Armasight Drone Pro 10x Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope (Day & Night Compatible)

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Armasight Drone Pro 10x Digital Night Vision Rifle ScopeGeneration: Digital
Magnification: 10x
Objective Diameter: 108 mm
Resolution: 768×574
Field of View: ang. X degrees 2.6°/ang. Y degrees 2.0°
Eye Relief: 45 mm
Water-resistant: Yes
Length/Weight: 10.2 x 3.0 x 3.4 in/2.2 lbs
Illuminated Reticle: No
Power Supply: 2x CR123A 3V Lithium batteries
Battery Life: up to 3 hrs
IR Illuminator: Yes/detachable

Best Uses: NV Hunting, Total Darkness Hunting, Day Hunting, Target Shooting, Tactical Use

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Armasight Drone Pro 10X Night Vision Rifle Scope Review

Drone Pro 10x side onDigital NV rifle scopes are bringing more to the table than thought possible. With the Drone Pro, you have 10x magnification, a high-performance CCD camera, and scope functionality in both natural daytime and nighttime use.

As a versatile scope for many applications, the included seven reticles will help narrow things down to your type of sport. With reticles that include dot, crosshairs, a combo of the two, and even a rangefinding reticle, you could hunt your target down to your heart’s content. You also have the option of turning off the black or white reticle all together.

With 10x power, you could use this scope as a handheld device if all you wanted to do was nighttime observation out to 250 yards or so with the included long range IR illuminator. If you have your own IR you’d like to mount, you can do so by removing the included one and expand your ranges out to 400 yards plus – the Drone Pro is completely capable of doing that!

With digital controls for display brightness and windage/elevation bore sighting, a wireless remote control, and analog video input and output, you’ll be set to zero, shoot, and record everything that happens in those few critical seconds in getting dead-on.

As a digital NV scope, it’s definitely one of the pricier ones on the market. But, if it’s digital and all-lighting capabilities with high magnification you’re after, the Drone Pro fits the bill!

  • 10x power
  • CCD camera
  • Day/night compatible
  • Multiple digital options
  • Lightweight

  • Price


Armasight Drone Pro 10X Q&A:

Why is Price a Drawback?

Digital NV rifle scopes are generally cheaper than traditional NV scopes, however, many digital ones this like Drone Pro 10x are competing with upper-end Gen 2+ scopes. With the availability of several digital NV scopes in the market under $1000, this one is a bit on the pricier end.


Does the Drone Pro 10x have a Laser Rangefinder?

No. It doesn’t have a digital rangefinder built into the scope. Instead, one of the reticle options is a rangefinding reticle to help gauge target distances.


How Long does it take for the Armasight Drone Pro to Turn On?

It takes a quick 3 seconds max.


Can the Display Brightness be Adjusted?

Yes. The scope has an adjustable brightness setting of eight levels.


Does this have the Green NV display?

The Armasight NV scope shows natural and true color for daytime use, and then it will be a black and white (monochrome) image during nighttime use.


Can the Scope Automatically Adjust for Lighting?

During normal operation, the scope will automatically put itself into day or night mode depending on the lighting conditions. This may cause the scope to automatically jump back into day mode when it senses light sources such as street lamps.


How to Improve Battery Life?

You might find that this scope is a battery hog, or it just simply won’t last as long as you need it to. To extend battery life up to 10 hours, you can opt for an extended battery pack with rechargeable batteries. You can also opt for a 6 VDC/ 600mA external power source.


What are the Armasight Accessories Included?

You can expect the Drone Pro 10x scope, lens cap, and eye cup; battery cassette, 2x CR123A 3V batteries, and a wireless remote control with Picatinny adapter; IR850-XLR IR illuminator, platform ring, and color filter (for daytime use); video cable, manual, and soft carry case.


Does this Night Vision Scope Contain Latex?

This scope does contain natural latex proteins. If you have a latex allergy, it’s best to learn what products contain it to avoid exposure.


Will the Drone Pro 10x automatically save data?

You should intentionally save your profile before turning off your scope. Disconnecting your external power source or removing batteries while the Drone Pro is still on will cause any unsaved data to be lost. When the scope is turned back on, it will only load the previously saved data.


Noteworthy Features:

  • High power of 10x magnification
  • 7 reticle options with 8 levels of display brightness
  • Lightweight and robust construction
  • High-performing CCD camera with QUAD VGA 1280 x 960
  • Armasight’s 2-year warranty


Our Verdict on the Armasight Drone Pro 10x

Drone Pro NV Scope mounted on rifleTo light your trail through the dark, the Armasight Drone Pro 10x digital rifle scope will give you high magnification while you’re at it. More than just a NV scope, it can be used in any lighting condition including day and natural light. Although rather expensive, the quality is worth it when you’re dealing with Armasight.

However, if you’re weighing it up against an upper Gen 2 scope, the Armasight Nemesis 6x Gen 2+ SD just might win the day. With 6x power, 850XLR long range illuminator, huge 160 mm aperture, and extremely-thin illuminated crosshairs with variable brightness, you won’t want to be a target on the other end of this Nemesis – be the one behind the scope!

You can get an even cheaper price for a digital NV scope with even more features in the ATN X-Sight II 5-20x. It’s under $1000, and it sports way more than it should for its price. Zoom magnification, multiple digital features, and various reticle colors and designs are just some of what the X-Sight II has to offer.

The Drone Pro 10x digital night vision rifle scope may just be the most advanced scope of its digital kind. Even though its features may seem simple to the tech-obsessed, the quality is in its dependability, low light performance, and its ability to get you head shots on every creepy crawly thing in the dark. When you want NV sight, you need a Drone!

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