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ATN X-Sight LTV 3-9X Digital Night Vision Scope Review

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True night vision rifle scopes are pricey and can only be used at night.

They’re a dream scope worth having one day, but not everyone can pull the trigger on buying one.

What’s the alternative?

A digital night vision rifle scope.

The X-Sight LTV is such a scope and can also be used for daytime shooting, but it also doesn’t look out of place on your hunting rifle in the full light of day.

Here’s what’s worth knowing about the day/night rifle scope system from ATN.

Quick Overview...

What We Like: Enhanced night vision mode

What We Don’t Like: Not compatible with ATN smart devices

Best Uses: Night Shooting, Day Shooting, Tactical Use, Hunting, Scouting, Varmint Control

  • Core: Obsidian LT Core
  • Magnification: 3-9x
  • FOV: 460 ft/1000 yds
  • Display Resolution: 1280x720 HD
  • Eye Relief: 90 mm
  • Color Modes: Day & Night
  • Battery: Li-ion 10+ hrs
  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 2.2 x 2.2”/1.6 lbs

Our Verdict: The X-Sight has been a long-time favorite for the masses for many a year, but the new LTV version offers new core and sensor technology, longer battery life, and an unbelievable light weight. With its new body job, it’ll look right at home on your rifle as a day and night scope.

Who is the ATN X-Sight LTV 3-9X Best Suited to?

The ATN X-Sight LTV 3-9X proves that night vision gear isn’t just for law enforcement and the military. This is an affordable and simplified but high-performing digital rifle scope that would excel on top a hunting rifle or even a crossbow.

Pest control, hunting big game, scouting – whatever it is, you’ll have the upper hand once low light rolls around because you’ll have night vision. The X-Sight also brings a lightweight and slim build that houses digital technology, so it can very well serve as a daytime scope too.

If you like the look of the 3-9x you may also want to take a look at the ATN X-Sight LTV 5-15x option.

If you’re also into capturing every moment of your hunt, the LTV scope video records in HD quality. So, who is the X-Sight LTV for? Any shooter who recognizes quality and a good price when they see it.

How Does the ATN X-Sight LTV 3-9X Perform?

YouTube video

The X-Sight LTV is new and hot, and while it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of alternative night vision rifle scopes in the market, it doesn’t need it.

The ATN Night Vision Digital rifle scope is outfitted with the best technology in a simplified design. The quality is in the ATN Obsidian LT Core and QHD+ (2688x1944 PX) sensor that provides an ultra-low consumption battery, HD optics, and enhanced night vision.

It’s extremely accurate with its One Shot Zero Alignment feature that’s so easy to use that even a beginner can figure it out.

Because the new rifle scope has undergone a new, lightweight surgery for a slim-fitting body, it can be mounted to almost any firearm as a viable replacement for your traditional daytime rifle scope. Since it’s digital, yes you can use it for both day and nighttime hunting.

If you think you might prefer a clip on scope, you could take a look at the ATN PS28-2 clip on night vision scope.

Features & Benefits

X-Sight LTV 3-9X Day Night Scope
Image Credit - ATNCorp

Enhanced Night Vision Mode

The X-Sight LTV is a completely new series for the brand. The Obsidian LT Core and QHD+ sensor are new and specifically designed to bring in a new wave of NV tech to the avid hunter.

One such way that the new tech aids the hunter is the X-Sight’s enhanced night vision mode. It’s a black/white mode – no more phosphorous green illumination. With 1280x720 HD resolution, the optical quality is second to none for its price range.

For a digital NV scope, its night vision quality could very well give a Gen 2 a run for its money.

Day & Night Use

Because the X-Sight is a digital NV rifle scope, you can use it as your daytime scope too. Everything about the way the new scope has been constructed allows it to be a viable option for daytime hunting.

It’s extremely lightweight, can hold up to heavy caliber recoil, and thanks to the new Obsidian LT core, it can be powered for approximately 10 hours before needing to juice up again at a charging port.

