Vortex Fury HD 10x42 Laser Rangefinder Binocular Review - Long Range & High Quality Glass

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Vortex Optics Fury Laser Rangefinding Binocular
Image Credit - Vortex Optics

Yard Range: 10-1600 yards/10-1000 yards to deer
Magnification: 10x42
Display Type: LED/Red
Dimensions: 5.75 x 5.9 inches/31.8 oz
Waterproof/Fog-proof: Yes
Angle Compensation: Yes
Measuring System: Yards/Meters
Measuring Distance: Line of sight/Slope

Use: Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Target Shooting

Vortex Fury HD 10X42 Review

The Fury HD rangefinder binocular is a very welcome addition to the Vortex family of optics and a much-anticipated product for hunters and shooters.  Vortex held nothing back when it came to designing the Fury.  With the absolute best elements in play, it provides a smooth, fluid, and easy-to-use experience.

If really long range is your thing, I highly recommend you take a look at the Vortex Fury HD 5000 10x42 rangefinder binoculars, they are fantastic.

To start with, the Fury HD has High-Definition quality that stems from the high-density, extra-low dispersion (ED) glass.  The ED glass isn't directly advertised as a feature for this bino, but we do know the Fury has the same optical quality comparative to that of a Viper HD binocular.

Vortex Fury 10x42 Rangefinding Binoculars
Image Credit - Vortex Optics

What does this mean for you?  Color fringing will be minimal, if it exists at all.  High-contrast targets will remain photo-worthy if that's your goal.

You can also count on high resolution and true color rendition thanks to the additional prism-specific dielectric phase correction coatings.  With Vortex's proprietary XR lens coatings for maximum light transmission, you'll be able to glass much earlier and longer into the day for first and last legal light.

With up to 1,000 yards on soft targets like deer, you can make those long shots when the opportunity presents itself.  Maximize use of the Horizontal Component Distance (HCD) mode to get angle compensated distances if you want to know how much to holdover.

With an illuminated LED display, your menu and distances will be easy to see and read.  Don't need the rangefinder feature for a minute?  No problem.  Power down the binoculars and you have a pair of good ol'-fashioned glasses in your hands.

As anyone could predict, the Fury HD binoculars have been well-met by the shooting crowd.  Vortex has combined the two technologies flawlessly.  It's also refreshing to see that it won't cost Swarovski and Zeiss prices to procure a pair of rangefinding binoculars.  Sell off your old binocular and rangefinder and get a Fury HD - it's the smarter choice you won't ever regret!


  • Price
  • HCD mode
  • HD/ED glass
  • Phase-correction coatings
  • Extreme long-range


  • No multiple target modes

Vortex Fury HD 10X42 Q&A:

What Modes does the Fury Rangefinder have?

The Fury comes with the HCD, Line of Sight (LOS), and Scan modes.  However, we're unsure if the rangefinder is in first or second target mode.  Vortex was able to confirm that it will provide a reading on the first object the laser hits.  Just be sure you know how to maximize use of your laser rangefinder to ensure you're getting an accurate reading for the object you're aiming for - and not the brush several yards in front of it.  To learn more on how to get accurate readings, know your stuff about target reflectivity and then it really won't matter what mode you don't have or what you're currently using.

Can the Fury HD binoculars be used for Archery/Bow Hunting?

Yes!  The Vortex rangefinding binoculars have a close focus distance of 20 feet (6.7 yards) and a minimum of 10 yards for rangefinder readings.  This allows for close-range shooting for the bow hunter.

Do you have to use Two Hands to use the Vortex Binoculars?

This set of binoculars has rangefinding controls on the right side of the body.  This enables fast and convenient one-hand use to leave your left hand free to hold your weapon.

What are the two Diopters on the Eyepieces of the Fury HD binoculars?

The focus ring on the left eyepiece is the diopter to allow focusing for various eye strengths.  The focus ring on the right eyepiece is the reticle/display focus.

