated 'dial this, dial that' system. Like you mentioned, it's a lifetime replacement warranty on riflescopes but then limited warranties vary with other optics. They are based out of Italy but they confirmed that the Florida address is where a product would need to be shipped to. Granted, I haven't had to send in a Konus scope before, but I thought I'd reach out to them based off your feedback. I hope you can get some answers and return phone calls/emails ASAP. Goodluck!


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