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Crimson Trace 2-Series CSA-2624 6-24x56 Riflescope Review

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When Crimson Trace came out with tactical rifle scopes the world looked on in curiosity. Could their expertise expand beyond lasers and lights?

Apparently, it does.

The CSA-2624 2-Series Sport scope is proof that Crimson Trace was right to broaden their horizons and remain a leading competitor in the firearm industry.

Every bit expected of the brand, the scope nails it with glass, quality, and performance.

Better yet, it’s affordable.

Sometimes, it’s easy to spot the gems within the haystack of top rifle scopes in the market. Sometimes, it just has to say Crimson Trace on the side.

Update: The Crimson Trace CSA-2624 2-Series Sport has been discontinued. For other great scopes in this price range, check our our line-up of the best scopes under $1000 here.

Quick Overview...

What We Like: Long-range scope

What We Don’t Like: No locking turrets or zero stop

Best Uses: Big Game Hunting, Small Game Hunting, Varmint Hunting, Target Shooting, Parallax Adjustments, Light to Heavy Caliber Rifles, Long-Range Shooting, Illuminated Reticle

  • Magnification: 6-24x
  • Objective Diameter: 56mm
  • Coatings: FMC
  • FOV: 21 ft/100 yds
  • Eye Relief: 3.15”
  • Adjustments: ¼ MOA
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 2.5 x 3.6”/2.23 lbs
2-Series CSA-2624 6-24x56 Riflescope Review
Image Credit - Optics Planet

Our Verdict: The CSA-2624 2-Series Sport 6-24x56 scope will surprise you. For the low price, you’re acquiring quite the package from its glass to its tracking accuracy. This Crimson Trace scope is worth it from just the price point of view but is more than worth it for its proven performance.

Who is the Crimson Trace CSA-2624 2-Series Sport 6-24X56 Best Suited to?

The first thing a potential buyer is going to see about this scope is its high magnification and large objective lens diameter. It’s a big scope with big potential. It’s obviously good for long-range shooting and not just because it’s high-powered but because it’s extremely accurate, holds zero on big guns, and the glass is superb. 

The best highlight feature of the 2-Series Sport scope is its price tag. It performs on par with scopes twice its price. To get an accurate idea of a comparable alternative, check out the awesome Maven RS.1 and see why the Crimson Trace scope is worth its salt and is considered a value buy.

If you love the Crimson Trace brand you may also want to look at the Crimson Trace Brushline Pro 4-12x40 BDC Predator riflescope, its a great hunting scope. Alternatively you may like the Hardline Pro 4-16x50 which we tested hands on.

How Does the Crimson Trace CSA-2624 2-Series Sport 6-24X56 Perform?

YouTube video

By far the best feature of the CSA-2624 scope is its glass quality – crystal clear. It may be due to the fact that Crimson Trace gives it their all with all their products, it may be because the glass is sourced from Japan, it may be because it has ED glass, or it may be all of the above. When you want an accurate long-range scope, you must demand the best glass to get you there and beyond.

The Sport scope also offers 3.15” of eye relief that is acceptable to most shooters, but the best thing about it is that the eyebox doesn’t cause you to shift your position and compromise your cheekweld at max power. It’s certainly a testament to quality optics.  

With tons of MOA travel, high magnification, side focus, and an FFP illuminated reticle to get you on point, there isn’t much that you won’t be able to do. If you’re hitting steel at 1000+ yards, you’ll reach your mark. If you can’t scoot on closer to the cow that will fill your tag, dial in for the kill. If you need clarity during low-light conditions, you have it.

The CSA-2624 2-Series Sport scope brings opportunities to the present that were limitations in the past. To get quality and performance without breaking the bank, this Crimson Trace scope should be a serious consideration.

Features & Benefits

Features on Crimson Trace CSA-2624 6-24x56 riflescope
Image Credit - Optics Planet

Long-Range Scope

The CSA-2624 is made for long-range work. The scope offers high magnification of 6-24x with a large 56mm aperture. To make use of maximum light and adjustment travel, the scope has a huge 34mm tube. You have 80 MOA of elevation and 60 MOA of windage travel, that’s plenty of room to get zeroed and realize your long-range goals.

Since there’s going to be quite the number of long-distance shots, it’s common sense to assume there will be a lot of turret work. The turrets are tactical-like and exposed, and adjustments are made in ¼ MOA increments for ultimate accuracy. While there are 25 MOA per revolution and you can reset the turrets to 0, there is no Zero Stop feature.

The Crimson Trace CSA-2624 has proven to track accurately and holds zero. You also have a third turret to focus for distance and correct for parallax. This scope is made to make distance. Pair it with a worthy caliber to get the most out of it.

MR1-MOA Advanced Reticle

MR1-MOA Illuminated Reticle on CSA-2624 6-24x56 riflescope
Image Credit - Optics Planet

To have high power and the makings of a long-range rifle scope, you also need a reticle that can keep up and keep providing. Enter here, the MR1-MOA Advanced Reticle.