How to Focus the Vortex Fury HD Rangefinding Binoculars?

Because this binocular has a rangefinding display/reticle, focusing the binocular will be a little bit different to a conventional binocular because you'll start with your right eye.  Locate a stationary target approximately 20 yards away and close your left eye.  Use the center focus wheel to focus for your right eye.  Then close your right eye and use the diopter to focus for your left eye for the sharpest and clearest image possible.

How to Focus the Display on 10x42 binoculars?

After you've correctly focused the binoculars, you'll want to power up the rangefinder feature.  The illuminated display assembly is in the right barrel of the binocular.  Close your left eye and use the focus ring on the right eyepiece to bring the display into focus.  Adjust as much as you need to produce a sharp and clear display.

Does the Rangefinder have Multiple Brightness Settings?

The display does provide for three illumination settings when powering up the rangefinder mode.  Use the Measure/Fire button to toggle between the settings and select the brightness you want by depressing the Menu button.

Is the Rangefinding Binocular Waterproof?

It's a Vortex binocular, of course it is.  To back this up, the Fury HD is waterproof with an IPX7 rating.  It will remain fully functional even with submersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

What is the Maximum Range of the Fury Rangefinder?

Manufacturer distances list 1,600 yards max and 1,000 yards to soft targets like deer.  However, many users have been able to successfully range deer out to 1,200 yards.  Accurate results can vary depending on conditions, terrain type, and target type.  For more on this, check out what we have to say about reflective vs non-reflective targets, or how you can cheat lighting conditions and still acquire an accurate read!

Is there a Distance Limit when Acquiring Readings for an Angle?

There are no limitations on using the angle compensation mode to acquire distances or inclinations.  If you are in HCD mode, the Fury will provide the compensated range.  However, Vortex provides detailed HCD mode tips to provide the most accurate readings.

Use HCD for all archery shooting, rifle shooting at any distance on level ground, rifle shooting to 800 with mild (15 degree) slopes, and rifle shooting to 400 yards with moderate (15-30 degree) slopes.

Does the Fury HD provide Ballistic Data?

No.  The Fury will provide angle compensated distances as an aid for you to determine appropriate bullet drop and wind-drift adjustments for your caliber to shoot.  For archers, using the appropriate level ground sight pins will be required.

Where are the Fury HD Binoculars made?

This binocular is manufactured in China.  It's fully covered by the Vortex VIP Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Flawless integration of both binocular and rangefinder technology
  • High definition image quality with ED glass
  • Phase correction and proprietary coatings enable maximum light transmission and resolution
  • Provides angle compensated distances with HCD mode
  • Extreme long-ranging distances out to 1,600 yards with 1,000 yards on deer

Our Verdict on the Vortex Fury HD 10x42 Binoculars

The aim of it is, the Fury HD 10x42 binocular is the only rangefinder binocular for the brand.  Vortex did well to add to their product line, and they succeeded in providing a usable, accurate, and high-quality optic.

Vortex Fury Bino's
Image Credit - Vortex Optics

We were grasping at straws to find a valid complaint against the Fury, and we came up empty-handed.  The entire concept of the Fury is to provide ultimate convenience by combining two optical technologies in a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly package.

But, rangefinder binoculars are expensive, although, the Fury HD is priced far below its competitors in the market.  Most of us are budget-restricted to keeping the trusty binoculars we already have while it may be time to upgrade the rangefinder.  If this is the case, and there's only room in the budget to splurge on one optic under $1000, it should be the new Vortex Ranger 1800.

If you're determined to get a rangefinder binocular today, you should weigh the Vortex against the Nikon LaserForce 10x42 pair.  It's competitively priced, has many of the same features, and it's been on the market for about the same length of time as the Fury.

It can be a hard decision choosing an optic that costs a lot of money.  The market is relatively slim when it comes to rangefinding binoculars, which often drives up prices into ranges that most of us have no business spending in.  It’s a good thing we have Vortex - low costs without the compromise on quality!

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