With 3-9x magnification, multiple reticle patterns, and a 2688x1944 PX sensor with HD optics, you have every advantage plus some over what a conventional daytime scope can offer.

Digital Features

One of the most praised features of the new X-Sight is its recording feature. While many digital NV scopes have digital recording, this scope brings videos to life with its HD optics and high resolution. We know you can’t wait for the chance to upload proof of your trophy takedown to social media.

You also have ATN’s One Shot Zero feature that allows you to make a shot and realign the reticle for accurate and one-shot sighting-in. Most of us will use two shots to confirm the zero at the very least, and it’s a convenient feature to have when you don’t have mechanical turrets to mess with.

True to form, the night vision rifle scope also features a 3D gyroscope and 3D accelerometer.


The ultra-lightweight frame of the X-Sight makes it convenient for use on all types of weapons and firearms from crossbows to air and rimfire rifles.

When every ounce must be counted for lightweight setups, scouters and other hunters will appreciate the mere 1.6 lbs of the night vision scope.

Classic & Ergonomic Design

ATN X-Sight LTV Day Night Scope
Image Credit - ATNCorp

ATN seems to have made the sleek, thin, and lightweight look a “thing” for their new products. As one of the new scopes brought to market, it has a very streamlined and traditional feel about it that mimics the appeal of a traditional daytime scope not unlike the new ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope.

While it’s smaller for a NV rifle scope, it does have a nice, beefy 30 mm tube. However, it’s still easy to handle and mount with its 12.2” length and 1.6 lb weight. Don’t think that just because it’s scaled-down that it’s a fragile scope. Made with hardened aluminum alloy, it can handle recoil from high caliber firearms needed for taking down big game.

Eye relief is more than adequate at 3.5”. There are less buttons to mess with in the dark, and while the tech sounds fancy, it’s rather simple in design and yet extremely effective to use.


Not Compatible with ATN Smart Devices

The X-Sight LTV is not compatible with ATN’s X-Trac and smart laser rangerfinders that allow these devices to connect to each other for syncing alignment, distance, and other measurements.

In the X-Sight’s defense, it’s not meant to be. Unless you’ve already spent a fortune on buying up these ATN smart devices for a complete set, you won’t be disappointed at its lack of compatibility.

Popular Questions

What Type of Battery does the X-Sight LTV Take?

The ATN X-Sight LTV has an internal lithium-ion battery. It provides approximately 10 hours of operating time. A USB-C cable is included in the buy to charge up the battery between uses.

What Accessories are Included with the X-Sight LTV 3-9X?

The X-Sight LTV comes standard with a scope cover, charging cable, lens cloth, and IR850 illuminator. It also comes with an eyecup, L-shape ring, Picatinny rail, and two 30 mm rings.
You can also consider purchasing separately ATN’s Pro Illuminator, Power Weapon Kit for an external battery pack, Quick Detach Mount, and a 64 GB micro disk.

Is the ATN Digital Rifle Scope Waterproof?

The X-Sight LTV Digital Rifle Scope is not waterproof but is weather resistant. It does come with a scope cover to quickly throw on when that light shower turns to a downpour.

Are there Multiple Display Color Modes?

No. Daytime mode has a full-color, HD display. Night Vision Mode is black/white. However, the brightness is adjustable between both modes.
While some digital night vision rifle scopes may offer multiple color display modes such as sepia, green, etc., the X-Sight LTV does not offer additional color displays.

What is the Warranty on the X-Sight LTV Night Vision Rifle Scope?

The X-Sight LTV comes with a 2-year ATN warranty. ATN also offers a 10-day refund window.


The new X-Sight LTV could very well be your first and last digital night vision rifle scope buy. It offers incredible image quality and resolution thanks to the new core and sensor tech.

It’s no way near as expensive as true night vision scopes, and they’re not limited to only being used at night.

With both daytime and nighttime use, video recording, long battery runtime, and an incredibly easy to use interface at a budget-friendly price point, it’s a digital rifle scope worth having around.

Do you know a great buy when you see one?

Hint, hint.

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