Firefield FF26014T Tactical 2.5x50mm Night Vision Rifle Scope (with Internal Focusing)

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Firefield Tactical 2.5x50mm Night Vision ScopeGeneration: Gen 1
Magnification:  2.5x
Objective Diameter: 50 mm
Resolution:  Unknown
Field of View:  28.8 ft/109 yards
Eye Relief:  45 mm
Water-resistant:  Yes
Length/Weight:  10 x 3.1 x 3.3 in/31oz
Illuminated Reticle:  Yes/Red
Power Supply:  2x AA 3V
Battery Life:  with IR 20 hours, w/out IR 50 hours
IR Illuminator:  Yes/Built-in

Best Uses: NV Hunting, Total Darkness Hunting, Target Shooting, Tactical Use

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars


Update - 2019.03.20The Firefield FF26014T has been discontinued. You might like to check out the Firefield NVRS Titanium 2.5×50 Varmint Hunter (F26013WL) instead. It has the same Gen 1 tech, 2.5x50mm magnification, built in IR and titanium housing.


Firefield Tactical NVRS 2.5X50 Review


Firefield Tactical NVRS Package dealThis is your long-lasting trooper for your nighttime hunt.  How long will it last?  The Firefield NVRS 2.5×50 scope will run a full 20 hours with the IR illuminator on and another 30 hours on top of that with the IR deactivated.   Believe it or not, it only takes two AA batteries to get it going.  It’s a Gen 1 NV rifle scope that’s easy on the wallet and on the eyes.  This rifle scope just might be your entry-level buy into the world of NV optics!

With 2.5x magnification, you won’t need extreme far-reaching distances beyond 150 yards in the pitch black of night.  But, to take down varmints that are plaguing your property come sun down, a .22LR and 100 yards of predator nighttime vision will make for a productive hunt.  Heck, why not make it a .308?  The NVRS scope can handle recoil up to a .308 or up to 800G’s.

The scope itself is made from a durable titanium alloy housing weighing in at a nice light weight of just under 2 lbs.  It’s compact in size making for a nice addition to any rifle that’s going to be carried around all night.

With the built-in IR illuminator, you’ll be able to clearly see up to 100 yards.  You might be able to get up to 200 yards depending on the conditions.  Want more reach?  The side-mounted accessory rail will allow you to add your own IR illuminator if you want to max the potential of the NVRS scope.

As a Gen 1 scope, it’s closer to the affordable range of the budget.  Users are very impressed with the Firefield NVRS scope, especially since it was a jump up in quality and price from previous cheap buys.  It’s a winner if you’re looking at ratings alone, but it’s also a winner in performance and value!

  • Price
  • Gen 1
  • Compact/lightweight
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Peep hole through lens cap

  • Not waterproof


Firefield Tactical NVRS 2.5X50 FF26014T Q&A:

Is the Firefield Night Vision Scope Waterproof?

It’s not fully waterproof where it can stand submersion or splashes from any direction.  But, the scope is IPX3 rated with splashproof integrity from any direction when rotated at a 60 degree angle for five minutes.  Waterproof?  No.  Water-resistant?  Close enough.


What is the Style Reticle on the NVRS 2.5×50 scope?

It is a simple duplex reticle with red illumination and a variable brightness setting with its own control knob.


Can this Night Vision Rifle Scope be used During the Day?

No.  Daylight use will destroy the NV optic.  This rifle scope is intended for use during nighttime hours, and it’s best to wait about an hour after sunset before turning on the scope.


How do you Sight In this Night Vision Rifle Scope?

This scope has a peephole through the lens cap that provides sufficient viewing ability for sighting-in at the range during dusk.  Even then, you want to be careful not to expose the scope for periods longer than 10-15 minutes at a time.


Can the IR Illuminator be Turned Off?

Yes!  You do have the option to switch the IR on and off as you see appropriate, however, you might find with Gen 1 tech, you’ll pretty much need the IR on most of the time when the scope is in use.  This is a noted feature as Gen 1 tech typically comes with IR illuminators activated at all times with no ability to shut it off.


Can this Night Vision Rifle Scope be used on a Crossbow?

This scope isn’t recommended by the manufacturer for use on a crossbow.


Does the FF26014T Scope have a Remote Control?

This NV rifle scope does come with an included on/off remote control for convenient use.


What Accessories are Included with the NVRS 2.5×50 Tactical Scope? 

The rifle scope comes with a carrying case, an on/off remote control, user manual, and cleaning cloth.


How Long is the Warranty on the Firefield Rifle Scope?

This NV rifle scope comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Noteworthy Features:

  • High-quality components for overall high-performance
  • Durable titanium alloy housing; lightweight and compact scope
  • Peep hole through lens cap for momentary daytime zeroing
  • Red, illuminated duplex reticle with variable brightness control
  • Manufacturer 3-year warranty


Our Verdict on the Firefield FF26014T

Firefield NVRS Tactical Scope side onTo light your trail through the dark, the Firefield Tactical NVRS 2.5X50 FF26014T rifle scope will be a solid buy.

It might be expensive if you’re accustomed to tech-crazy and gadget-obsessed features, but the value lies in its dependable quality.  We should mention again that this NV device has endurance  – 20 to 50 hours worth of nighttime stamina.  It’s everything a hunter needs without the frills of an overpriced buy.

Another similar buy comes from the same family, the Firefield NVRS 3.5×42 rifle scope.  It’s definitely the cheaper model over the Tactical 2.5×50, but there are a few differences that may be worth checking out especially if they work in your favor!

But, we can’t deny that digital NV scopes are scooping up the market because of their competitive prices and ability to be used in the day.  The ATN X-Sight II 5-20x just might be one of our favorite digital scopes, but it also makes our brains explode!  With features galore, you’ll only want to get near it if you’re quick with your fingers to handle a mini computer inside your rifle scope.

If all you need is clarity out to 100 yards to sock that midnight muncher in your goat feed, then avoid the headache of digital scopes if you can admit you’re not tech-savvy at all.  It’s the high-quality and simplicity of the Firefield NVRS rifle scope that will serve you well.

Firefield Titanium 2.5x50 Night Vision Riflescope
1 Reviews
Firefield Titanium 2.5x50 Night Vision Riflescope
  • High quality gen 1 image and resolution
  • Durable titanium alloy housing


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