It’s an FFP (First Focal Plane) scope that means subtension remains the same across the entire power range. This equates to a reticle where holdovers remain accurate for use regardless of magnification.

It’s a glass-etched reticle with illumination and 11 brightness settings. During the day, it could be a bit brighter, but this is a common issue with most rifle scopes with illumination.

The CSA-2624 scope provides a ton of turret travel and to top it off, there’s an extra 40 MOA both ways of the center on the windage crosshair and 40 MOA for drop. Along the elevation crosshair, hashmarks are set at every 2.5 MOA with numerical references every 10 MOA. Along the windage crosshair, hashmarks are 1 MOA apart with longer hashmarks at 5 MOA with numerical references every 10 MOA – very tactical-like.

Great Glass

Crimson Trace 2-Series 6-24x56 Riflescope
Image Credit - Optics Planet

You can have an awesome reticle and crisp, accurate turrets, but neither means anything without good glass. If you can’t make out your target, see downrange, or accumulate enough light for low-light shooting, you’re done. Fortunately, Crimson Trace turns to Japan for their glass.

The CSA-2624 scope has ED glass with FMC (Fully Multi-Coated) coatings. With a huge 56mm aperture on a scope that’s intended for long-range, this type of optical quality is essential. ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass helps with color fidelity and contrast that is especially needed at low-light. The large aperture and huge tube help with increased resolution and maximum light transmission. You also won’t get the annoying edge distortion or blurriness at max power. What you do get is crystal-clear seeing that every hunter and long-range enthusiast needs.


The CTC (Crimson Trace Corporation) Warranty is excellent. Not only is the warranty a Full Lifetime Warranty, but you also qualify for their Free Batteries for Life! program.

The Lifetime Warranty requires no proof of purchase, warranty registration, or product registration. The free batteries are definitely a bonus perk. The illumination requires a power source, so you’ll need CR2032 batteries to keep your reticle illuminated. Luckily for you, Crimson Trace picks up the tab – for the lifetime of the scope.


No Locking Turrets or Zero Stop

For a scope in the $500-$1000 price range, locking turrets or a Zero Stop should be an expected feature. Unfortunately, the CSA-2624 has neither.

You can get away without having these luxury features, and for the most part, buyers tend to get over it quickly once they see how effective the scope is. To be fair, it is on the cheaper end of the spectrum for the $1000 price range, but its stellar performance makes up for the lack of the extra turret perks.

For a scope that comes in under $500, the Bushnell Match Pro is another long-range champ but lacks illumination. It does make up for it with an FFP Christmas Tree-style reticle and tool-less locking turrets. The glass does not compare to the Crimson Trace scope, but you can’t have it all for the low price, can ya?

Where is the Crimson Trace CSA-2624 2-Series Sport Scope Made?

The CSA-2624 2-Series Sport 6-24x56 scope is made in Japan.

Can the Crimson Trace Scope Handle Heavy Recoil?

Crimson Trace scopes are well-known for their durable and quality builds. The CSA-2624 scope is made from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and is a single-piece 34mm scope. It’s shockproof and recoilproof.

This scope has been mounted to 300 WinMag, 338 Lapua Mag, and 50 BMG. It’s safe to say that it can handle recoil from the big boys. Of course, you can mount it to shoulder-friendly loads like the 6.5 Creedmoor, 308 Win, 270 Win, and more.

Can you Use a Sunshade with the Crimson Trace CSA-2624 Scope?

The CT CSA-2624 does not have a threaded objective lens bell and will not be compatible for use with a threaded sunshade. Since the scope does not come one, you may want to consider a cap-on sunshade that fits over the objective bell. This must be purchased separately if you want this accessory.

Can you see the Reticle Without Illumination on the CTC CSA-2624 6-24x56?

The Crimson Trace CSA-2624 6-24x56 scope has a glass-etched illuminated reticle. Whether the battery runs dead or if you turn the illumination off, the reticle is still usable regardless.

What is the Crimson Trace Free Batteries for Life! Program?

This is the brand’s way of saying thank you for your business. The CSA-2624 scope qualifies the owner to be part of the program. You must submit the Free Battery Request Form online and you will be mailed one set of replacement batteries once in a calendar year.


With rifle scopes now part of their shelf inventory, you can bet that Crimson Trace will remain a fierce competitor in the optics and firearm world. Plus, they have reasonable prices that high-end brands just can’t meet for the average Joe. The CSA-2624 2-Series Sport scope has glass quality at its core. You won’t be losing any light or distance at max power. We hope you have a steady setup because this is serious shooting at serious distances.

Update: The Crimson Trace CSA-2624 2-Series Sport has been discontinued. For other great scopes in this price range, check our our line-up of the best scopes under $1000 here.

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