Redfield Optics Review: Their Top Rifle Scopes, Spotters & Binoculars for Sale in 2019

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Redfield LogoRedfield has been in the optics field since the turn of the 20th century. It was one decade shy of being a centennial American business when it closed its doors in 1998.

After several entities failed attempts to restore the company, the world-class, renowned Leupold & Stevens, Inc finally bought Redfield and has truly revived the American optics brand.

Redfield is known for ditching the “bells and whistles” marketing techniques, and many people mistake that to mean their optics are nude and bare of anything decent. In actual fact, they are a prominent and acclaimed optics company that attracts consumers with their quality standards for low prices.

Do yourself a favor and scope out the brand. You might just find what you have been looking for.

Redfield Rampage 20-60x60mm
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Read reviews of Redfield's best rifle scopes.
Redfield Renegade 10x50mm Binocular
Read reviews of Redfield's best binoculars.
Redfield 117862 Raider Rangefinder 600A
Read reviews of Redfield's best rangefinders.

Redfield Spotting Scope Reviews: Rampage!

It’s always been a trend for Redfield to put their efforts into the fundamental qualities of a high-performing optic.  They don’t need to toot their own horn to prove their worth to the optics industry – they’ve already earned it.  Their spotting scopes are the embodiment of “simple, done right.”

Leaving Leupold to design and manufacture high-end spotters, Redfield can concentrate on producing a scope that provides the absolute essentials without compromise on quality.  This means they’re not limited to using materials that take advantage of providing a low cost for the consumer.

The idea is to pump out clean and simple designs with high-performance qualities at the spotting scope’s core.  Who needs a lengthy inventory list of spotting scopes when Redfield can offer a few, low-cost, high-quality ones without compromise?  This includes using modern technologies and advanced materials to produce rigid, five-star gear for the avid outdoorsman.

Redfield Rifle Scope Reviews: Join the Revolution!

There’s nothing more American than putting on some camo, pulling out the hunting gear, and stalking down your prey for the dinner table. But, to make sure little tummies don’t go hungry this hunting season, you may want to make sure you’ve got the right rifle scope to get the job done. And if you’re doing some window shopping before you buy, American-made optics like Redfield should be at the top of your list.

The Revolution series rifle scopes are the flagship line for Redfield. They’re designed to give you the most bang for your buck (pun intended), while modeling a streamlined and compact construction.

This may have you wondering, what does the Revolution rifle scope lack that makes it so streamlined? The below reviews expose more than just the bare basics to reveal that Redfield can deliver everything you could want in a scope.

In a fast-changing optics market where big is being perceived to be better, the refreshingly (and perhaps, traditional) contoured and compact design gives these scopes a naturally low profile. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what the Revolution rifle scopes have to offer the American hunter.

How do these Rifle Scopes Compare? (click to open)

If you’re looking for a scope that has what you need, is easy to use, doesn’t weigh you down, and looks good on your barrel, the Redfield Revolution 3-9X40 will get it done. If you’re wanting something with a little more ranging power, the next model up is the 4-12X40. Redfield keeps it simple and affordable.

Still in the economical range, Redfield packages their Revolution TAC-MOA model with about as many premium features as you need. If you’re wanting as much bang for your buck, and you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best from the American brand, then the TAC scope is for you. You’ll be fully equipped with everything you could need out of a scope for your hunt, whether you’re on the plains or in the woods.

Redfield Binocular Reviews: Are You a Rebel or a Renegade?

If you’ve saved up enough bucks to get yourself a really nice low budget binocular, then Redfield is where you should lay it on down. They don’t offer a huge inventory when you only need a few exceptional and unmatched optics within its class.

To really get to know Redfield, we’ll get into how they keep their binoculars simple, classy, and affordable with their fully multi-coated lenses and waterproof and fog-proof abilities with unsurpassed BAK4 prism glass.

Redfield’s motto seems to be along the lines of giving the hunter an unparalleled visionary experience for blue-collar prices that’s impossible to beat.

Now, what’s so great about Redfield?

Back in the day when they were nearly forced to close their doors, they struck the jackpot when Leupold & Stevens snagged them up in a bankruptcy deal (I got this straight from the horse’s mouth). Not long after that, the American Leupold & Stevens created more jobs increasing total Redfield employment to nearly 700 people which I’m sure has had an upward trend since then.

Because of this, Redfield has access to Leupold’s world-renown binocular experts, unequaled optics technology, and superior warranties. They also boosted the lives of employees and the economy of the American North West.

So, if you’re looking to buy Redfield binoculars without paying typical Leupold prices, then the Rebel, Renegade, and Battlefield binos are for you. Other than the fact that they’re all Nitrogen filled, tripod adaptable, and they come with extra accessories thrown in, they’re also made with BAK4 prism glass that’s made to Leupold’s custom quality standards.

How do these Binoculars Compare? (click to open)

My top recommendation from this line-up is the all-round, ideal, Rebel 10X42. It has everything you’ll need out of a binocular. For the hunter who lures in his prey for a close-range shot to the stalker who peeps from afar, this is the binocular with great value and great performance. The rookies, the middle guys, and the veteran hunters have all agreed – this is the binocular that’ll get it done this hunting season.

The Renegade 10X50 is another excellent binocular. Those looking for a little more hunting time and a few more low light advantages will fly to these like moths to a flame. Don’t forget that if you’re looking for a traditional design, this one has it. The porro prism, 50mm lens, fully multi-coated lens, and 5mm exit pupil will have you seeing the stars like you’ve never seen before. Again, any level of hunter will do just fine with a pair of these.

Although the Battlefield isn’t exactly what you would call a “hunting” binocular, it can be beneficial for your traditional hunting needs. If you’ve already got a laser rangefinder or a killer rifle scope, then you mightn’t need the fancy TAC-MOA reticle inside this bino at all. Your money could be better spent on a cold one at the end of a hunt. But, if you like the idea of merging the two optics into one, you money will be well-spent on a Redfield versus an inferior brand.

Redfield Rangefinder Reviews: Raider Laser Device

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for that extra small and affordable rangefinder to take with you on your next hunt or shot at the target range. I agree with the statement that “size matters” when you’re already toting around a ton of gear and you need something easy to handle and light to carry.

But that doesn’t mean it should cost you an arm and a leg. Without compromising on quality and accuracy, check out the Redfield Raider that’ll get the job done.

Redfield 117862 Raider Rangefinder 600ADon’t bother searching for “off-brand” rangefinders for cheap. The Raider line is budget-friendly for anyone looking for trusted, quality, and affordable rangefinders. Besides, you’ll want to stick with the brands you know best.

The rangefinders in the Raider line are all quality products that’ll do the job well without leaving you with buyer’s remorse. With various features that puts them each in high demand, there’s one that sticks out from the rest: the Redfield Raider 600A.

With 600 yard range, lightning fast laser response, super compact and light-weight design, there’s not much more you can add to that to make it better than it already is.

Redfield – Quality Optics at Budget Prices

Redfield doesn’t need a ton of options to appeal to the hunter, nor do they need a lot of fancy frills to maintain their reputation.

They pump out some quality optics for bargain barrel prices, all made in the good ol’ U.S.A. If you still think they lack some flair, you might be too dependent on your optics rather than your mad, sniping and hunting ability. That is because a good optic can make you look better than you actually are.

If you’re done whinging and whining, you might want to put your money where your mouth is and give these bad boys a run. You might just be surprised with results.

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